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Nevy wrote:
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Finally worked in Chrome. T-shirt and 2 player packs to make 3 full character sets (player/region/class). Guild later.

Am I the only one getting the "declined but charged" issue? Lucky me... Lol. :)

That's what I get for stalking this website all day to be one of the first.

You are not the only one. I've tried it on the first time when it said my credit card got declined. Then, tried the second time and it worked. I've checked my financial account to confirm if I got charged twice. Yep, twice so I sent an email to Paizo customer service.

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I just purchased it and confirmed my order was completed from My Account settings. However, at this point, I should receive an order confirmation via email but haven't gotten it yet.

Just to let you know.

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Gobs of Time - GOBS

1) Gobs is short for Goblins. It should fit well with its theme with Goblinworks.
2) Technically as the players, you are buying time to gain xp with your characters.

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Goblin Brain Cookies would be cool since they are part of Pathfinder lore, lol.

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I think Pathfinder XP Progression - PXP might be good since it is easier to understand.

Or Pathfinder Experience Progression - PXP or PEP PEP might be easier to say instead of PXP.

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When will the Goblin Squad Store be opened? I'm very much looking forward to it since I've missed previous Kickstarter projects.