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Full Name

Uthan Ironmind




Seeker Oracle 1 | HP: 8/9 | AC: 18, T: 11, FF: 17 | Fort: +3, Ref: +3, Will: +4 | BAB: +0, CMB: +6, CMD: 15 | Init: +1 | Perception: +5 |



Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Uthan Ironmind


Uthan Ironmind
Male Half-Orc Seeker Oracle 1
Neutral Good Humanoid
Initiative; +1 Perception +5

AC 18, touch 11 flat-footed 17
hp 9
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +4

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Greataxe +3 (1d12+4 damage)
Oracle Spells Known
Level 0 Spells (At Will) - Detect Magic - Detect magical auras.
Mending - Fixes small, non-magical items
Read Magic Read scrolls and spells.
Create Water - Create 2 gallons of water.
Level 1 Spells (4 per day) -
Cure Light Wounds - Heals 1d8 + level to one touched.
Forbid Action - Stop one action.
Murderous Command - Force a foe to attack an ally.


Str 16 Dex 12, Con 12, Int 11 Wis 10, Cha 16
Base Atk +0; CMB +6; CMD 15
Feats Extra Revelation - Additional Revelation (Clockwork Incorporation - Steel Skin)
Traits Fate’s Favored - Increase luck bonuses by +1.
Finish the Fight - Gain a +1 to hit against a foe you have already hit once in the past 24 hours.
Numerian Archaeologist - Gain Androffan as a bonus language, roll twice to determine glitches for timeworn devices.
Drawback Burned
Racial Traits Sacred Tattoo (+1 Luck Bonus to all saves, replaces Orc Ferocity) - Shaman’s Apprentice gives (Endurance as a Bonus Feat, replaces Intimidating) - Darkvision 60ft - Orc Weapon Proficiency
Skills Disable Device +5, Diplomacy +8, Sense Motive +5, Craft (food) +4, Profession (Archaeologist) +5.
Languages Common, Orc, Androffan
Combat Gear Great Axe, Scalemail.
Other Gear Traveller’s Outfit
Money 80gp
Special Abilities

Tinkering - Gain a bonus to perception equal to Oracle Levels when using perception to find traps, and use Disable Device as a Rogue.
Mystery - Uthan uses the Clockwork Mystery, turning his own body into a machine.
Revelation - The way in which the Clockwork Mystery manifests.
- Clockwork Incorporation - Mechanical Arms - Gain +2 strength and a +4 bonus to strength based skill checks and CMB.
- Clockwork Incorporation - Steel Skin - +2 to natural armour and resistance 5 to fire and cold.
Oracle’s Curse (Legalistic) - Sickened for 24 hours if Uthan breaks his word. Gains a +4 bonus once a day on a roll that helps keep a promise.

Uthan is a powerfully built half-orc with a dark green skin and long dark hair usually tied back and out of his equally dark eyes. As a standard rule he wears a cloak or longcoat over hard wearing clothes, although he has no objection to wearing nicer ones - they simply tend to not last long when you are out in the field constantly.

There are two significant details that are instantly obvious. First is the fact he has been heavily mechanized. Large sections of his skin on his torso is covered in metallic plates, and both arms have been replaced by heavy metallic arms, finely crafted and made of steel frames with internal works of bronze.

The second is a significant series of swirling tattoos. Long, red lines run in a swirling pattern along his body, carefully avoiding the metal components and in some cases, where they would be too disrupted going around the pattern is painted along them too. They run like thick red vines from the top of Uthan’s head to the soles of his feet and even down the metal of his arms via dark copper worked into the surface.

Adventurous and curious, Uthan is also described as foolhardy. His curiosity led to his being seriously burned, and so far it doesn’t seem to have taught him any lessons. Instead it’s only motivated him to go and find more mechanical devices, to strengthen his knowledge and learn how to improve the upgrades to his own body.

Uthan is capable, and can usually take care of himself, but growing up in a large group means he prefers to work with others and will happily join any group that doesn’t mind him plundering most clockwork devices to find out how they tick.

He is also brave and loyal, willing to risk himself at a pinch. Depending on the group he is either the one who disarms traps or one who helps a more skilled trap expert dismantle the. He also tends to fight up front and heal as needed, with some support when needed.

Uthan Ironmind could.barely remember when he hadn’t been hated.

Once he had been part of a tribe within the Hold of Belkzen. Smaller and weaker than full blooded Orcs, he had been spared because the Shaman sensed the potential for magical powers within him, even at a young age - and so he lived on sufferance. But he saw the looks many others gave him, and he kne better than to be far from his Master’s eye. Not that this stopped the beatings - his Master was not gentle - but it kept him from the worst.

When his tribe raided into Ustalav, they soon found themselves outnumbered and overwhelmed by the local militia, whose scouts had spotted the Orc coming. Once again his half-human natured marked him out, but this time it was to be spared. While the rest of the tribe were slaughtered Uthan was spared. He didn’t shed many tears.
Placed in an orphanage organized by the Church of Pharasma, Uthan was constantly surrounded by reminders of the great crimes of his people, and human victories over them. He realized early on that Humans were not much kinder than Orcs in many ways, but he was better treated, better fed and already large enough to fend off most of the other children. The only part he truly enjoyed were the teachings of a grizzled old master Rogue, who didn’t share most people’s dislike of Orcs. He showed the boy the secret to locks and traps, and Uthan loved to see how these mechanical constructs worked and how they could be defeated

His fascination with mechanical devices puzzled the masters of the orphanage, and as he grew to the age of apprentice Uthan was passed from master to master, trade to trade looking for something that fit his skills. Some grew fond of the boy, who was polite, well mannered and generally amusing and quick witted. Others refused to see past his skin. It was one of the last, a drunken and often violent blacksmith, under which Uthan’s accident happened.

No one was sure what happened. Some said they heard the blacksmith swear he’d hurl the boy into the forges flames for his failures. Others swear they heard the boy yell and rage against his master. A few thought that maybe Uthan had finally grown to hate the Orc part of himself so much he tried to burn it out. Whatever the reason, the fire that destroyed the smithy was tremendous, cracking stone and melting iron into one huge plate.

The only person who knew what happened was Uthan. He staggered from the flames, his arms seared to uselessness, much of his skin blackened and flaking away. It was only the powers of the Oracle, foreseen by that Orc Shaman years before, that had kept him alive. But with the hideous pain and magic came another revelation - a vision of clockwork, beautifully crafted gears meshing together in perfect harmony. Uthan knew what to do, and as soon as he could walk again, stole into the finally cooling remains of the smithy to dig up the lump of solid gold that had once been the smiths savings, his barely coated hands screaming as he did. With it he bought or rented the space and equipment he needed, and enlisted the aid of his old master the Rogue, the only other person he knew who loved clockwork as he did.

There he remade himself. He built his arms out of metal, powered and controlled by his own magic. He also replaced the damaged skin with metal armour. With it came a new sense of adventure, a desire to find the ancient devices of ages past and the next generation of innovations.

But it wasn’t enough. No one was sure to his motivations. Maybe he simply wanted to make himself something other than an Orc. Maybe the vision of gears had driven him to recreate himself completely. But he wanted more. He remembered the tales of Numeria, and the mechanical marvels there, and Uthan decided to go and hunt down further answers. His new arms were stronger than the old, his new skin tougher than it ever could have been. The Pharasman’s teachings would allow him to enter places others feared. The knowledge Numeria held could only make him stronger...