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GM Tealk's - Return of the Runelords

Book Four - Temple of the Peacock Spirit, Part 1
Magnimar - Maps!
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Current Date 16 Kuthona, 4718 AR

Heroes of Lastwall

The epic tale of the characters who answered the call of young Lord Kalthun, the would-be heroes who seek to deal with the growing orcish threat -- to win back some of the land that has been lost, and inspire others to take up the fight.

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The Storm in Isger

Walking the Way of the Wicked

Aardvark's "A Conspiracy of Silver Ravens" Hell's Rebels Campaign (inactive)

The sleepy little Chelish town of Kintargo is in for one hell of an uprising.

Loot List

Rebellion Sheet

Skills Affected While Within Kintargo:
Craft: -1 to generate income
Diplomacy: +4 against government officials, and to call the city guard.
Diplomacy: -2 to alter the attitude of a non-government official
Disguise: -2 to all disguise checks
Intimidate: +4 to force someone to act friendly
Perform: -1 to generate income
Profession: -1 to generate income
Sense Motive: -2 to avoid being bluffed
Sleight of Hand: -2 to Pick Pockets