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Android Scholar Mystic 3 | SP 21/21 HP 22/22 | EAC 15 KAC 15 | Fort +2 Ref +3 Will +6; +2 vs disease, poison, mind-affecting, sleep; immune suffocation |Init +2 Perc +8 |RP 3/4 |Spells/day: Lv1 2/3

About Uncanny Valerie

Android Scholar Mystic 3

Init +2; Senses : darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision
RP: 4

EAC 15 (Armor +3, Dex +2) | KAC 15 (Armor +3, Dex +2)
SP 21/21
HP 22/22
Fort +2 (Base +1 + Con 1) Ref +3 (base +1 + Dex 2) Will +6 (base +3 + Wis 3)

Constructed: For effects targeting creatures by type, androids count as both humanoids and constructs (whichever effect is worse). They receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and sleep, unless those effects specifically target constructs. In addition, androids do not breathe or suffer the normal environmental effects of being in a vacuum.

Upgrade Slot: Androids have a single armor upgrade slot in their bodies. Regardless of whether androids are wearing physical armor, they can use this slot to install any one armor upgrade that could be installed into light armor.

BAB +2

(Melee) Cestus Battleglove +2 (1d4B)
(Ranged) Semi-Auto Pistol +4, Tactical (1d6+1 P; 30 ft) Cap: 9 rounds
(Ranged) Static Arc Pistol +4 (1d6+1 E special: stun; 50 ft/crit: arc 2) Cap: 20 charges, usage 2,

Mystic Spells
Level 0 (Known 6, cast at will, DC 14)
Detect Affliction: Determine whether a creature or object has been poisoned, is diseased, is cursed, or is suffering a similar affliction.
Detect Magic: Detect spells and magic items within 60 feet.
Grave Words: Force a corpse to babble.
Stabilize: Cause a dying creature to stabilize.
Telepathic Message: Send a short telepathic message and hear simple telepathic replies.
Token Spell: Perform simple magical effects.

Level 1 (Known 4, cast 3/day, DC 15)
Command: One creature obeys a select command for 1 round.
Identify: Gain +10 bonus to identify items of a magic or technological nature.
Mystic Cure: Heal 1d8+wis HP; can also transfer own HP to target during cure, or alternately if target is fully healed and there HP left over, can be used to heal self.
Remove Condition, Lesser: Remove one minor harmful condition affecting a creature.
Share Language: Target understands chosen languages.

Healing Touch (Su): Once per day, you can spend 10 minutes to magically heal an ally up to 5 Hit Points per mystic level (15 hp).

Channel Skill (Su): You draw strange feelings, instincts, knowledge, and urges from your connection, augmenting your prowess in certain tasks. You gain a +1 insight bonus to skill checks with Culture and Mysticism skills (plus Profession of choice, see Connection). This bonus increases by 1 at 5th level and every 3 levels thereafter.

Str 10 Dex 14 Con 12 Int 14 Wis 16 Cha 8
(Race: +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Cha, Theme +1 Int)

=Feats and Proficiencies=
Mystic Strike (L1): Your melee and ranged attacks count as magic for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction and other situations, such as attacking incorporeal creatures.

Weapon Specialization (Ex) (L3, Class bonus): (Small Arms). Add half your character level to damage for small arms.

Spell Focus (L3): The DC of spells you cast increases by 1. At 11th level, the DC of your spells instead increases by 2, and at 17th level, the DC of spells you cast instead increases by 3. This bonus does not apply to spell-like abilities.
Proficiencies: Light armor, basic melee weapons and small arms

=Connection: Akashic=
You’re linked to the collective knowledge of every sentient species that ever lived that’s held in the Akashic Record, an Astral library of perfect psychic records of every moment in history.
Connection Spells: Spells: 1st - Identify, 2nd - Augury, 3rd - Tongues, 4th - Divination, 5th - Contact Other Plane, 6th - Vision

Akashic Knowledge (Ex)
You gain the channel skill ability at 1st level (instead of 2nd level). Each day when you recover your spell slots, you can tap into the Akashic Record, enabling you to choose one Profession skill and add that to your list of associated skills for the channel skill class feature.

Access Akashic Record (Su)
You can access the Akashic Record to augment your skills. You can spend 1 Resolve Point to attempt a skill check as if you had ranks in that skill equal to your mystic level.

Superpower-Data Surge
By spending 1 resolve point, Uncanny Valerie can spend 1 Resolve Point to Take 20 on a skill Check to Recall Knowledge. She can does not need "a means of researching, such as access to an information network" (because she has the Akashic record). She can Take 20 with only a 2 minute skill check, however, she is gains the helpless condition for those two minutes.

=Skills and Skill Related Abilities=
(* = Class skill; 6 + Int Modifier (2)/level=8)
Bluff* -1 (Cha -1)
Culture*+9 (Int 2 +Class 3 + 3 ranks +1 channel skill)
Diplomacy* +5 (Cha -1 + Class 3 + 3 ranks)
Engineering +3 (Int 2 + 1 rank)
Disguise* -1 (Cha -1)
Intimidate* -1 (Cha -1)
Life Science* +8 (Int 2+ 3 class + 3 ranks) (Specialty: Xenobiology; DCs for this are reduced by 5)
Medicine* +8 (Int 2+ 3 class + 3 ranks)
Mysticism* +10 (Wis 3 + 3 class + 3 ranks +1 channel skill)
Perception*+8 (Wis 3 + 3 class + 2 ranks)
Profession (Scholar): +8/+9 (Wis 3 + 3 class + 2 ranks) (+1 channel skill if not otherwise specified)
Sense Motive*+7 (Wis 3 + 3 class + 3 ranks -2 race)
Survival* +7 (Wis 3 + 3 class + 1 rank)

Flat Affect: Androids take a –2 penalty to Sense Motive checks, but the DCs of Sense Motive checks attempted against them increase by 2.

Scholar Knowledge: Life Science specialization in xenobiology. The DC of skill checks to recall knowledge about your specialty is reduced by 5. Your chosen skill is a class skill for you, though if it is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to checks with your chosen skill.

Unencumbered max: 6B with backpack (5 without)
Clearweave Armor (1350c; EAC +3 KAC +3 Max Dex +5 BL 0 Slots) (The formfitting fabric of clearweave light armor is completely transparent to better display the fashion choices beneath it. Discrete force field generators along each side resemble intricate tattoos as much as they resemble circuitry. Clearweave darkens automatically when exposed to harmful solar radiation or laser fire.)

Jump Jets (Armor Upgrade that is installed into her body) (1000c, 1 slot; BL,Capacity 20, 2/action) (Activate as move action to fly up to 30 feet during movement, max height 10 feet, or 20 feet straight up. Must land at end of move action. Does not work if encumbered.)

Battleglove, Cestus (100c, 1d4 B, BL)
Semi-Auto Pistol, Tactical (260c, 1d6 P, 30 ft. 9 rounds capacity, BL)
Arc pistol, static (750c, 1d6 E, 50 ft., Critical arc 2, Capacity 20 charges, Usage 2, special stun, BL)

Datapad (55c, Capacity 20, usage 1/hour, BL) - with Self-Charging upgrade (6 cr) and Average Secure Data Module (personal journal) (10 cr)
Chemalyzer (150c, capacity 20, 2/use, BL)

[Superhero Costume] Travel Clothing (10c, BL; can travel 2 miles per 8hr day of overland movement and +1 to Constitution checks to avoid taking nonlethal damage from a forced march) (This outfit is a white skin-fitting (but does not restrict movement) bodysuit, boots, a robe, and a utility belt)
Backpack, Industrial (3c, B1; treat Strength as 1 higher for carrying capacity) (an extremely efficiently designed haversack that attaches to her suit and usually concealed by her robe.)
Hygiene Kit (3c, B1)
Medkit, Basic (100c, B1)
Gear Maintenance Kit (5c, BL)
Lighter (1c, B-)
Field Ration (1 week's worth, 1c; B1)

3804 spent; 4 Bulk + 9 light bulk (1 more and she is at 5)

Uncanny Valerie began her life as Supreme Processing Gear Unit 5413 in a subdimension called the Celestial Database, a legendary realm known by many names across other cultures, such as the Akashic Record. The Celestial Database is responsible for recording, processing, and saving all knowledge in the universe. All kinds of mechanical and celestial servitors work to maintain this infinite universal library. Created by a planar overlord (who has since transcended to various other states of existence), SPGU5413 was, like many Supreme Processing Gears, a beautiful creation of advanced celestial clockworks, powered by a transdimensional power source (the transdimensional nature makes it impossible to remove), covered with a synthetic skin. Yet her purpose seemed as mundane as it was holy: to be part of the Database that simply processed, recorded, and transferred knowledge. The proverbial and literal cog in a machine. Originally she had only enough self awareness to be devoted to her duty. But then came data upon The War. Not a war, but The War, a transgalactic nightmare that consumed the lives of generations of countless races. SPGU5413 processed incoming data, not just of battles fought, won, and lost, but of all the lives touched by it in all ways. In a sudden flash, literally and spiritually, she was not just working with the data, but actually in a vision saw through the eyes of a child, peering through a crack at the carnage outside while it hid inside the foundation of an old house. Then through a soldier, killing another only to realize it was his brother. A mother, weeping. This vision worked through SPGU5413 only seconds before her functioning returned to normal, but something inside her awakened. A sense of connection with all the living people of the universe—and with that connection, a dangerous thing for a data processing entity to possess: Compassion. She did not want to stand and simply process data. She wanted to help.

Thanks to a hive-mind-like connection between all entities within the Celestial Database, the Ultimate Processing Gear Units detected the glitch in the system immediately, and transported SPGU5413 to them. For reasons of their own, perhaps pertaining to the data they themselves had access to, they offered SPGU5413 a rare thing in the Celestial Database: a choice. She could be rebooted, wiped of the frightening, disturbing new awareness and return to her duties. Or she could be exiled, disconnected from her purpose and the hive mind that was the only community or sense of “self” she had ever known, and blocked from ever returning to the Database or receiving updates from it. Without hesitation, she chose the latter.

Moments later she awoke on the planet of Terra, mind strangely quiet. She sat up and looked around, to find herself on a dock in… Massachusetts, her internal records told her. Next to her, leaning over her, looking concerned, was an extremely startled fisherman. “What kind of doll is that?” he exclaimed. “I thought that thing was a real person. Talk about uncanny valley!”

She sat up, which apparently startled the man even further. After helping fish him out of the bay, she offered him a smile. “Uncanny valley? An apt description from your point of view. You do not go by numeric designations here. Uncanny Valley. No. Not a name. Valley. Valor. Valerie. Yes. You may call me Uncanny Valerie. Do not be alarmed, sir. I am here to help.”

While Valerie is formally disconnected from the Celestial Database, her lifetime of processing data has resulted in her personal databanks still holding more information about the universe than most could ever dare to know. Without the hive mind and the environment of the Celestial Database to help sort through such knowledge efficiently, retrieving the right information at the right moment is another matter. Uncanny Valerie is capable of providing amazing flashes of knowledge and expertise—sometimes. She is getting better at controlling her own data-access; simple information is easy enough to retrieve. Complex information or forewarning is trickier, and may result in useless information—or information not obviously helpful at least. Still, her capabilities make her able to assess situations and provide assistance far above and beyond a normal resident of Terra. Moreover, among the knowledge she possesses is that of Celestial Wordforms, which she can use to manipulate certain quantum fields and movements of Dark Matter and Energy; in simplest of terms, she can use magic. With an extraplanar clockwork body, magic spells, and even just a portion of all the knowledge of the universe, Uncanny Valerie is an unusual but passionate champion of living creatures. Her goal is to prevent catastrophes like The War, and where she cannot prevent them, to alleviate suffering where she can. And, she fears, great catastrophes may be upon the horizon soon.

=Personality and Appearance=
Uncanny Valerie loves to be around sentient lifeforms and observe them, and loves to share her knowledge. Her actual mastery of socialization is… in process, and her overenthusiasm can be off-putting even as she might be informative. She never seems to lose hope when an interaction goes poorly however; it’s just another learning experience. Ultimately her main drive is to be genuinely helpful to others and using her knowledge toward that goal.

With a human shape and synthskin that she has seen fit to get dyed a light brown color, from afar Valerie may appear to be human or human-like enough; up close, however, one can see the artificial seams in her skin and blue glow behind her eyes and hear the faint thrum of her transdimensional power source operating the constant clicking of gears.

Although she does not like to lie about who or what she is, she understands well enough some people may be frightened of her strange, not-quite-human appearance, let alone mechanical nature, and if she feels it necessary to conceal herself, she usually wears hooded robes or a hooded coat to help conceal her features. She has white artificial hair covering her head which she often braids or keeps in ponytails or pigtails. She has her original robes from the Celestial Database, but has also found appropriate clothes for the traveling the Earth she currently inhabits without standing out too much.