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I need to cancel all subscriptions.
You folks are great, finances are requiring this.
Thank you!

Pathfinder Campaign Setting only.

Thank you!

Per subject, please cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription.

Retain all my other subscriptions.

Thank you!

It Started with a Chicken – (Splinters of Faith, Stoneheart Valley, Slumbering Tsar mashup, liberally suffused with various and assorted other Frog God Games adventures)

System: Swords & Wizardry

Sir Sneaky – Thief - Level 1
Bort – Monk - Level 1
Snarf – Fighter - Level 1
Solstice Summerwind– Ranger - Level 1

-What follows are in character journals written by my players.-

Session the First
Desperately Seeking Chicken

My name is Solstice. Well, that’s what I go by, anyway.

I write like I talk, which ain’t too good, but Bort’s been telling me he’s gonna copy this here journal and put some fancy words in and make it make sense. So, if this here narrative don’t make sense – well, that’s him’s doing most like.

There’s a song that warns about pulling on a thread – it undoes the whole weave. Which means that the whole cloth can come undone, and then folks freeze that winter.

Least wise you’d a sung that if you was from Potter’s Pitch, where I hail from.

Anyways, we didn’t so much as pull on a thread as we pulled on a chicken. Well, the absence of a chicken, really.

Some time ago, having little or no money in my pockets, I was traveling toward Bard’s Gate. I was counting on good fortune there or on the journey to show me an honest way to earn a few copper or even a silver or two.

I had some companions along, of course, and we were about a fortnight out of Reme when we came by this village.

Later we heard it was a town called Lessef, which was awful generous. Calling it a town that is. It looked like a dreary picked-over corpse of a camp. I was surprised to hear it had a name, truth be told.
Tired shacks, sagging roofs, and skeletal frames of what might have been cottages or smithies seemed to plead for the mercy of a spark.
There were some hardy souls still about, though. There was smoke from a few chimneys, and a tiny chapel with trimmed hedges hunched on top of the hill overlooking the town and nearby forest.

There were some voices, and someone shouting about “a fox had got my chickens.”

Well, I hadn’t seen fox tracks in a few days, and there wasn’t like to much game of any kind desperate enough to be coming around this sore spot in the road, so my curiosity got piqued.

We came up behind an old feller in brown breeches and a shirt that looked more like a grain bag with more dirt than his garden yelling to himself more than anyone else about chickens.

He was yelling about this fox, and I only saw prints of the beast that walks upon two legs, and I ain’t talking about crows. There weren’t no blood or feathers spread around neither.

This feller tells us that if we catched that fox for him, he’d give us a bushel of potatoes. Now, I wasn’t quite that desperate. I’d been hunting pretty good along out journey, but old Bort gets himself all excited.

He’s jabbering on about spuds like they was a sow from the king’s own larder cooked and dressed by the king’s own man. Bort’s more used to watery gruel twice a day up in that library castle near Winterberg that he’s from. Snarf was drooling, as usual, and Sneaky was somewhere “around.”

Before we get on the trail of the fox, we go up to the chapel to acquaint ourselves with the lay of the land a bit. It’s a temple to Freya.

Sure enough, except for them kids living with the priest up there everyone and every thing in this whole town looked like it had been stomped on by time. Even the goat tied up outside looked worn out.
I’m tuckered as I think about it.

Almary tells us about buildings in town being scavenged for firewood, and warns us against Scabby, the dishonorable owner of the pub.
The priest was friendly and offered us a healing potion. It came in handy later when the four of us ambushed two men. They passed our hiding place in the forest and came back a little while later with a squawking sack.

One was killed in the ambush. Bort was mortally wounded, but the potion brought him back from the brink. The other we took back to the priest.
Early the questioned next morning, we questioned our thief. He was part of a gang of men that was doing some mining, hidden behind the hill opposite Lessef.

We went to talk to them later in the day.

Their camp was empty of life, but there was a lot of mining equipment, and a wagon and bedrolls. However, that was all we saw on a quick look before it was our turn to be ambushed.

It was a hard fight. I and Sneaky took cover by the wagon while Bort and Snarf charged the archers. I won’t make a big deal of it, but I took a near-fatal wound to my shoulder. A hair better placed and it would have struck my heart.

We had another prisoner, unconscious, so we looked around a bit.
They had removed four giant slabs of stone that had sealed a cavern of some sort. We poked our heads in, but lacked the courage to explore further. I don’t think it was a mine, though.

In hopes the priest or our attacker might give us more knowledge, we packed up their wagon and gear and went around and up the hill to the church.

My recollection of the next part is a bit hazy, as a hands-length of arrow stuck out my shoulder.

The chicken-thieving group had been hired to dig under the town. I thought I heard talk of a necromancer wanting to get into the cavern. The stone slabs indicated to me that it was supposed to stay shut.
We also found that the stone the church was built on contained a message. Read it we did, but it was a riddle about a battle, a wand-thing, and evil sealed away.

We turned the thieves and would be killers to Lessef for justice.
Bort and the other fellers went up to Fairhill while I’m recovering. There’s another temple to Freya there. They are gonna see what they can learn about the writing on the floor, the man who hired the group, and the history of the area.

My drawing arm is stiff, but it’s getting better. I reckon I’ll be right as rain by the time they get back.

I don’t really want to go crawling down in some rat hole. I’m for sun and the caress of a light breeze. Trouble is, I got too much pride to have it known I was a coward to some hole in the ground, so I reckon I’ll be going down there.

(Written by Shannon Bell)

This order should contain the following items:
1 x Pathfinder Pawns: NPC Codex Box @ 33.99 = $33.99
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1 x Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary 2 Box @ 33.99 = $33.99
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1 x Pathfinder Adventure Path #78: City of Locusts (Wrath of the Righteous 6 of 6) (PFRPG) (preorder) @ 15.99 = $15.99

As per my orders and the email received Feb. 6th.

I just received an email stating the following items were shipped:
1 x Pathfinder Pawns: NPC Codex Box
1 x Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Falls & Rapids

What happened to the remainder of my order? Please do not tell me that I will have to pay additional shipping costs. Shipping to Alaska is expensive enough, which is why I placed all these items on the same order in the first place.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I haven't seen a thread on these messageboards for this game as yet. So I am adding it on here. I first learned about it via Frank Mentzer and was enthralled the instant I viewed the kickstarter page.

Here's quote: "The Spanish game "Aventuras en La Marca del Este" began from the mind of Pedro Gil as a homebrew campaign for some friends in Spain playing the world's most famous game as devised in Frank Mentzer’s (BECMI) Red Box with 9 starter classes and new rules on mounted combat, aerial combat, seafaring and ship battles. Now, many years later, it is one of the most popular role-playing games in Spain. By enlisting incredible artists that are now rising stars in the RPG industry such as A.J. Manzanedo, Jorge Carrero and Víctor Guerra, the "La Marca" team produced an incredibly captivating "retroclone" role-playing game that is an old school experience wrapped in old world flare. The game is published in Spain by Holocubierta Ediciones."

In addition to some interesting add-ons, Frank Mentzer has agreed to write a foreward for the new English translation of this Red Box edition of the game.

Take a look and I am sure you will agree the art looks stunning and the concept intriguing. For those who play older edition games, this is a must have.

Goblin Squad Member

Northern Lights is currently an existing kinship in Lord of the Rings Online. Our Webpage

We are a friendly, neutral, craft-oriented guild, devoted to its members for support, team effort, and mutual protection. We wish to trade with any and all who do not raid upon us. We are a no-pressure guild who simply enjoy one another’s company. We welcome all comers who follow game rules and do not openly take sides with any faction. Griefers and others who think it fun to avoid the spirit of the rules won't be tolerated and are encouraged to look elsewhere.

Frog God Games

Rappan Athuk!
Notice the encyclopedic style stitch binding with fabric bookmark.

P.S. Thank you Liz for posting this picture!

Frog God Games

Shattered Empire old school Hex Crawl for PFRPG!

Thanks again Liz!

Frog God Games

Welcome to the Pirate Coast: 0E edition

Thanks Liz!

Frog God Games

One of two new 0E Hex Crawls!

Thanks Liz!

Frog God Games

A low level 0E adventure from FGG!

Of course players may want to create several backup characters, just in case...

Thanks for getting this up Liz.

Frog God Games

Pirate Coast is up!

(Liz is awesome!)

Frog God Games

And here's the PFRPG Castle Baldemar!

(A six pack of thanks to Liz!)

Frog God Games

Castle Baldemar lives!

Thank you Liz!

Frog God Games

We are live!

Thanks Liz!

Please move my ROTL Anniversary book to my sidecart to be shipped with my subscription items (i.e. picked up at PaizoCon). I am not sure how it ever got taken off the "to be shipped with subscription" as I never wanted to pay any additional postage.
Thanks so much!

Three order numbers were given for this subscription order, so I am not certain which one to reference. Here are the other two, just in case it helps identify the order.

Order # 2028293

Order # 2028294
1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ongoing Subscription @ cover price

This is what I wish to know: As shipping up to Alaska takes so long, might I ask that the Pathfinder RPG Race Guide be held till I can pick it up in person at PaizoCon? Believe it or not, I would actually get the book sooner this way.

Thanks! Dawn Fischer

Frog God Games

I'd like to thank Liz and the Paizo crew for showcasing Greg's baby.

Also, what a fantastic tie-in to my personal favorite science-fiction series! I don't know what the rest of the frogs think of it; but this frozen frog loves the tales of the desert planet, Dune.

I've yet to see my 2011 holiday card and Pathfinder Adventure Path #53: Tide of Honor (Jade Regent 5 of 6).

The shipment arrived in Anchorage on the First of February and never arrived at my home. It's been 9 days, should I continue to wait?

Frog God Games

Woo! Thanks Paizo!

Black Monastery was a fun one to edit. I hope everyone who purchases this book has an entertaining tale to tell about running this adventure for their players.

Frog God Games

ST 11 is now the correct file version at the FGG Bytes Interactive Aplus download service, for those who ordered directly from FGG. The table on page 42 is now the correct one.

Sorry for the long delay! Troubleshooting takes time during the holidays. Thank you all for your patience.

I set up this thread for news about the Black Monastery easier to locate.

Bill Webb wrote:
Monastery is uploading to my server this morning. Announcements tonight! Pre-order will probably not happen for a day or so--I need to verify the file etc.

Frog God Games

Thank you Paizo (and Liz) for the shout-out!

Happy Holidays from the Frog God!

P.S. This makes an excellent present for your gamemaster.

Frog God Games


This is the second product I have reviewed that I feel the 5 star award method fails to express how utterly amazing a product is. Way to go Open Design for raising the bar on awesome!

Frog God Games

More Froggy goodness, thanks for the shout-out!

Thank you.

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Okay now, I like the new [+] button option when you like or agree with someone else's post. How do I hit the plus button for the title of this Blog?

Awesome!! And... now I've got that song in my head. Thanks Liz! I assume this is all your fault. :)



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Congratulations Boomer!

The title and first paragraph of the description are incorrect for this one, though the picture is correct. This should be HC1 Valley of the Hawks:

The Valley of Hawks is a wooded river valley that cuts across a verdant prairie. It is named for the giant specimen of hawks that hunt along its banks and, during the Spring, blacken its skies. In the days of myth and legend, the Valley of the Hawks was inhabited by a race of giants who carved their likenesses in stone and hunted monstrous creatures using the giant hawks as their ardent companions and helpers. In the shadow of the giants dwelled the trouping elves and their erstwhile goblin enemies, fighting and feasting and making sport of life. The coming of the golden men from the west sent the proud elves and vicious goblins into hiding, for they commanded powerful magics and built a grand city of metal and crystal. But the reach of the golden men exceeded their grasp, and within a few generations their city had fallen and sent its children into the valley as orphans, and the elves and goblins worked their vengeance on them until only a few bands of the golden men, as wild and savage as the beasts, still roam the Valley. And so our adventurers arrive in the Valley of the Hawks seeking fame and fortune. Perhaps they come from northern lands or southern lands or perhaps they were born in the Valley and seek to learn its secrets and use its wealth to found a new city in the manner of the long gone golden men, a city that shines and terrifies and engraves their names forever in the stories of elves and men.

Will there be a box or board locataion made available on the likely event that something comes up and people change their minds on the events they are scheduled to attend? If there was something like this last year I was not aware of it.

I am looking for a place appropriate to place a Serengeti-like grassy plain on Golarion, preferably in Garund. Any suggestions? Or am I "off the map" on this one?

So, how do I get one of these? That is my favorite drink, if done right. Sure hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, given that your bar appears to be located in San Francisco, it might just. The bars in my area cater to cowboys and cheap pale pilsner drinkers (gak).

Effective immediately, please cancel all of my subscriptions and orders. I am very sorry to have to do this, but I am a new member of the "laid off due to no work" crowd.
Thanks in advance.

Useful for a military style campaign, perhaps? Comments welcome.

Artificer (Fighter)
The Artificer is a highly motivational fighter who is skilled in crafting arms, armor, siege engines, and fortifications. In addition, the Artificer is schooled in engineering as well as utilization of everything at his disposal to fight the enemy, making him capable of improvising protection or weaponry where the actual implements are absent.
Skill Ranks Per Level: At 2nd level skill ranks increase by 2 for a total of 4 per level. At 4th level, skill ranks increase by 2 for a total of 6 per level. These skill ranks may only be applied to Craft (weapons), (armor), (siege engines), (fortifications) or in knowledge (engineering) and replaces the bonus feat at that level.
Improvised shield (Ex) – At 3rd level an Artificer is able to utilize any suitable item as an improvised shield, from boards to cloth from tents or other similar items. Such a shield provides +1 AC and may be used to shield an ally instead, giving the ally the +1 to their AC. This ability replaces Armor Training 1.
Improvised weapon (Ex) – At 5th level an Artificer gains additional skill in handling improvised weapons. This ability grants the Artificer +1 to attack with an improvised weapon, which stacks with Catch Off-Guard or Throw Anything. In addition, an Artificer may apply the bonus to his CMB when performing a Combat Maneuver with the improvised weapon. This ability replaces Weapon Training 1.
Rally (Ex) – At 7th level an Artificer can supplement the morale his allies and encourage them to fight. The Artificer must be either seen or heard by his allies. The effect is a +1 Morale bonus to attacks and damage as well as saves versus fear. This ability replaces Armor Training 2.
Distracting Implements (Ex) – At 9th level an Artificer may make use of various supplies, such as cooking oil, flour, coals, dirt and other similar items to toss into the opponent’s face to disorient. The opponent must make a Reflex Save DC 20 to minimize the effect and be dazed for one round; otherwise he is stunned for 2d4 rounds. This ability replaces Weapon Training 2.
Improvised Fortifications (Ex) – At 11th level an Artificer may quickly construct fortifications out of improvised materials or order such construction. The amount of time required (assuming suitable materials exist) is equal to 1 round per person who needs to hide behind such cover and is mitigated by directing allies to assist in such construction at an equal one to one ratio of protection to persons available to assist. Each person who is able to be served by the improvised fortifications is assumed to be behind cover. This ability replaces Armor Training 3.

Journal entry:

Falathar and Erlig met at the Pathfinder Lodge in Magnimar. They got to know each other at a nearby Inn where Falathar’s performance paid for the meal and ale. They joined a caravan traveling to Sandpoint. Erlig drove a wagon to earn his way.
The caravan consisted of three wagons. The first held some tough looking Varisian men led by Jabral, who did not socialize with anyone. The second wagon contained a Varisian couple. The third was the one we traveled on. It was here that we met Strabmenos (Strabo) a cleric of Calistria and Paladin named Samson. The trip was uneventful the first three days, except for the on and off rain.
The fourth day started out from a Ranger outpost where the men in the lead wagon bought something in small package from the priests. Later that day we found the road blocked by a large tree. On one side was a thicket and the other side of the road was a stream. The men in the lead wagon got out and we also went on alert. Out of the thicket stepped 6 men. The lead boldly commanded, “You know the drill, put your valuables on the ground and you won’t be hurt!” The leader of the Varasian’s responded, “How do you say it in common, oh yes…Go (expletive deleted) Yourselves!” Meanwhile, other highwaymen were noticed moving in the thicket.
The men from the lead wagon hit five of the highwaymen, including the leader with darts. They dropped immediately clutching their throats. The leader of the Varisians smiled and winked back at us. His men move the tree out of the way and continued on the trip. The Paladin, Sampson had been running up, but was too late for the fight. He wanted to take the bodies into town, while the cleric tried to relieve them of any valuables. This led to a heated argument between the two. Falathar talked to the two in an effort to diffuse the situation. The bodies were loaded into the wagon and Sampson paid the freight for them. We took the arrows.
During this time at Sandpoint and in the “White Deer” an Inn , where Rain, Agrint and Parlay. They were individually observing the crowd. Rain is asked by the Innkeeper, Garret if she knows Shaloo? “Yes, why do you ask?” quizzed Rain. “You look like her,” Garret replied. Rain, “She is family. I am looking for her.” “Well,” Garret stated, “She left some time ago. She tends to come and go!” Rain asked Garret to “tell her Rain is looking for her.”
Agrint left the Inn not being comfortable indoors and not understanding what was going on. Rain and Parlay met and talked awhile. They then left to set up camp at the same place as Agrint.
Arriving in town we were met with a sign with a mirror attached:
Welcome to Sandpoint.
See yourself as we see you.
A dwarf, town militia met the caravan just inside the town. The Varisians quickly departed to the left or South to a building not too far away. We explained what happened on the way into town. We asked about where we could get rooms. We were told of two, the Rusty Dragon and the White Deer. The Rusty Dragon is owned by a female bard, so Falathar went to the White Dragon first. Everyone accompanied him. After a few songs, they found only one room available, which Sampson rented.
The Innkeeper, Garret, was quite a source of information. Jabral and his men are part of the local Scarni or thieves. “Stay away for your own health!” There is a festival schedule for the next morning to dedicate the new cathedral. It also is the Festival of the Swallow’s Tail. The Cathedral is across from the Inn . Garret served succulent peppercorn venison along with plenty of ale. He is Shanti, but is wife is not. She is the cook and their daughters serve the customers. About this time we met Parlay.
Erlig inquired about the availability of work. Garrett informed us that there is a Glassworks, Lumber Mill, several logging companies and farms in the area. Many would have work available. The docks are always looking for labor. Sampson asked if the guards need help and was directed to talk with the sheriff. The sheriff is Belan Hemlock. Falathar learned that Hemlock and Garret are cousins (both Shanti). Garret thinks that is cousin has turned from the Shanti way.
We learn that today is the anniversary of the “chopper”. His last victim was the sheriff who had been slated to marry the Mayor, Kendra. That is how Hemlock became sheriff. The mayor’s cousin Wade was also murdered. He had been partners with his brother, who now is the sole owner of the business.
The town was founded 40-years ago by four families from Magnimar. Sannetti's who run the logging. Devon who has the farms and brewery. Blinitz who run the jewelers and glassworks. Lastly, Valdimar who have the shipyards. They tried to drive the Varisians away, but failed. The town allows the Varisians to live and work there. They also pay for the Varisian temple and Seer.
Erlig and Falathar left for the Rusty Dragon and met the owner Amiko Kijitzu. Falathar enjoyed her singing and then performed himself. This earned him a discounted room, which he shared with Erlig. Erlig was able to secure employment at the Rusty Dragon starting the next morning. The Rusty Dragon is the oldest Inn . The house specialty seems to be fish with a sauce.
Meanwhile, Strabo has gone to the local “house” across from the Rusty Dragon. There he performed his clerical duties by instructing the girls in how to better serve their clients. He teaches by example on an individual basis. After performing his “pious” duties he paid to have one girl seduce the Bard and one to seduce the Paladin. He pointed out the Bard to the first girl and took the second back to White Deer and the Paladin.
At the White Dragon Agrint and Rain return to the Inn where she introduces him to ALE. Parlay and Rain show Agrint what metal weapons are. He keeps comparing the metal blades to his bone and stone blades. They meet and talk with Sampson and Strabo. After a short time they decide to check out what is going on at the Rusty Dragon. Where the first girl has been trying to seduce Falathar. His perception leads him to wonder why a “painted” girl is trying to pick him up instead of finding a customer. Falathar talks with the girl for sometime in an effort to glean information. He also notices Amiko’s displeasure at seeing the girl. When the others arrive with the second girl accompanying the paladin, Amiko has had enough and tells her to leave. “You know better that to ply you business here!”
Strabo can’t figure out why Falathar hasn’t fallen for the girl he had arranged? He is rather taken back by it. When it is clear that Falathar will not be taking the girl to his room, he asked Erlig if he would like to go with the girl to her room. Like any good 17-year old he readily accepts. The rest of us retire to our rooms or tents for the night.
The next morning the town is buzzing with anticipation for the celebration. Mid morning everyone is in the town square where they are greeted by Mayor Kendra. She tells a joke at the “Town Tanner’s” expense, which everyone chuckles over (well, maybe not him). She welcomes us “In time you will learn to love us…spend money and we will learn to love you!”
Next, the leading merchant makes his remarks. He dresses, acts, and talks in an exaggerated flamboyant manner. His joke about equipping the new cathedral with a gold chamber pot does not go over so well! He is crass, but too important to jeer. He is followed by Sheriff Hemlock who warns that he has put on extra town guards for the next four days. Hemlock has a clean shaven head with a tattoo of the Hawk (a Shoanti clan), but is wearing Chelaxian clothes and armor. “Keep the peace or …!”
The next speaker has lace cuffs, velvet boots and bold clothes. He announces that a new production, “The Harpies’ Curse” will take place tomorrow night at the town theater. You won’t want to miss this! Come one, come all!
Last the priest, Father Zantos who seems very young. His holy symbol is a Silver Butterfly. “It is time for a new beginning – let’s get the feast underway.”

Did I make it in time to be included with my September subscription?

Don’t you just love it when a player falls right into your plot?

Just after the final battle of the goblin raid on Sandpoint, the Party’s priest of Calistria meets Aldern Foxglove who thanks him for the party in disrupting the goblins efforts to cut his life short. The party’s Ranger (a half-elf female) had been the one to down the goblin commando Bunkel in a single critical shot. Aldern invites Strabomenos, the priest of Calistria, along with his friends to a boar hunt in a few days once everyone has healed and cleaned up.
Strabomenos: “I suppose you are right, though some more than others,” motioning uncomfortably at himself and smiling. “I will be staying at the Pixie’s Kitten, but dining with my friends here at the Rusty Dragon. Perhaps you'd like to join us there once we clean up and see to some healing?”
Aldern Foxglove: He smiles uncomfortably at Strabo and glances around to see if anyone is observing their exchange. Then he gives a sheepish grin. Rubbing his hand through his dusty and sweaty hair he nods then says, "Incidentally, who stuck that goblin dog rider with a single arrow? I didn't see who, but that was an amazing shot. I'd really like to meet that person."
Strabomenos: “Always an eye on the mark,” grinning at Aldern. “It would seem you and the archer in question would have something in common. Why don't you join us for dinner and I'll make the proper introductions? However you look like a man with more on his mind than just a beautiful ranger. What are you thinking friend?”
Aldern Foxglove: Aldern grins back, "So you are saying she is as lovely as she is talented with a bow? Well now, if you can arrange for a meet, I can't tell you how grateful I'd be... See what you can do. And let her know that she is invited to that boar hunt I mentioned."
Strabomenos: “Yes she certainly is but the hunt for her may prove more challenging, and rewarding, that that of the boar. Perhaps I can suggest you make the invitation a personal one. Let the hunt begin eh? Just remember you are a noble, but a gentleman first. Treat her as such and you stand better odds with this one. My only pleasure in this is to see the smiles you may potentially place upon each others’ faces. Well obviously I am in need of some cleaning up. I wonder if the kittens have any sponges as I am feeling particularly dirty. I'll see you tonight Aldern.”

Dahlia nic Sabylle:

Class: Aes Sedai Initiate
Background: Tar Valon
You have passed the test of the three ter’angreal and been raised to Accepted. Promptly you marched over to the sitter for the Blue Ajah and expressed your interest in learning of their goals and requirements. She sat you down and explained that you needed to experience the potential of all the Ajahs prior to choosing one, and that the sisters would determine which Ajah you would be suited and steer you towards the one that best matches you. However, since you were so adamant about the blue, instead of sending you out to sister Sheriam, the Mistress of Novices, for some punishment for your eagerness, she instead assigned you a mentor and gave you the task of traveling to Caemlyn to wait for further instructions. You are to go to the Inn of the Golden Stag outside the city gates and wait for a note from your mentor directing you further. You were given a sign, secret to the Aes Sedai (though not blue Ajah necessarily) and the name Corianin to go by to tell if a note you receive is the correct one. As you arrive in Caemlyn you find that if you had not already a room reserved for you at this Inn, it would be difficult finding one. The city is full to capacity. You recall hearing that the Red Ajah finally caught that False Dragon in Ghealdan and are bringing him with all due ceremony through Caemlyn to Tar Valon to be “gentled.” Rumor around the tower was that he killed several sisters before he was caught and shielded. Once you located a suitable band of men to escort you to Baerlon you left after seeing that they purchased supplies for the journey

- youthful and lovely female with intelligent eyes

Pol Cadderly:

Class: Armsman
Background: Midlander, Caemlyn
You work as a bouncer for Master Ferrin the Innkeeper of the Golden Stag Inn and Tavern outside the city walls of Caemlyn. You are a loyal Andor man and support the good Queen Morgase. Caemlyn is the greatest city in the known world, the most beautiful. The glorious Inner City and the Palace of the Queen were crafted by Ogier (highly skilled non – human masons rarely seen in human lands anymore). Your employer, Master Ferrin is a kind but firm man. He allows his workers to eat from the kitchens and drink beer from the tap. But requires you be able to perform the work he hired to do. You replaced that fool of a bouncer Harrel when he was thrown out for having drunk too much and laying a hand on a lady’s maid who was staying at the Inn. You keep to yourself and mind your manners and have all the free eats and beer a body could want, as well as a room provided by your employer. Life is good… Except for those seditious fools who oppose the rule of Morgase, the ones who walk around like peacocks with their white peace knots on weapons and white sashes, cockades or bandanas. The guards should arrest them and not allow them to wander about the city flaunting their treason. Having found yourself in charge of a motely crew of men in escort to a lady from the northern city of Tar Valon, you wonder how it happened at least until you look back and spy her beauty again and then you recall your feeling the need to protect this lady on her needed journey to the far off town of Baerlon.
- brawler who knows the correct use of a blade, looks like he has been through a scrap or two in his time.

Aregin Al'Bre:

Class: Armsman
Background: Midlander, Two Rivers, Devon Ride
Your father was a bowyer, and his father before him. Your whole life was planned out for you. You would learn the art of bow making and take over your father’s business when you were older, making bows for the hunters of Devon Ride and perhaps even for those towns to the north, Edmond’s Field and Watch Hill. You had started already, making arrows for the business, and when you turned 16 this winter, your father promised to begin teaching you the art of bow making. Sadly your father succumbed to the wasting fever last fall, just before winter set in. You were left to fend for yourself, with the black yew bow your father made. For a while you managed, making arrows for the town’s folk and accepting gifts of food and clothing from the women’s circle of Devon Ride. But eventually you decided to travel north to Baerlon to seek your fortune. There you encountered a merchant who needed a skilled archer to help guard his caravan of ore from the mines in the Mountains of Mist on its way to the great city of Caemlyn, capitol of Andor. The trail was uneventful and the merchant’s other guards cracked jokes about the “Two Rivers Hay-Hair” and about your great club of a bow. You were startled at the size of Baerlon, but the size and beauty of Caemlyn, you are sure is beyond compare. You are stunned to learn that the Queen of Andor claims lordship over your home, The Two Rivers. You bet the men back home would be as equally stunned and too stubborn to agree, as no tax collector or patrol of Queen’s guards has been seen for several generations. Now you are at the Inn where the merchant left you after paying you what he promised. The Golden Stag is homey enough you suppose, though you miss your father’s hot cakes and mutton stew. There you come across one of the bouncers of the Inn seeking to locate others to escort a lady to the town of Baerlon. It has been a long while since you have been home. Perhaps not long enough, but there is a certain draw to at least go as far as that town. Perhaps you can find other work there, besides the lady appears to be paying well for bodyguards, more than the merchants did.

- an archer with a bow that looks more like a nasty big club and a youthful air of confidence.

Lorwyn Kilvar:

Class: Noble
Background: Arad Doman
You are a Domani, proud and arrogant. You believe the people of Arad Doman to be the most civilized and refined people in the world. You come from a very wealthy family. Your father is an ambitious and clever merchant who has monopolized nearly all trade coming out of Andor through the passes of the Mountains of Mist. From his base of operations in the river town of Ostin Falls, he has eliminated his competition through superior and intelligent non-violent tactics. While he was not nobility, your father wishes his family to join the rank of the elite in Arad Doman. This is something you do not want. You like the camaraderie of your father’s drovers and stablehands. You have enjoyed gambling and skirt chasing with these youths over the years. This would all change should your father get his wish. You have just learned, to your dismay, that he has sought and obtained the hand of the daughter of a minor noble from the great city of Bandar Eban. You are only 18, not ready for settling down at all! You have many more skirts to chase. The last thing you want is to be saddled with a girl who likely thinks herself a princess, as most Domani girls of the nobility are treated. It is time to find a pleasant and exciting group of adventurers to hang with for a while. You have never really been outside of Arad Doman and are eager for a change. You found a group of travelling minstrels and joined them over the passes in the Mountains of Mist to the town of Baerlon. After they made free with your funds to supply them with rooms at a local inn, you discovered that they had made off with your remaining stash of money. The Innkeeper kicked you out and you ran as he began shouting for the guards. You snuck out of town in the middle of a group of disgruntled sheep’s wool farmers. You heard several of them curse the name of Caleb Nolan whom they named a cheat. As they headed towards the backwater place called the Two Rivers you decided to make your way to Camelyn, upon hearing this they gave you a few supplies. “It’s a powerful long way,” one of them said as the rest looked on you with varying degrees of sympathy or disgust.

- clearly one of the wealthy class despite his lack of escort, clothing and hair perhaps a bit mussed from a long journey, but clearly expensively styled.

Sean Sinclear:

Class: Wanderer
Background: Cairhien
You claim to be a Gleeman in training, and that might even be true, at least it is at the moment. This is how you live your life, moment to moment, ever since your family in Cairhien was disgraced and their wealth confiscated. With your father imprisoned and there being no family property left to inherit you had to make a choice, to fight against those who disgraced your family or make a living in some other way. Your older brothers chose the former and were all arrested and dropped in some pit of a prison no one ever leaves. Not shortly after soldiers came looking for you and you decided to beat a hasty retreat taking only what you could carry. You have had to live from hand to mouth ever since and you discovered a talent for tasks which make that easier. Now one doesn’t make it obvious that he is a thief or the guards of any new place will be keeping an eye on you before you can ever attempt a single theft. So you went back to the one possession of value you managed to take with you, the beautifully crafted silver flute your mother insisted you learn to play when you were a child. You made your way to Camelyn in Andor and have been making a relatively honest living playing the flute and telling stories with a historical bent in various Inns. You have begun to think that you could be a true Gleeman if you honed your skills further. Gleemen are respected among the commoners and they pay very well to be entertained.
- an entertainer with a devil-may-care air about him with a flute and the skill to match, and a thorough knowledge of history, a Gleeman for sure even if he doesn't have the multicolored cloak.


Class: Woodsman
Background: Ogier of Steading Jongai in the Mountains of Mist
You are journeying far from the Steading where you were born and lived all your life. A young Ogier does not usually leave the Steading, but your elders decided they needed to send a few outside to see what was happening in the world around. The trees were whispering of the return of the Trollocs and the barrier which protects the Steading from the One Power cannot protect from an army of Trollocs moving south, if the borderlands of men have failed to keep the back. You have found yourself far south of the human town of Baerlon, where few folk remember Ogier. After an attempt to locate an Inn and being shown the door after a woman screamed about Trollocs, you decided to find a nice camp spot away from the humans. South of Baerlon you located tracks of Trollocs indeed and have been following them south for days.

- an Ogier, called by the informed humans the Builders, with skill in the woods and a tendency to dream overmuch under the boughs of trees.

Okay, so I am trying to come prepared to PaizoCon with a character just in case I do get into a PFS game. I followed all the instructions for creating a PFS character after having already joined and gotten my number. I typed up all the relevant stats and such and typed up a paragraph for my character's background. I hit the submit button and was shunted back to the home screen. I navigated back to my PFS page and saw the name of the character I created, however all of the other stuff I typed has vanished into the ether. *facepalm* I knew as I hit the submit button that I should have copied all of my work, but it was of course too late. I am hoping that it just went to the PFS power that be (Mr. Frost) and is awaiting his approval, or something, before it can appear. I am hoping that I do not have to attempt to recall that background paragraph as that sort of writing is never as good the second time I try to write it.
Edit: I forgot the question. Is my hopeful guessing as to what might have happened to my character's profile correct?

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