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I hoped for a spaceships/mechs/tanks book next.
Well, AA3 will be fun like the first two (a Nuar and Verthani are PCs in my group right now and a uplifted bear and an orc are the newest connections of them), but I have to say it: there are so many topics we can expand regarding spaceships and spacebattle.

E.g.: additionales shipframes
or several ships for the PCs (Fighters in a bay?)
Or what about a neural Interface for the Pilots with high IN and low DEX…
Switch bays for additional weapons, so perhaps a Option for three weapons in one area...

And regarding mechs - the Next step would be Transformers: mech now - spaceship later :)

Thanks a lot!

Hi everyone,

I am looking for the name of the "Azlanti noble man" who is in charge of the operation. I am working on a campaign with experimental weapons and drift-tech and a Azlanti mastermind in getting all this stuff would be great.

Perhaps I will adept the AP for SCs with level 4 and so the same archenemy would be super.

Thank you

Hi all,

can someone give me the name of the evil mastermind with the Azlanti? I only find the description "Azlanti noble" but no name in any AP description.


At the moment I am GM for a group with a plot around a "Drift-super-weapon" financed by the Azlanti - so the noble from this AP would be perfect as the mastermind behind this one, too. And the next step would be a "tier 2"-version of this AP...

Thanks in advance.