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Full Name

Ulfgar Helmhammer


Human [Ulfen]*


Bloodrager/Bard 1


Chaotic Good


Common, Skald; Celestial, Infernal

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Ulfgar Helmhammer

racial abilities:
Aasimar [angelkin]
scion of humanity- appears/is human
celestial resistance- resist 5 vs acid, cold, and electricity
spell-like ability- alter self 1/day
truespeaker- +2 racial bonus to linguistics and sense motive; gain 2 languages for every rank in linguistics
senses- darkvision 60'

class abilities:
bloodline- arcane
fast movement- movement increases to 40'

Bard [arcane duelist]

traits, feats, and skills:
stolen fury [campaign]
weapon training [race]
birthmark [faith]

1- steadfast personality
b1- arcane strike

skills: (6 class +0 Int)
acrobatics +6 (1 rank +3 class +2 Dex)
bluff +7 (1 rank +3 class +3 Cha)
diplomacy +7 (1 rank +3 class +3 Cha)
intimidate +7 (1 rank +3 class +3 Cha)
sense motive +6 (1 rank +3 class +0 Wis +2 race)
use magic device +7 (1 rank +3 class +3 Cha)

background skills:
linguistics +6 (1 rank +3 class +0 Int +2 race)
perform [sing] +7 (1 rank +3 class +3 Cha)

0th level:
1st level (/day):

explorer's outfit, leather lamellar
greatsword, warhammer
shortbow, 40 arrows


combat stats:
HP: 13 (1d10 +2 Con +1 FCB)
AC: 16 (10 +4 armor +2 Dex)

Fort +4 (+2 base +2 Con)
Ref +4 (+2 base +2 Dex)
Will +2* (+2 base +0 Wis)
[vs mind-affecting] +5* (+2 base +3 Cha)
* +2 vs charm/compulsion

Greatsword +5, 2d6+7 (+1 AS)
[ooc]bloodrage +7, 2d6+10[/dice]

Warhammer (1h) +5, 1d8+5 (+1 AS)
[ooc]bloodrage +7, 1d8+7[/dice]

Shortbow +3, 1d6

appearance and personality:
Ulfgar's northern ancestry is obvious. He stands over six feet tall with a wide chest and a surprising amount of bulky muscle. He also has the long blond hair often associate with northmen, though he doesn't wear a beard like most men in the north do. His features are somewhat sharp, which can make him appear rather harsh, but in interactions he is pleasant and polite.

Despite his snobbish appearance, Ulfgar friendly and gregarious. Like most of his kin he enjoys strong drink, hearty food, and opportunities to demonstrate his own strength and skill.

Ulgar's father, Baldur Helmhammer, was a successful merchant in Karcau (in northern Ustalav). When the fourth Crusade was called, he arranged for the largest shipment of weapons, armor, and provisions he could muster and took his family north in a caravan to Mendev. Some frowned at his profiteering, but Baldur's business boomed.

On the road, Baldur trained Ulfgar and his two brothers in the use of traditional Ulfen weapons. Their mother, Sigurd (an Ulfen woman of unearthly beauty), instructed them and their two sisters in singing, ettiquette, and linguistics. Ulfgar had been born with a birthmark on his left forearm in the shape of a butterfly and his mother, despite being a follower of Pulura, made sure that he knew it was a sign that the Starsong was watching over him. During their travels, he made several friends in the caravan- most notably a young pair of twin half-elven girls who taught him the basics of Desna's faith, and got him into some mischief.

After a couple of years on the road, the family's good fortune took a turn for the worse. Young Ulfgar was snatched from the caravan and went missing for several days. When he returned his parents blamed it on Sczarni thugs, but in reality it had been the work of demonic cultists. They had attempt to corrupt the boy with an elaborate ritual but their magic only seemed to empower him to connect with a power inside himself, a power that helped him to escape. Unwilling to risk another incident, Baldur moved his family, and their fattened coffers, back to Karcau.

Years passed in comfort and Ulfgar nearly forgot about Mendev and his childhood friends. A year ago he was reminded. He woke in a sweat after dreaming that a great azure butterfly had carried him to Kenabres and dropped in front of twin half-elven women, between them and a charging demon. He tried to force the memory of his capture and the ritual from his mind, and he dismissed the dream as shadows of the trauma. But every month on the night of the full moon the dream returned. After ten months he confided the dream to his parents. His father was dismissive but his mother thought it a sign. After it came again the 11th month she helped him arrange passage to Kenabres. The journey up the Sellen went smoothly and he arrived 2 days before the anniversary of his first dream to track down Luna and Astra Vale and figure out why he's feeling called to them...