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HP 43/43 | AC 20, 21 with Shield | F+7 R+11 W+8 | Perc+8, Stealth +11 Hero Point: 0

About Tybekk Odeon

HP 43/43 | AC 20, 21 with Shield | F+7 R+11 W+8 | Perc+8, Stealth +11 Hero Point: 1

Name: Tybekk Odeon
Ancestry: Dwarf (Strong Blooded)
Background: Artisan (Watchmaker)
Class: Rogue 3

Alignment: CG
PFS #: 76576-2002
Faction: Horizon Hunters

Speed: 20 ft.
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Jotun


12 Strength +1
18 Dexterity +4
14 Constitution +2
14 Intelligence +2
12 Wisdom +1
8 Charisma -1
Initiative (+10 Stealth, +7 Perception )
Class DC 18 Dex(T)

Melee Strikes +9/+5/+1 Shortsword
+10 Shortsword (T) 1d6+4 (S or P) Agile, finesse, versatile

Ranged Strikes +8/+3/-2. Shortbow
+9 Dagger (T) 1d4 (S or P) Agile, finesse,thrown 10',versatile
+9 Shortbow(T) 1d6 (P) Deadly 1d10


Armor Class: 20, 21 with Buckler raised
Leather (T) (10+2 Item +4 Dex + 3 Trained)

+7 Fortitude Con (T)
+11 Reflex Dex (E)
+8 Will Wis (E)

+9 Acrobatics Dex (T)
+2 Arcana Int
+6 Athletics Str (T)
+7 Crafting Int (T)
+4 Deception Cha (T)
+4 Diplomacy Cha (T)
+4 Intimidation Cha (T)
+7 Lore, Dwarven Int (T)
+7 Lore, Guild Int (T)
+7 Lore, Scouting Int (T)
+6 Medicine Wis(T)
+6 Nature Wis (T)
+2 Occultism Int
+4 Performance Cha (T)
+6 Religion Wis (T)
+7 Society Int (T)
+11 Stealth Dex (E)
+6 Survival Wis (T)
+11 Thievery Dex (T)

Class Features and Feats:
Racket: Thief
Sneak Attack: +1d6 (Agile or Finesse)(p. 181)
Surprise Attack (Use Deception or Stealth for Initiative)
•• Twin Feint (1) Target is flat footed for 2nd strike. (p. 183)
Trap Finder (p. 183) +1 Perception, +1 AC vs. Traps

Ancestry Feats:

Darkvision (p. 35)
Strong Blooded (Poison Resistance 1)(p. 35)
Dwarven Lore (p. 36)
Skill Feats:
Specialty Craft (p. 266) (+1 Clocks)
Cat Fall (p. 259) (Reduce Falls by 10 ft.)

Armor Bulk
Leather armor 1
Explorer’s Clothing 0.1

Shortsword 0.1
+1 Weapon Potency Rune
Clan Dagger 0.1
Shortbow 0.1
Arrows (20) 0.2

Backpack -
Bandolier -
Thieves' Tools 0.1
Grappling Hook 0.1
Rope 0.1
Rations, (2 Weeks) 0.2
Minor Healing Potions (1d8)(p. 563) 0
Pocket watch

Gold Pieces 59.27
Weight Total: 3


Networking Points: 3 (Scrolls)
1: Select 1 Consumable per adventure: Holy Water, lesser antidote, lesser antiplague, minor healing potion
2. Bonus Lore and Bonus Skill Feat.
3. Gain 1 item at your level and 1 item at half your level (min 1)


Journal Date: XP: HH Reputation: Gold:
Initial: 3.27
#1 The Mosquito Witch Aug 1, 2019 4 xp , 4 fame, 6 gold
#2 The Absalom Initiation Sep 14, 2019 4 xp, 4 fame, 14 gold
#3 Escaping the Grave Oct 14, 2019 4 xp, 4 fame, 14 gold
#4 Tarnbreaker’s Trial Feb 21, 2020 4 xp, 4 fame, 22 gold
#5 Lost on the Spirit Road. May 26, 2020. 4 xp, 4 fame
#6 Lions of Katapesh. June 17, 2020. 4 xp, 4 fame
#7 Citadel of Corruption. July 30, 2020. 4 xp, 4 fame

Total XP: 28
Total Fame: 28
Total Balance (gp): 59.27

Growing up in the foothills of the World's Edge Mountains, Tybek Odeon is the son of a Hybek Odeon, the prestigious clock maker of Maheto. Just outside of the walls of the city, young Tybek grew up in his father’s workshop and apprenticed under him, diligently learning as much as he could from the great artisan. He learned to fix and craft watches and clocks of all sorts. He loved the gears, pinions, springs, hands and all the mechanisms that went into this wonderful and complex craft! One day, he hoped to create, with his father, the most precise, elemental powered clock ever made.

However, one day before that dream ever came to happen, his parents were killed by a raiding band of Frost Giants. From that day forward, all that Tybek loved and cherished came to a horrific end. His family, the shop where he worked, and all of the wonderful clocks that filled his father’s shop were destroyed.

From that day forth, Tybek lived with his drunk and sometimes cruel uncle Dolgrym who maintained the clock tower in Maheto. Tybek's uncle was mostly useless, and did very little to take care of his nephew, but at least Tybek was able to live in the great clock tower of Maheto and work with the great machine. However, Dolgrym’s demands were great and to survive the hardship, the young Tybek began stealing food and other items simply to survive. Consequently, Tybek became a master of stealth and escape, not to mention developing a brilliant talent for disabling traps and mechanical devices of all sorts.

One day, after robbing the Durskan clan of Maheto of the legendary Korloch Stone, Storbent Snivel, the captain of the Maheto guard caught Tybek and the dwarf was sentenced to life in a dungeon. After three years, however, Tybek escaped and fled Maheto forever. Since that time, he has wandered the countryside in despair, in the hopes of someday being able to avenge his father's death and to rob from as many evil giants as he could.

After leaving Maheto and his less than reputable past behind him, Tybek travelled north. First reaching the mountainous Faldamont, another small city with a sizable population of dwarves, but the dwarves in Faldamont, unlike Maheto with its fine craftsmen, were primarily miners. With little call for his skills, he once again turned to acquiring money and goods which were not his. Resulting in him leaving the city in the wee hours of the morning via a high wall with the guard close behind.

After Faldamont, Tybek continued north leaving the foothills of the World’s Edge Mountains and entering the broad plains of northern Taldor. With a continuous wind blowing from the thousands of miles of plains to the east in Casmaron, the sand and dust made travel by foot from farming village to farming village less than enjoyable. He had managed to pocket enough before leaving Faldamont that he did not need to resort to less than reputable means of getting food, however, the young dwarf spent many long nights sleeping outside on the plains while listening the the distant howling of wolves and the other night sounds. Sounds which to a dwarf born and raised in a city like Maheto were strange and alien resulting in but a few hours of restless sleep each night. On one night he even heard a roar which he imagined to be a lion, causing him to hide is a dry stream bed for nearly a day before finally emerging to see that no lions were about.

Unlike the major trade routes to the east and southwest of Yanmass, the road Tybek followed was not much more than a path. Fortunately, he was traveling across a part of Taldor still regularly patrolled by the Taldan Horse and, thus, managed to avoid the bandits and other threats he had heard much about in various taverns as he continued his slow trek north.

After several days of solemnly making your way north alone, fearing that he might die of thirst after having finished your last two wineskins the prior day and now having to subsist on the last half filled waterskin, Tybek notice a lone traveller following you on the path. The dwarf continue forward, but it soon became apparent that this traveller was faster than the dwarf and shortly before evening he caught up with the rouge. Tybek quickly noticed the symbol of Cayden, a tattered pewter mug, hanging around his neck. Open to any companionship, the dwarf struck up a conversation and eventually they decide to make camp together.

During the evening meal, which was quite spartan due to neither of them being properly prepared for this journey, Arindale tells Tybek that he is a priest of Cayden. At this point the young dwarf's smile grows several sizes, and might in fact have stretched his face far beyond its normal size. Tybek then asked whether clerics of Cayden can in fact create mead from dust and receive as a confirmation a skin full of mead. Not the best mead in the world, but for being in the middle of nowhere, it tasted like heaven. That evening Tybek consumed several more and had no recollection of what occurred, but remembered awakening late the next morning when the sun was already well above the horizon.

After the late wakeup with a wicked headache, Tybek again began the walk north with his new companion. Late that afternoon, he saw the guard towers of Yanmass appear on the horizon. At first they were but specs, but soon they grew in height and as they approached the city walls, they also begin to see what appeared to be a tent city outside of the city. Tybek knew to expect this, Yanmass is the first point of entry into the Avistan, the place where huge caravans from Camaron cross north of the World’s Edge Mountains with exotic goods from lands to the east.

As he passed through the tent city, he saw strange wagons and peoples. People wearing turbans and carrying strange curved blades. He even saw huge wagons with sails atop, as though designed to sail across the land like a ship on the sea. Finally, after nearly thirty minutes of walking through the tent city, Tybek saw the gates ahead, still standing open as the sun inched closer to the horizon behind him. And inside the gate, he saw his own future. Tybek does not know what to expect, but after being run out of two cities due to acquiring things from others which they did not wish to relinquish, he knows that this is his last chance in Taldor. If he is caught stealing here, his choices are north across the Fog Peaks to chaotic Galt, west to Andoran, or east to mysterious Casmaron, none of which he wishes to visit broke and covered in dust.

As Tybek first entered the tent city, his new companion, Arindale, asked one of the guards where a cleric of Cayden and a dwarf can find a good drink. He told them that if they had any useful skills, they should seek out the Inn of the Spider Queen, not the most reputable of inns, but a place where those with the right talents and an interest in adventure could frequently be found gathering.

Thus, after dipping his hand in a basin of water outside of the gate and wiping the dust and grime from his face - his beard will require far more than a little water to clean - he entered through the gates seeking the Inn of the Spider Queen.

Tybek has his own habit of drinking too much and stealing richly prizes, but he struggles within to try and be a better dwarf. Currently he worships Cayden Cailean, giving honor to the drunken hero by drinking frequently. However, whenever he thinks of his fallen father, he contemplates Torag and wonders if the Creator God had meant for him to have a higher purpose. In these moments where he is inspired, he tries to quit drinking, but he often falls off of the wagon and resigns himself that there is little he can do to save the catastrophe he has made of his own life.