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Hi everyone!

I am going to run my first pair of PFS games here. I will be running 0-23 Tide of Morning beginning in the next couple days, followed by 3-05 Tide of Twilight during Gameday 6.

This will be CLASSIC campaign. Both scenarios are tier 1-5.

Please provide the following information if you would like to sign up:

Player Name:
Character Name:
Day Job if any:

Also please indicate if you would like to play only one or both scenarios. I would strongly prefer the same group for both if possible.

If you are signing up for only 0-23, please be advised that I will not guarantee we will finish before Gameday begins on 8/25. I expect that we will, but please don't sign up with a character you are planning to use for a different Gameday table. I don't need that stress! :D

If you sign up for only 3-05, be aware that we will start whenever the previous scenario ends, as long as it's 8/25 or later. If we finish before then, we will pause until Gameday starts. However, it may start after the official beginning of Gameday.

Standard PFS and PbP rules apply: one post per day/one per weekend, don't be a jerk, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, let's get ready for some fun fey adventures!