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Learns the spells Animate Dead, Create Undead, Create Greater Undead, Raise Dead, Resurrection and True resurrection.

"I thought I was the agent of Death, now I am confused."

" A wise decision avatar. You may want to keep your new ally in hiding. It is him I am after."

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Tuketa, still wrapped in the vines, snaps his eyes wide open. "It is coming!" he says.

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"I am Tuketa, The True Death. I exist to destroy creatures who would cheat the rules of life, by eluding death. One such creature wishes to harm the World tree, I am here to prevent that and to destroy the creature.

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A 60ft. tall statue of obsidian, clad in Golden armour stands at the foot of the World Tree, An enormous broadsword, with an oak leaf shaped blade rests in a sheath at its back.

@Farael, My computer doesn't let me reply to PMs but yes, that could work.