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The Grand Prince of Taldor is planning something and one of his guards could know exactly what it is. The man is not willing to easily part with that information though. He wants the Pathfinder's Society to restore the reputation of one of his ancestors, the so called Jarlsblood Witch. For you that means a nice trip to the frozen wastes of the Land of the Linnorm Kings...



You choose north-west as your starting direction. As soon as climb down the entrance's steps you notice numerous alcoves dug in the walls that hold human remains that seem very old. In many cases, the only remnants are the skulls carefully arranged on shelves. The air is chilly, terribly so. While you advance the clangor of battle Wolfgar mentioned coming from farther ahead grows in intensity...

[spoiler=DC20 heal check]Some of the bodies were probably interred whole, and the perpetually chilly catacombs could have dramatically slowed decomposition such that many of the bodies still have some skin and hair remaining.

Suddenly you notice you are not alone! A couple of skeletal beings wearing outdated Ulfen armor advance toward you, while emitting inarticulate rasping sounds, their eyes aflame with cold blue light...

Knowledge(religion) to identify





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