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AC 19 | HP 24 | Speed 25 ft. |Expert Fort: +8 Trained Reflex: +7 Expert Will: +7|Curse, lesser|

About Tristan le Donneur

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About Tristan le Donneur (The Giver)
Tristan le Donneur PFS#: 43907-2016
XP 12 | Cash 118.58g | Verdant Wheel 12 reputation |
Ratfolk (Thiefling) Oracle (Battle) Small Humanoid from Eye of Dread: Nirmathas
Senses: Low Light Vision, Darkvision, Expert Perception: +5

LANGUAGES: Common, Ratfolk, Sylvan,

DEFENSE: Trained in Light, Medium, Heavy and Unarmored Defense
AC 19 | HP 24 | Speed 25 ft. |
Expert Fort: +8 Trained Reflex: +7 Expert Will: +7

OFFENSE: Trained in Simple and Unarmed Attacks, trained in martial and simple bow

[dice=composite longbow]1d20+7;1d8+1[/dice]
[dice=◆◆ 1st Level Heal]1d8+8[/dice] [dice=◆◆◆ Heal]1d8[/dice]
[dice=◆◆ Disrupt Undead, 30' Range, Basic Fort Save DC20, Positive]2d6[/dice]

SPELLS: Trained in Spells.
Focus Pool: 2 (call to arm, weapon surge.) | Spell Attack Roll +5 | Spell DC 15 |
. . Cantrips (5) (@Will) Disrupt Undead, Guidance (via Toady), Staff: Spout
. . 1st (3) Heal, bless, magic weapon

Skills Acrobatics +7,
Athletics +6,
Diplomacy +5,
Lore: Scribing +5,
Medicine +5,
Religion +5,
Society +5,
Stealth +7,
Survival +5
Str +2, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +1, Wis +1, Cha +1
Items Studded Leather, Backpack, Bedroll, Chalk (10), Flint and Steel, Rope, Rations (2), Torch (5), Waterskin, Soap

Find Fault: Trigger You attempt a saving throw against a spell or magic effect but haven't rolled yet; Effect You find some kind of fault with the magic, using that flaw to protect yourself from the effect. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to your saving throw against the triggering effect, which increases to a +2 circumstance bonus if the effect is divine and originates from a worshipper of the deity you chose for your grudge.

Scout's Warning (Ranger): Trigger You are about to roll a Perception or Survival check for initiative. You visually or audibly warn your allies of danger, granting them each a +1 circumstance bonus to their initiative rolls. Depending on whether you use gestures or call out, this action gains either the visual or the auditory trait, respectively.

Focus Spells (2 points)
Call to Arms
Area 20-foot emanation
Duration 1 minute
You cry out a call to arms, inspiring your allies to enter the fray. Each ally in the area gains a +2 status bonus to their initiative roll and gains temporary Hit Points equal to the spell's level; these temporary Hit Points last for the spell's duration.
Heightened (6th) The bonus increases to +3. Heightened (9th) The bonus increases to +4.

Weapon Surge
Range touch;
Targets 1 weapon you're wielding Duration until the start of your next turn Holding your weapon aloft, you fill it with divine energy. On your next Strike with that weapon before the start of your next turn, you gain a +1 status bonus to the attack roll, the weapon deals an additional 1d6 spirit damage, and the Strike gains the sanctified trait. Weapon surge ends once you complete this Strike or the weapon leaves your possession.
Heightened (5th) The attack deals 2d6 additional spirit damage. Heightened (9th) The attack deals 3d6 additional spirit damage.
Additional Feats Faultspawn, Scout Dedication, Skill Training, Student of the Canon, Tiefling
Additional Specials Battle Weapon Group (Bow), Mystery (Battle), Mystery Domain Spell (Zeal), Oracular Curse, Revelation Spells, Skill Training (Society)