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Full Name

Tristan de Lion


NG Human Inquisitor 6 / Marshal Tier 1 | HP: 66/59 AC:22, T: 14 FF: 19| CMB: +5, CMD: 18|


F: +7, R: +4, W: +9 | Init: +6 | Perc: +17, SM: +16| Speed 30ft | Spells: 1st 5/5 2nd 4/4| | Active conditions: Heightened Awareness Hero Points:1/3














Common, Hallit, Abyssal, Celestial, Undercommon, giant, infernal, aklo and necril

Strength 13
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 18
Charisma 12

About Tristan de Lion

Tristan de Lion

Order of the Sunrise Sword
The Cruciform Cathedral of Iomedae

The maturation process involved for young Squires at the Cruciform Cathedral of Iomedae in the Medevian capital, Nerosyan, was beyond ridged: Everything and everyone in their place. Structure ruled the days. Strict class and training schedules were to be followed. Punishment for even the slightest offense was immediately--and mercilessly--enforced. And, being the only son of a Knight of the Sunrise Sword and a high ranking Cleric of Iomedae--definitely--insisted on perfection!
Unfortunately for his parents, his teachers, and his buttocks, Tristan de Lion usually found a way to foul up a bit here and there. He spent hours being disciplined in one new inventive form after another. By the time he was 14, the dirty-blond haired, blue eyed youth with a charming smile and a witty retort, had spent almost as much time kneeling on a cement floor; ostensibly to meditate on his lack of respect for authority, as he had in classrooms and training yards.

Even as Tristan was disciplined, the youth was constantly at the top of his classes. In the classroom, he easily learned his doctrines, disciplines, and duties. Out on the training yard, Tristan proved adept at sword-play, resourceful during scrimmages, and durable in defeat. His peers accused him of being favored by the Inheritor. Tristan was not the fastest, the strongest, the most intelligent; but, the quick-witted and courageous youth seemed to always persevere. So, it was no real surprise to his parents that, once the troubled youth turned 16, he was appropriated by the Inquisitors of Iomedae to be further educated.

Order of Heralds and Prelate Hulrun Shappok

After two years of being schooled in the art of Iomedaen inquisition techniques; of being schooled in the art of Iomedaen secret histories; of being schooled in the art of Iomedaen politics, Tristan de Lion was given his initial mission as an official Inquisitor of Iomedae: travel to the city of Kenabres to secretly investigate the Prelate Hulrun Shappok!
During Tristan's final year, he was approached by a small group of higher ranking Inquisitors, who called themselves the Order of Heralds. Their mission statement: "Behold She Comes! Those that have strayed, twisted, and perversed Her Domains; they shall be judged and weep!" This group believed that the actions of the Prelate opposed Her eddicts in the holy text of her faith (called The Acts of Iomedae, or simply The Acts among her faithful). Tristan was taught, trained and tutored in the comparisons between the Prelate's Witch hunts and the true purpose of the Faith. By the time he was set to graduate, the youth was set and determined to right this wrong.

The journey to Kenabres (under the guise of visiting for Armasse) for young Tristan de Lion was an exciting time. He had never been outside of the Capital. He had said his farewells to both his proud parents. He had received his final mission briefing and blessing from his Superiors. He was ready for his life of serving Her!

Each of you gains the following!
1) A +2 bonus to any one skill of your choice. (Perception)
2) Your max HP increases by 5.
3) Any feat! You must meet the prerequisites, as normal. ?
4) A +2 increase to an ability score of your choice. (Wis)

Tristan de Lion
Male Human Inquisitor 6 / Marshal Tier 1
NG Medium humanoid (Human)
Init +5; Senses Perception +15
AC 22, touch 13, flat-footed 19 (+7 armor, +2 shield, +0 size, +0 deflection, +2 Dex, +0 natural, +1 dodge)
hp 66/66(6d8+24+5)
Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +9

+2 trait bonus on all saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.
Speed 30 ft.
[dice=Melee cold-iron longsword]1d20 +8 ; 1d8+3[/dice] 19-20 x2; cold-iron dagger +7 (1d4+3) 19-20 x2' [dice=Melee +1 evil outsider bane longsword ]1d20+9 ; 1d8+4[/dice]
Ranged ; cold-iron dagger +7 (1d4+1) 19-20 x2 10'

Special Abilities:
Terendelev Dragon scale: Heightened Awareness CL 19 3/2 active
Domain: War (Tactics Subdomain)
Seize the Initiative (Su): 6/6
Judgment (Su): swift, 2/2
Monster Lore (Ex)
Stern Gaze (Ex)
Cunning Initiative (Ex):
Detect Alignment (Sp)
Track (Ex):
Solo Tactics (Ex):
Teamwork Feat: Ferocious Loyalty +1 morale to attack
Bane: swift action rounds 6/6
Discern Lies (Sp): immediate action rounds 6/6
Teamwork Feat: Lastwall Phalanx
Mythic Marshal Tier 1 Mythic Power Points: 5/4
Mythic Feat: Legendary Teamwork
Hard to kill:
Surge +1d6

Marshal's order: Rally (Su): As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to rally your allies. This gives you and each of your allies within 30 feet the option to reroll any one d20 roll after the roll is made. The granted reroll must be used before the beginning of your next turn, and the creature must take the result of the reroll, even if it is lower.

Path ability: Commanding Entrance (Ex) (Mythic Origins pg. 28): When you first enter an area or make your presence known to a group of strangers, as a free action you can expend one use of mythic power and attempt a single Diplomacy or Intimidate check to modify the attitudes of everyone within 10 feet per tier, and an additional number of characters equal to your Charisma modifier who are outside that range but have line of sight to you. (For instance, you could affect everyone near the entrance of a throne room and key people on the dais at the far end.) Alternatively, when you reveal yourself during the first round of combat (not counting the surprise round), you can expend one use of mythic power as a free action to use Intimidate to demoralize your targets.

Str 13, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 16/18, Cha 12
Base Atk +4; CMB +5; CMD 18
Feats Toughness, Dodge, weapon focus (longsword), Power Attack
Feat Progression]3rd weapon focus (longsword) 5th Power Attack/Enforcer 7th Cornugon Smash/Dazzling Display 9th Mobility 11th ?

Class Skills
TThe Inquisitor's class skills are Bluff (Cha)+5(1), Climb (Str)+3(1), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha)+9(5), Disguise (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha)+15(6), Knowledge (arcana) (Int)+7 (+3 identify)(3), Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int)+7 (+3 identify)(3), Knowledge (nature) (Int)+7 (+3 identify)(3), Knowledge (planes) (Int)+7 (+3 identify)(3), Knowledge (religion) (Int)+7 (+3 identify)(3), Perception (Wis)+14(6), Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis)+16(6), Spellcraft (Int), Stealth (Dex)+9(4), Survival (Wis)+8(1), and Swim (Str)+3(1).
Background Skills: Linguistics(Int)+7(6), Profession(soldier)+13(6)
Skill Points at each Level: 6 + Int modifier.

Trait: Touched by Divinity (Glory), Birthmark
Drawback: ?
Languages common, hallit, abyssal, Celestial, Undercommon, giant, infernal, aklo and necril
Favored Class: +1hp x6
Other Gear
+1 Lamellar leather
silver holy symbol of Iomadae
Paladin Kit
heavy steel shield
Helmet (mw) +2 Intimidate
Breastplate +1
Tracked Resources
Potion of clw x2/1
Potion of Invisibility 1/1
Wardstone shard 1/1

PP: 50
GP: 238
SP: 2

(CL 5 ; Concentration +8)
1. detect magic
2. guidance
3. stabilize
4. light
5. Create Water
6. read magic

1st 5/4
1. Expeditious Retreat
2. Divine Favor
3. Cure light wounds
4. Remove Fear

sp-shield of faith 1/0

2nd 4/2
1. Knock
2. Protection from Evil, communal
3. Blistering Invective
4. Tactical Acumen Acumen

Touched by Divinity
Source Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide pg. 7, Demon Hunter's Handbook pg. 31
As long as you can remember, you’ve had an unexplainable interest in one deity in particular. One of your parents may have been a priest of this deity, or you may have been an orphan raised by the church, but these alone cannot explain your deep connection to the faith. You’ve always felt calm and at ease in places holy to the deity, and often have dreams about the god or goddess visiting you—most often in the form of a sacred animal or creature. Your faith is strong, even if you don’t happen to be a divine spellcaster—if you are a divine spellcaster, you should be a worshiper of this deity. You begin play with a silver holy symbol of your chosen deity for free. In addition, choose one domain associated with your chosen deity. You gain the use of that domain’s 1st-level domain spell as a spell-like ability usable once per day (CL equals your character level). Associated Mythic Path: Hierophant. Multiple Characters: If other characters choose this trait, you should all work together to decide what deity you’re associated with—it should be the same deity shared by all of you. You might even share the same dreams.

Source Ultimate Campaign pg. 54, Second Darkness Player's Guide pg. 12, Advanced Player's Guide pg. 1
You were born with a strange birthmark that looks very similar to the holy symbol of the god you chose to worship later in life. This birthmark can serve you as a divine focus for casting spells, and as a physical manifestation of your faith, and it increases your devotion to your god. You gain a +2 trait bonus on all saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.

Tactician (War Domain)

Wish List:

1. +1 mithral breastplate/ +1 heavy steel shield
2. +1 merciful, cruel cold-iron longsword