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This is a bit of a hypothetical question as my players managed to avoid this situation, but it got me thinking.

My players finished Runeforge last night by clearing out the necromancy wing. The fight with Azaven was very close to being a disaster for them: Azaven's opening attack of a finger of death at the party's sorcerer literally left him with 1 hp.

The sorcerer's player asked me afterwards what would have happened to the party if the sorcerer - their only caster - had died in that fight.

So, my question: are there any ways, as written in the adventure path, for the party to escape Runeforge without a spell caster? (I couldn't think of any, but perhaps I missed them.)

I haven't found anything like this in the messageboards here (but if I've missed it, please feel free to direct me to the appropriate thread :)

My question: Mokmurian's army has mobilised and is heading for Sandpoint. Has anyone done this in their game (or thought about it)?

I'm wondering what tactics Mokmurian would use: e.g. would he take his entire force and head directly to Sandpoint, or would he let his army spread out and pillage the small villages in between? And so on.

If you're interested in how this happened in my game:

My players have just been to Jorgenfist, where they snuck in through the redcap tunnels. They defeated Enga but left her unconscious, so she raised the alert as soon as she woke up. The lamias and Galenmir ambushed the PCs, and Galenmir killed the ranger. The party escaped before any more of them could be killed, and teleported back to Magnimar for a resurrection.

A day later the PCs returned to Jorgenfist and met much less resistance. All was well until they faced off against Mokmurian in his chambers, and it turned out that it was actually Galenmir disguised as Mokmurian. Needless to say, Galenmir had killed the monk before the rest of the party managed to take him down...

Meanwhile, Mokmurian had decided to mobilise his army after the PCs' first intrusion, leaving Galenmir behind to slow them down. Having resurrected the monk, the PCs are ready to go after Mokmurian and hopefully save the innocent people in his path.

My players are just about to start Fortress of the Stone Giants, so naturally I've been reading through the whole chapter, and found something a bit confusing. I was hoping other GMs might be able to clarify:

At the end of the chapter (p 233 in the Anniversary edition) are some Knowledge check results for using the ancient Thassilonian library to learn more about Karzoug and Xin-Shalast. They say things like "Xin-Shalast is a legendary lost city...", "Stories hold that Xin-Shalast had gold streets..." etc.

But the books in the library have been there since the fall of Thassilon, right? They're all written in Thassilonian, and the clockwork librarian has been alone in the library for some 10,000 years.

So my question is, if the books were written before the fall of Thassilon, surely they would be worded differently? Xin-Shalast wouldn't be referred to as a 'lost city' at all, and any stories or legends about it would simply be facts.

I wanted to know if anyone else had thought about this at all? My reason for thinking about this at all is my desire to create some 'pages' from the books in the ancient library as handouts for my players.