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Joooooooooin usssssss...

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*rises from the grave* Paaaiiiiiizoooooooooooo......

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Trinam wrote:
Like some kind of zombie golem!!


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Murgh? Someone says brains?

Youuuuuu rannnnnnnng?

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Now that's just rude.

Whoa, thread necromancy.

EldonG wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
*head explodes*

*cure light wounds*

Take 5 back. Does that help?

OW! No, no it doesn't!

*Monster Mashes*

Mrgh. *nods*

That's some bad juju.

TOZ wrote:
I'm Evil Good.

And I'm Evil Dead.

zylphryz is banned for discrimination against the unliving.

Youuuuu ranggggg?

I prefer souls. Especially the chocolate ones.

Free hugs!

How does that work?

I call dibs on his soul.

Don't have a cow, man.

No seriously, mad cow disease is not cool for undead.

There's an election?

Crimson Jester wrote:
Shock paddles for all!! restart the heart!

Do you have any idea how much that stings?

You and me both, brother.

Brother Faust the Elder wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
We doing this? Really? You really going there? :P
I'll zombify the loser. :P



Leafar the Lost wrote:

Cause you won't find any here! :)

I would like to submit as evidence the undeath panels included in the latest forum legislation. If anything proves the indecency of society, that is it.

Where there is necromancy, so am I.

bugleyman wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Never saw Blade Runner.
Dead to me.

Youuuuu ranggggg?

This thread has been resurrected! Just like my body...

Ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Mr.Fishy wrote:
Mr. Fishy is here to feed on the flesh of the dead. You can stay but don't talk.


I'm so very confused right now. Someone True Resurrected me but I'm still here. And there's some new body running around with my soul in it. I want to eat his brains, but I'm not sure if I'll get my soul back. AZ, anybody, have you any experience with my problem?

Sir Spitsalot: Paladin-at-Law wrote:
If this weren't so damn funny, I'd smite you all.

Oh you tease!

Sounds like my regular activities. Except for the eating. That's new. Although I am hungry...

Oh hai! Had an accident with a trollish resurrection spell. You know how it is. Now I get to see how the other half unlives.

*shambles by*

Glutton wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Ironicdisaster wrote:
Actually, I'm kinda suprised no flame war errupted, too.
I have failed! I must commit ritual suicide to atone!
You are an idiot and i hate you. (hope I just saved a life)

*rises* I live....again...