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About Travigan Frost

Travigan Frost is, to put it simply, a man with a temper. That's not to suggest that he himself is simple, but his anger has gotten him into more trouble over the years than anything else. A seemingly unremarkable, honest blacksmith, Travigan has lived most of his not short life in Korvosa, having carved out a life in the ailing capital city working his trade and raising his family.

Travigan is an older fellow, by human standards at least. Born a half-elf to an elven father and human mother, Travigan was born in the city of Veldraine and moved to Korvosa with his mother after his father left them in his youth. He's been a proud member of the city's merchant class ever since and has gone on to raise his own family there as well. He married a kind-hearted, doe-eyed human woman, Jaina, but somehow his elven blood never passed along to their children. Travigan has worked as a simple, unremarkable yet flaggingly honest blacksmith for years while raising his children and caring for his wife. 75 years old now himself, he has been a widower for the last six and has been living alone ever since his wife's passing. His own children having long since left the capital for larger cities, one even having gone so far as Absalom, Travigan has merely been going through the motions of life for the last half decade.

Travigan was recklessly adventurous and daring in his youth but settled down considerably after his mother passed. With his wife now gone for six years, a faint restlessness is beginning to creep into Travigan despite his familiarity and lingering contentment in his daily routines. Similarly, his fiery temper has been showing itself more and more since Jaina passed, something she'd helped him keep in check while she was alive. He's still been working on his temper over the years, but when his eyes start to show a tell-tale bulge, people familiar with him know to back off. When he does lose his temper, he is prone to express his displeasure in lengthy, spontaneous, compound metaphors of... shall we say "questionable civility".

Despite his temper, Travigan is a well-liked member of his community; honest, forth-right, and fair in his dealings. He is proud though, sometimes a bit too much, and he hates being pitied. Though some are frightened off by his gruffness, most who have known him for a time have learned to see through his occasional abrasiveness to a heart of gold underneath.

Travigan's appearance favors his human ancestry considerably, though his ears do betray his elven blood. Broad chested and tall, he dresses plainly and can normally be seen in a worn, heavy leather blacksmith's apron. Fit and hale though ruefully developing an ample gut, his forearms are especially meaty, the muscles underneath thick and corded from working an anvil for the past forty-some years. He keeps his dusty blonde hair cropped short and sports a full beard and mustache even though he prefers being clean shaven. Not only to protect his face while working the forge, but also because Jaina loved his facial hair and he hasn't yet been able to bring himself to shave.

Travigan's legacy has all but left and abandoned Korvosa, as his children have all moved to other parts of the Inner Sea and established families of their own. With his wife now gone , Travigan's contentment is soon to vanish and spur him into action, all that's needed is an inciting incident!

Travigan, unknown to himself, carries within him a trace of draconic blood, passed down through his elven father. The effect of this heritage has already begun to affect the blacksmith, and as Travigan loses his temper more and more, that draconic blood will quicken. Travigan has picked up one level in Sorcerer to reflect this and will later transition into the Dragon Disciple prestige class. His interim levels may vacillate between barbarian and sorcerer, depending on where Travigan fits with the party, but he'll likely function and develop best as a heavy beater with a focus on his barbarian levels.

His temper is mechanically expressed mainly through his barbarian rage, though the urban barbarian archetype makes that a bit more manageable - the results of Jaina's soothing influence on her husband of so many years. Additionally, Travigan's tell-tale eye-bulge will be expressed through the rage power he gained at 2nd level: intimidating glare. To add to this, I'm angling to aim him toward the Dazzling Display and Dreadful Carnage feats, to better leverage his ever increasing Intimidate skill.

As far as his draconic bloodline is concerned, I'm leaning toward his progenitor as having been a white dragon with his surname being a bit of a nod to his heritage, but I'm still slightly in the air in that respect. His bloodline is also a way for him to really bond with any other arcane characters in the party, as he could really use someone to lead him through the changes and help him understand what's happening to him and, after a time, to master it and bring it to heel. For someone who's likely to fill a fatherly/uncle-y roll for younger party members, it'd be a fun juxtaposition for him to play the role of a frustrated, unseasoned student some of the time.