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You still provoke an attack of apportunity even if you cast a spell with still spell and silent spell so you still need to be focus during the casting.

It's the same here.

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The Morphling wrote:

Strong Jaw does not affect Unarmed Strikes. Strong Jaw enhances natural weapons, and Unarmed Strikes are not natural weapons.

I would say that Lead Blades' use of the term "carrying" is semantics, and it simply is included to allow you to affect all the weapons you possess (rather than the spell affecting a single weapon). This is a grey area, and is impossible to come to a definitive conclusion on - it's always going to be up to interpretation.

Monk Unarmed Strikes are natural weapons.

A monk's unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

And, Lead Blades affect all your weapon, your unarmed strike is a weapon so why not ? Just because you don't like giving shinny things to a Monk ?

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I think your build is valid, but you will not have fireball that do 10d6+10 but fireballs that do 11d6+11.

Caster level : 5 (Cleric) + 2 (Magical Knack) + 1 (Pyromaniac) + 1 (Varisian Tattoo) + 2 (Spell Specialization) = 11

It's ok but not that impressive, a lot of bad guys have a good reflex save or a resistance to fire.

@Midnight_Angel : As a Theologian, the cleric can prepare domain spells as normal spells. So he as a few fireball per day, not just one.

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You can convert make a move action instead of a standard action but you cannot downgrade a move or a standard action into a swift one. So, you cannot cast 2 quicken spells per round.

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I agree, it's not the type of action that cause the problem but when the action can be perform.

James, I don't think the masterpiece is a bardic performance, it just use the bardic performance pool but, as written, a bard can inspire courage and do a dance of the 23 steps at the same time. He just use 2 round of bardic performance each round.

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In the Ultimate Magic, the bard's Masterpiece "Dance of 23 Steps work almost like Combat expertise.

The Dance of 23 Steps (Dance)
This complex dance makes you difficult to strike.
Prerequisite: Perform (dance) 4 ranks.
Cost: Feat or 2nd-level bard spell known.
Effect: The shuff ling steps, bends, and leaps of this intricate dance make you a difficult target to hit, but also make it more difficult for you to perform other actions.
When using this masterpiece, you take a –2 penalty on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks, and you must make a concentration check to cast any spell (DC 15 + the spell’s level), but you gain a +2 dodge bonus to your Armor Class. When you have 8 ranks in Perform (dance), and every 4 ranks thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the dodge bonus increases by +1. You can combine this masterpiece with fighting defensively and Combat Expertise, but not total defense. When you use this masterpiece, it lasts until the start of your next turn. Abilities that extend the duration of a bardic performance (such as Lingering Performance; see page 164 of the Advanced Player’s Guide) affect this
masterpiece; this allows you to get multiple rounds of its benefit (and its penalties) at the cost of only 1 round of bardic performance.
Use: 1 bardic performance round.
Action: 1 free action.

The problem is that with this masterpiece, it's a free action to activate so, as written, a bard can make all his attacks without penalty and then activate the masterpiece to gain a dodge bonus to his CA during the rest of the round. The only draw back would be the penalty to hit with his attack of opportunity.

Is it really what's intended ?

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Here is a level 11, 15 points build for a pistol user.


Clung Northbog
CG Medium Human Gunslinger 11
Init : +10 Senses : +18

AC 26, Touch 17, Flat-footed 20 (+7 armor, +6 Dex, +0 size, +2 Shield, +1 Deflection)
hp 81 (11d10+11)
Fort +7, Ref +15, Will +6 (+3 against fear effects)

Speed 30 ft.
MWk Longsword : +13/+8/+3 1d8+1 19-20 x2 S
Pistol +3 : +23/+18/+13 1d8+20 20 x4 P/B
Reliable Pistol +1 : +21/+16/+11 1d8+18 20x4 P/B

Str 12, Dex 26, Con 12, Wis 16, Int 10, Cha 7
Base Atk +11; CMB +12; CMD 30
Rapid reload, Point blank shot, Precise Shot, Deadly Aim, Lightning Reload, Weapon focus (Pistol), Weapon Specialization (Pistol), Improved Weapon focus (Pistol), Signature Grit (Lightning Reload)

Special Abilities
Deeds, firearm, grit (3) [Leap for Cover, Deadeye, Quick Clear, Pistol-whip, Gunslinger Initiative, Covering Shot, Targeting, Bleeding Wound, Utility Shot, Lightning Reload], Gun training (Pistol), Gun training (Musket)

Acrobatics +22, Craft (Gunsmith) +15, Perception +18, Knowledge (Local) +7, Swim +8, Bluff +5

Belt of incredible dexterity +6, Headband of inspired wisdom +2, Bag of Holding type I (For the bullets and black powder), Pistol +3, Reliable Pistol +1,
200 bullets and doses of black powder , Mithril chain shirt +3, Bucker +1 Ring of Protection +1

Traits :
Rich parents, Tomb Raider

I took into account the fact that pistol and Deadly Aim are probably intented to work together. Damage is calculated with Deadly Aim and Point Blank shot.

Damage should be OK, he can do 3D8+60 damage / rounds and he can do a full attack with is gun. But, I'm not sure if he can survive long enough to be level 11, for the first 4 levels damage will be very low, something like 1D8+3, then a little boost at level 5 with gun training, but 1D8+10 /round isn't much and he cannot do a full attack before level 11, that really crippling, without take into account the fact that ammos cost a lot of money and pistols can explode in your hands.

The build as 2 pistols, in case the first one misfire, he use the second one, if the second one misfire, he repair it with quick clear so, no guns should ever explode in his hands. Save are ok but not exceptionnal. What do you think ?

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Or, you can just make a Lightning reload in the image of the Crossbow Mastery feat from the APG :


Lightning Reload (Combat)
Prerequisites: Dex 15, Point-Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Rapid Shot.

Benefit: The time required for you to reload any type of gun is reduced to a free action, regardless of the type of gun used. You can fire a gun as many times in a full attack action as you could attack if you were using a bow. Reloading a gun for the type of gun you chose when you took Rapid Reload no longer provokes attacks of opportunity.

The problem is this feat will surely become mandatory for any Gunslinger except if multibarrels guns become available.

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Cartigan wrote:

So for 2000 gp, you can reduce a musket to exploding every 20 shots and ... do NOTHING to change the pistol.

For 32,000gp you can have a gun that doesn't explode. Great. Once you hit level 12 your 1000+gp guns can be enchanted to not explode every 20 shots any more.

Firearms need to be COMPLETELY overhauled to even consider being added to the game for use by anyone. Sadly that won't happen.

For 2000 gp, you can make you pistol explode 1 every 10 shots even if it's broken. And, as the musket as a lower fire rate, it will explode about as often as the pistol.

With the grit repair, a little craft and mending from a friendly spell caster, I really don't see a gun exploding very often in able hands.

Still, Gun training should give some kind of save in case of misfire or explosion as an unlucky gunslinger could lose his magical weapon just because he rolled badly.

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Are wrote:

Considering how much the weapon costs, I'm not sure I like the fact that they'll be broken every 20 shots (pistol) or every 10 shots (musket) on average.

A gunslinger can repair is gun for 1 grit at level 1 as a standard action. At higher level, you can enchant your gun so that it doesn't explode anymore.

I don't think we'll see a lot of gun explosions in a gunslinger hands.

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wraithstrike wrote:
I will admit I only skimmed the pdf, and this was ignored in another thread but doesn't the class give status affects with no save?

At level 7 for 1 grit it can automaticaly disarm, knock prone or confuse for 1 round somebody if he hit.

At level 11 for 1 grit he inflict bleed damage.

At level 19 for 1 grit he can automaticaly stun on a critical hit.

At level 5, if he miss, he can entangle his target for 1 greet

At level 15, if he miss, for 1 grit his target is flat footed until his next turn.

As his grit is limited to his wisdom bonus, it's not really as good as it seems.

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Richard Leonhart wrote:

Ushoran, for the full-round action double wielder, I had the same idea at pretty much the same time.

However I've seen a problem meanwhile.
While shooting 6-8 bullets, they each cost 11 gold.
With a fight lasting 10 rounds you will give 660 gold per fight.

This ability will be way too expensive.
Only reason in might fly is because you can only start at lvl 11, and by then the wizard could fabricate and create the bullets for much less money. (altough I doubt that is possible, because else the bullets wouldn't be that expensive)

By lvl 11 you only shot 3 times not 6 or 8 so the cost of a 10 rounds fight is more or less 330 gp. Craft can reduce the cost to 1/3 of that, about 110gp. And adding the feat to recover free ammos reduce the cost a little more. Still, ammos are a real money sink even without the iterative attacks and at low level, damage is really bad.

Running the numbers for my gunslinger with a dex of 18 from lvl 1 to lvl 11 :

lvl 1 : +6, 1D8+1 (5.5 average)
lvl 3 : +8, 1D8+1
Lvl 4 : +9, 1D8+6 (Assuming a +2 dex belt and a pistol +1, 10.5 average)
Lvl 5 : +10, 1D8+11 (15.5 average)
Lvl 7 : +14/+9 1D8+12 (Full attack for 1 grit and pistol +2, 16.5 average for a single attack, 33 when full attacking)
Lvl 8 : +16/+11 1D8+18 (20 in dex, +4 belt, 22.5/45)
Lvl 9 : +17/+12 1D8+18
Lvl 11 : +20/+15/+10 1D8+19 (Free full attack, +3 pistol, 23.5/70.5)
Lvl 12 : +19/+19/+14/+9 1D8+21 (Rapid shot, improved weapon specialization, 25.5/102)

As he is likely to target touch AC a mere +10 will also always hit except on 1. Still 22.5 average damage by level 9 is low and the gap with the damage output of the level 11 is really huge.

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Abraham spalding wrote:

2. Extra grit, lightning reload, and stacking on as much damage as possible. This one is giving me trouble -- I can't seem to get enough feats to get the ranged feats I need and to add the damage I need. Without being able to really get a full attack consistently it is really hard to keep the DPR up.

I think there is a way to make a full attack with your gun by level 11 using 3 feats :

- Rapid reload
- Lightning Reload
- Signature Grit (Lightning Reload) to reduce the cost of lightning reload by 1.

For a Human Gunslinger, I would see something like this :
lvl 1 : Rapid reload, Point blank shot
lvl 3 : Precise Shot
Lvl 4 : Deadly Aim
Lvl 5 : Lightning Reload
Lvl 7 : Weapon focus (Gun)
Lvl 8 : Weapon Specialization (Gun)
Lvl 9 : Improved Weapon focus (Gun)
Lvl 11 : Signature Grit (Lightning Reload)

Also, as the deeds are written, I think you can do all of them, you don't have to chose which one your character can or cannot do.

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PaulH wrote:


I've got a Halfling (Dex 18, Int 14) Rogue/Magus. At 3rd lvl he's taking Dance of the Dervish (or some such) from the Qadira handbook.

Both Dervish Dance and Spell Combat require the off hand to be free, but can both abilities be used at same time?

Was thinking of Truestrike then hitting with the small Scimitar. So maxing out to-hit penalty his attack is now 8 -(2 +Int bonus) + (Truestrike). +24 to hit at lvl 3!

OK, only 2/Day, but is this allowed?

Need this for Conception
Paul H

Well, 1D4+1D6+4 2/day with a bonus to hit of +24 is hardly something to be afraid of at level 3.

A wizard can do 2D4+2 with autohit a lot more time a day, a babarian has less to hit but can hit with a bonus of at least +9 and do 2D6+12 damages and he can do it almost all day long...

In my opinion, it's not even impressive.

It's not really rule breaking so, why not ? And, I think dervish dance work with the duelist prestige class so there is precedence to this as it's essentialy the same.

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He could have cast grease while invisible to avoid being grapple so easily. That a CMD of 35 against grapple (37 if he is still invisible) for your Magus with total cover and the fact that the monster must attack the square where the magus is.

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It's not that impressive. Scorching ray does 12D6 fire damage at level 11 for a 2nd level spell. So, in term of raw damages, the 2 spells are on part. But scorching ray doesn't need the feat and cost 1 arcane pool point to cast at level 11 instead of 2 for an intensified shocking grasp.

Now, I'm not sure you can use Scorching ray with the close range arcana but it wouldn't be over powered.

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SmiloDan wrote:
The only way I can see this being balanced is if it cost the Magus a number of points from his arcane pool equal to the amount he increases the level by. For example, going from a 1st level wand of Magic Missiles to 9th level would cost 8 points from his arcane pool, which is pretty significant and possibly the only trick he can pull off for the day.

Hum... I would rather cast a magic missile at my level for 1 point of my arcane pool than use 1 charge of my wand and boost the spell for 8 points.

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Very nice work with the new character sheet.

Just two or three things I saw while testing the animal companions :
I didn't find how to input the ability boosts the animal should have at level 4, 9, 14 and 20.
The intelligence of the Paladin Mount should be 6 not 10.
The skill points by level of an animal companion with 10 in intelligence should be 2 for each DV not 1.

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My english is a little rusty, sorry...

For the mercies, for exemple, at lvl 3, the Paladin shouldn't be able to take Paralyze as a mercy. It's only available at level 12 if I remember correctly.

But, It's not a very big problem.

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While I'm at it, I also encounter those bugs :

The selection of the Paladin mercies don't take the paladin level into account, it's an easy fix.

The healing/damage of the channel energy for Clerics and Paladins isn't calculated properly. Should be (Lvl + 1) / 2 and not (Lvl / 2).

You've done a very good job with this sheet, thanks a lot.

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I've just played a little with your sheet and I think I found a little bug in the calculation of the Attack Bonus when you use thrown weapons and two weapons fighting.

The Attack bonus of the off-hand weapon doesn't seem to be right. It seems the dexterity modifier isn't added properly.

I think I corrected it on my end by replacing "Melee-Str_Mod_Current" by "IF(O78="Melee";Melee-Str_Mod_Current;Ranged", but using this method will only work on Office 2007 or laster versions due to the global size of the formula. Creating a cell with the value "IF(O78="Melee";Melee-Str_Mod_Current;Ranged" and using it should be a good work around.

Also, the Paladin with the Divine Mount should also have a animal compagnon.

Hope that help a little.