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Full Name

Tivli Darksnarl




Ranger / Level 6






Common, Halet

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 11

About Tivli Darksnarl

Tivli is around 23 years old though she's lost track of her birthdays. She dresses in a mismatch of furs and leather armour, fur hat with ear flaps, a warm collar pulled up to cover her mouth and wrapped tight in a cozy cloak. What you do see of her face is permanently red and chaffed from the snow and cold. She also has several thin, faded scars on her face and arms, but she doesn't seem to mind them.

She's spent much of the last few years alone, wandering the tundra, in search of...well, maybe she'll tell you one day. Not that it matters much, she hasn't come far in her quest.

Whenever she finds some lost idiot wandering about she has to help them, and has inadvertently become a guide. Most folks up this way don't have much money, but Tivli would never leave anyone stranded, especially in a land so unforgiving. In lieu of coin, she's collected an exciting assortment of fantastical objects as well as a stack of IOUs. If she ever makes it to the city, she'll be rich!

So you'll have to forgive her if her manner seems odd. She's not trying to be rude. She's actually terribly excited at the prospect of having a friend and can get carried away.

And she keeps forgetting that not everyone shares her love of badgers. Bubbles, stop shredding that nice man's pants!

Have you met Bubbles? Her 4ft long badger who Tivli seems to be trying desperately to have a warm relationship with? Probably best not to get too close.