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Infusions: 1/5

Bottled Lightning 2/3 | Goo Grenade 1/3 | Elixir of Life 0/2 | War Blood Mut 1/2


(Dying 2)/18 HP

About Tibold Crenshaw

Tibold's story is one as old as there have been those with and those without. Growing up in the farther reaches of settled lands Tibold gained a sense of independence, almost ownership even. But when those who claimed lordship came calling for their taxes or whatever they felt is their due, the entire community would grumble and complain and inevitably some sort of example would be made. Sometimes these were greater or lesser depending on the lord or lady and how far they took the punishment for any slights.
When Tibold's older brother was drawn and quartered for "flirting" with the visiting lord's plaything at the time (in truth she had very much seduced Tibold's brother which of course she denied vehemently), Tibold felt a hate begin to burn within him and a resentment built by generations of those who've lived on the fringes to avoid such wanton and callous behavior from the so-called betters of their land blossomed forth. He had been sneaking through the inn's hallway towards the little slut's quarters (it was time for her bath) with his brother's old pitted dagger when a door abruptly opened and he man's large hand swept up the 12-year-old Tibold and pulled him inside.

"That's not the way, boy," a blank-faced man in the lord's retinue had stated without concern. He then proceeded to hand Tibold a jar of unguent and instructed him to carefully apply it to a certain saddle in the stables. Bewildered, Tibold had done what the man instructed.

The following day, as the lord and retinue (including the pretty little plaything who blushed and giggled as if she had not watched on of her lovers brutally killed the day before) rode out for more hunting under the bitter gazes of the townsfolk. Later the hunting party would return in a more somber state as during a chase, the plaything's saddle straps had snapped, and she had fallen to the ground hard, breaking her back. Upon examination her saddle straps were clearly much more weathered and aged than had been realized. The lord had fumed, but could find now reasonable way to blame the townsfolk, and when the woman died two nights later, he and the rest of his retinue readied to depart back to "civilization" as they called it.

Tibold had been giddy with the thought that his actions may indeed have played a part in getting the revenge his brother deserved, and he secretly approached the man who had helped him.

"You wonder why, I imagine," he whispered to Tibold. "Trust me, if you'd known her even better, you'd know she didn't get half of what she deserved." He held out a book to Tibold. "This is alchemy. For any problem, you can make a solution. Learn to read. Study this. Then you too shall hold the power of other's lives in your hands, with or without magic."

Tibold never forgot the man's kindness...or perhaps cruelty. As the years past, Tibold slowly lost the ability to distinguish the two entirely.

A human male standing at about 6'1" (1m 85cm), Tibold Crenshaw already has lines forming on his brow despite his young age of 24 due to constantly crinkling his forehead while deep in thought—a state one would find him more often than not. His thick, curly brown hair is long enough that it appears wavy as it falls around his face. If not for the near permanent frown from his constant thoughtful musing, Tibold would likely be considered good-looking with his surprisingly smooth skin and smattering of freckles only just visible on his tanned skin.

The man wears what some would call "explorer's clothes" under a sturdy set of studded leather armor. Nothing particularly special or unusual about them aside from the rather sturdy coat which appears to contain several pockets filled with various strange items. The many vials and pouches and small containers definitely seem to mark the man as an alchemist if not as trade than as interest. Surprisingly, his coat is secured by a sword belted around his waist. Most folks of such scientific study do not bother to learn such martial activities, but Tibold's movements show familiarity with the weapon on his hip, fluidly accounting for it and naturally shifting it with his offhand when kneeling or maneuvering to examine leaves or other flora in the courtyard. Slung over his shoulder on a strap is a simple buckler as clearly he doesn't expect to need it for these proceedings.

He has a backpack which has torches in loops and a rope hung across while a bedroll hangs just below. For all intents and purposes, he appears to be ready to roll out at any minute; he is probably carrying everything he owns in the world.

Character Name: Tibold Crenshaw
Ancestry: Human Heritage: Versatile Heritage Background: Brevic Noble (Mountain)
Class: Alchemist 1
Deity: …..
Alignment: N Size: Medium Traits: Human, Humanoid
Perception (T) +4 Senses:
Languages: Common, Sylvan, Elven, Draconic, Goblin
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
AC 17, Fort(T) [+7], Ref(T) [+7], Will(E) [+4]
Resistances & Immunities: -
HP 18 (8+6+1+6+1)
Class DC (T) 17
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Speed 25
Space, Reach
• Dagger (T) +5, 1d4P
• Machete (T) +4, 1d6S
• Sling (T) +5, 1d6B
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Str +1 Dex +2 Con +2 Int +4 Wis +1 Cha -1
Str 12 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 18 Wis 12 Cha 8

• Arcana (T) +7
• Crafting (T) +7
• Lore: Alchemical Harvest (T) +7
• Lore: Architecture (T) +7
• Medicine (T) +4
• Nature (T) +4
• Occultism (T) +7
• Stealth (T) +5
• Survival (T) +4
• Thievery (T) +5

Untrained Skills:

• Acrobatics +2
• Athletics +1
• Deception -1
• Diplomacy -1
• Intimidation -1
• Performance -1
• Religion +1
• Society +4

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Ancestry Feats & Abilities
1st: Arcane Tattoos (Electric Arc)

Skill Feats:

(Background): Specialty Crafting

General Feats: - Weapon Proficiency

Class Feats & Abilities: - Far Lobber

Bonus Feats: - Alchemical Crafting
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Research Field: Bomber
• Advanced Alchemy
• Alchemy
• Formula Book: Alchemical Fuse, Blight Bomb (L), *Bottled Lightning (L), Elemental Ammunition - Fire (L), Elixir of Life (M), *Goo Grenade (L), Journeybread, War Blood Mutagen (L)
• Infused Reagents
• Quick Alchemy
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------
Items - Starting Wealth: 15 gp
• Backpack
++Basic Crafter's Book
++Chalk: 10
++Flint and steel
++Rations (2 weeks)
++Torch: 5
++Writing Set
• Belt Pouch:
++Caltrops: 2
• Sling Pouch
++Sling Bullets: 20
• Tool Kit
++Alchemist's Tools
• Money Pouch
++ 3gp
++ 7sp
++ 6cp

Total Cost: Total: 3 Bulk. Encumbered = 5 Bulk (10 Max)

PF1 Mythic version:
Male human genius alchemist
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +1; Senses Perception +5
AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 13 (Mwk Studded Leather +3 AC/+5 max Dex 175gp)
Hit Points 18hp (2d8+2)
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +0
Speed30 ft.
  • unarmed strike: +3 (1d3+2 nonlethal)
  • sickle: +3 (1d6+2[x2]S, trip)
  • short spear=3: +3 (1d6+2[x2]P)
  • Alchemical Silver Heavy Mace 32gp: +3 (1d8+2-1[x2]B)
  • Cold Iron Morningstar 16gp: +3 (1d8+2-1[x2]B&P)
  • Bomb=6/day: +3 (1d6+4[x2], 5 spl DC 15 Ref 1/2 (CL+Int mod)
  • short spear=3: +3 (1d6+2[x2]P)
  • javelin=3: +3 (1d6+2[x2]P)
    Supernatural Abilities Alchemy, Bomb, Mutagen
    Special Attacks Throw Splash Weapon
    Alchemist Abilities
    . . Poison Resistance (Ex), Poison Use (Ex)
    Alchemist Extracts Known (CL 2nd; concentration +5)
    . . 1st Ant Haul, Blurred Movement, Crafter's Fortune, Cure Light Wounds, Expeditious Retreat, Shield, Targeted Bomb Admixture
    . . 2nd
    . . 3rd
    Alchemist Discoveries
    . . Precise Bombs
    Mythic Path: Genius: Brilliant Distraction (Ex) As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to make a melee attack or ranged attack against a creature within 30 feet, using your Intelligence modifier in place of your Strength and Dexterity modifiers to determine your attack and damage bonus for that attack. If the attack hits, one ally that threatens the same target can take an attack of opportunity against that target, adding your Intelligence modifier as a bonus on its attack roll.
    Path Ability: Deadly Guidance (Ex) You are able to point out the weak points in an enemy’s defenses, and your allies benefit from your tactical insight. As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to designate a single opponent within 30 feet of you. All allies within 30 feet of that opponent gain the sneak attack ability when attacking it, and can thus deal +1d6 points of damage when flanking that opponent or when the opponent is otherwise denied its Dexterity bonus to AC. This sneak attack damage stacks with sneak attack damage from other sources. This ability lasts a number of rounds equal to half your tier (minimum 1). You can take this ability up to four times. Each time you take it, the sneak attack damage from this ability increases by 1d6
    Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 9
    Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 12
    Feats & Traits
    Feats: Brew Potion, Throw Anything, Harvest Parts, Mythic Crafter
    Traits: Pioneer, Alchemical Adept
    Adventuring Skills:
    -Acrobatics (Dex) +1
    -Bluff (Cha) -1
    -Climb (Str) +2
    -Diplomacy (Cha) -1
    -Disable Device (Dex) +6 (+1M+2R+3T)
    -Disguise (Cha) -1
    -Escape Artist (Dex) +1
    -Fly (Dex) N/A
    -Heal (Wis) +4 (+0M+1R+3T)
    -Intimidate (Cha) +0
    -Knowledge (arcana) (Int) +8 (+4M+1R+3T)
    -Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) N/A
    -Knowledge (local) (Int) N/A
    -Knowledge (nature) (Int) +8 (+4M+1R+3T)
    -Knowledge (planes) (Int) N/A
    -Knowledge (religion) (Int) N/A
    -Perception (Wis) +5 (+0M+2R+3T)
    -Ride (Dex) +6 (+1M+1R+3T+1Tr)
    -Sense Motive (Wis) +0
    -Spellcraft (Int) +9 (+4M+2R+3T)
    -Stealth (Dex) +1
    -Survival (Wis) +4 (+0M+1R+3T)
    -Swim (Str) +2
    -Use Magic Device (Cha) +3 (-1M+1R+3T)

    Background Skills
    -Appraise (Int) +4
    -Artistry (Int) +4
    -Craft (Alchemy) (Int) +11 (+4M+2R+3T+2Tr{Alchemical Adept})
    -Handle Animal (Cha) +1 (-1M+2R)
    -Knowledge (engineering) (Int) +4
    -Knowledge (geography) (Int) +4
    -Knowledge (history) (Int) +4
    -Knowledge (nobility) (Int) +4
    -Linguistics (Int) +4
    -Lore (Int) +4
    -Perform (Cha) -1
    -Profession: Alchemist (Wis) +4 (+0M+1R+3T)
    -Profession: Driver (Wis) +4 (+0M+1R+3T)
    -Sleight of Hand (Dex) +6 (+1M+2R+3T)
    Languages Common, Sylvan, Gnome, Elvan
    Other Gear:

  • Bandolier x2 10sp=1gp
  • Explorer's clothes
  • alchemy crafting kit
  • a bedroll
  • an iron pot
  • a mess kit
  • soap
  • a waterskin
  • torch x2
  • trail rations (5 days)
    Belt pouch
  • a flint and steel
  • ink
  • an inkpen

  • Alembic (horse)
  • Bit and bridle 2g
  • Saddle (riding) 10g
  • saddlebagsx2 8g
  • Donkeyx2 16g
  • light wagon 50g
  • portable alchemist's lab 75g
  • tent (medium) 15g
  • Chest (large) x2 20gp
  • Cold-weather outfit 8gp
  • Compass 10gp
  • Crowbar 2gp
  • Folding chair x6 12gp
  • Folding ladder 2gp
  • Folding pole x4 40sp=4gp
  • Folding table 10gp
  • Sack x20 20sp=2gp
  • Shovel (folding) 10gp
  • Sledge 1gp
  • Tent cover x2 30gp
  • Book Lariat 3sp
  • Drill 5sp
  • Saw 4cp
  • feedx3 (10 days) 1g 5s
  • Flask x100 300cp=3gp
  • Vial x25 25gp
  • torches (8)

    Tracked Resources

  • torches (10)
  • trail rations (5 days)
  • feedx3 (10 days) 1g 5s
  • Flask x100 300cp=3gp
  • Vial x25 25gp
  • 626gp, 1sp, & 6cp remaining
    Special Abilities