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Theodora 'Dora' Cassia Morilla


RETIRED | Completed AoE adventure path living out her life much more happily now it is over.


F NG Imperial Sorceress 17|

About Theodora 'Dora' Cassia Morilla

Theodora 'Dora' Casia Morilla
Human sorcerer 17 (Advanced Player's Guide)
NG, Medium, Human, Humanoid
Heritage skilled heritage
Background political scion

Images of Dora courtesy of ShadowLord:
Dora's recruitment
Dora ready for the House of Planes.
Dora's Halloween special! and her close Up

Notes to self for next level up:
Hat of the Magi from Devon
Wand of overflowing life
Scroll of true-seeing

-Voracious Reader, loves a good book
-Sticks to the rules when she understands the point of them, but will happily disregard rules she deigns as superfluous.
-Loves to eat good homey food, likes to cook when she has time
-Family, friends and loyalty is incredibly important to her
-She can be naive in the world of romance. She is looking for the "perfect" partner, not that she has found one yet.
-She hates most animals and will absolutely shy away from them.
-She enjoys a bit of good-old fashion girly shopping/dressing up etc
-She can be unsure of herself, and needs reassurance to know she is doing the right thing
-Dora is determined to make something of herself, not just follow the path that was laid out for her. She wants to earn it.


Theodora was seen as an unremarkable addition to the House Morilla growing up. As a child, she was usually able to show the expected airs and graces however didn’t often make use of her family’s well known, but unspoken, social ruthlessness to climb the ladder. She often questioned the 'ridiculous' Opparan rules incessantly which most just found infuriating.
From a young age, she was a fairly happy independent child. She was always curious and enthusiastic and would usually volunteer for every activity and opportunity that was offered whether she knew she would be capable or not.
Dear Diary,
Today, I made a total fool of myself. My little sister, Beatria, joined our dance class, ahead of her years as she is so talented after no practice and I felt just a little inadequate. We were learning the counter-clockwise waltz and when Mistress Zelda asked for a volunteer, I wanted to show Beatria that its always great to get stuck in. I don’t think that it could have gone any worse than it did. Mistress Zelda was shouting instructions at me and my partner from across the floor and I was soooo overwhelmed. My legs all tangled up and my dance partner, Corvus, ended up on the floor landing on top of me as I tripped him. Everyone else found it hilarious but he was so furious! No one is ever going to choose to dance with me again.
Dear Diary
I was really looking forward to Luccia’s birthday gathering today, its been a few weeks and I’ve not been invited anywhere. I haven’t minded too much as I’ve been stuck in a few good books, but a party should be fun. It was the first time I had seen Corvus since I embarrassed him a couple of weeks ago (he was 'ill' at dance class last week). He saw me when I arrived and hurried off when I waved – I don’t think he is over it yet. I was walking through the courtyard at Luccia’s manor to go and deposit my gifts, but I passed some beautifully rose bushes. Now, I knew I shouldn’t have stopped, but I couldn’t help myself. I stopped to smell the roses and spied a gardener so headed over to ask about how he grew them to be so perfect. He was reticent at first, but he got so passionate about it soI thought I’d offer to help prune the roses; I helped to prune and also fertilise the flowers. Apparently they wanted to hand out presents and it was my turn to give mine. When a few of them came out to look for me they looked so surprised and Corvus called out that I was ”where I belonged” - everyone laughed. The Butler came out and sternly told the gardener to go to the greenhouses. I really hope I didn’t get him in trouble too.
After many social faux pas, throughout her teenage years, she slowly began to understand the dynamics of the groups she was part of, but she decided that she wanted to gain a new chance to forge her way ahead in life. She wanted to get away others but, especially Corvus who was making her life a misery at every turn she took. She pitched the idea to her parents who decided an arcane, legal, and literary education in Absalom would be the most appropriate route. There she could learn the finer art of society in a metropolis under her all-seeing uncle and become ready to re-enter Oppara’s scene in a couple of years.
Dear Beatria,
I can’t believe how amazing Absalom truly is – you would love it here. I got here a couple of days ago and keep finding every excuse to go out and have fun! This is going to be so exciting – I start university next week and will be starting with the “Fundamentals of Arcana Pt 1”. I’m sure it will be fascinating.
I’m staying at Uncle Morilla’s and haven’t actually seen him yet. I’m sure he is just busy.
I hope you come to visit sometime soon.
6 months later in Absalom
Dear Beatria
Thanks again for your last letter, it really did make me chuckle – I really can’t believe that Corvus did that! I’ve been chugging along, its pretty monotonous here. One of my courses is the “Fundamentals of Arcana Pt 4”…I’m not sure how many more fundamentals I can take! I’ve been working as Uncle’s representative as part of the Council – just pushing paper and that kind of thing. Its not much different to home. I thought it was going to be such a new lease of life, but it is just the same old. I do have a few opportunities coming up to attend a few parties on behalf of my Uncle, apparently they’re for the younger people around here so he said I’d be the best to attend. I’ll have to go shopping for some new dancing shoes! Ha!
I really wish you could have visited by now, please do try and convince Mother to send you over the next holiday – I miss you so.
Theodora carried on with this for another year solidifying herself in Absalom’s upper echelons gaining the trust whilst working and partying for her Uncle as well as continuing her studies.
Theodora resented the bureaucratic laws and regulations that permeated life in Oppara and never quite understood why many existed when they achieved no good. She knew that Absalom was a better alternative to Oppara, but she also knew she hadn’t found the right way to properly experience it yet.
Dear Beatria
I haven’t heard from you for a little while, I hope you’re doing okay. The last letter that Mother sent me said that you got onto the honour roll!
I've been thinking about changing a few things for the last few months. I'm so busy and don’t have a chance to breathe. My studies aren’t getting me anywhere and are so limiting. My 'important' job for my uncle is just filing paper and being a pretty face at a parties. Im not doing anything of any true value. I think I have a plan, but you’re going to have to promise not to tell Mother and Father.
Im going to quit university and find a new daytime job! I can still push Uncle’s papers around in the evenings, or mornings so he would never know. I’m not sure what job yet, but I am going to go looking for them instead of attending university tomorrow!
I’ll keep you updated – but remember, don’t tell Mother and Father.
I hope to hear from you soon!
At this point, and through many strange coincidences, Dora ends up at the sign up desk for the City Watch. She was told that they hadn’t decided on assignments yet as the festival is about to begin, but to turn up in 3 days time and she would be assigned her new role.
With some luck and happenstance, she was assigned to work as a new “Agent of Edgewatch” which to her sounded very intriguing.
When she returned home the same evening, she was met with an intervention directly by her Uncle.
Dear Beatria
So, there is a lot to tell you. You have probably heard before you read this letter but I wanted to reassure you that I’m okay, and for once have some optimism going forward!
Uncle Morilla has said that he will not provide me with any accommodation or stipend until I ”come to my senses”. I have no idea how he found out about me not attending university and enrolling so quickly it had barely been a few hours! I think he thought I would have changed my mind there and then, but I kept my resolve! I know it’s the right decision!
Unfortunately, I had to find somewhere to stay really quickly, so resorted to the barracks that they offered for all new recruits and there was a nice bureaucrat (who’d have thought!) at the station who I convinced to let me stay a little earlier than they would normally allow.
I managed to take a few things with me when leaving pretty hastily to make things a little better. I even picked up that little bracelet you got me for my birthday last year! I’m sure it will brighten up my uniform (the one downside so far!).
I’ll write again soon. Hopefully, I won’t be too busy!
All my love
- Dark brown hair usually braided and pulled into a bun when working in the Edgewatch.
- Pale Taldane skin
- Soft hands (never worked a day in her life until recently)
- Well dressed/turned out, uniform always impeccable
- Breaks dress code in minor ways (mostly costume jewellery, belt buckles, pins, coloured stitching etc)
Age at start of adventure: 20