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200 posts. Alias of Matthew Stinson (RPG Superstar 2009 Top 4).

Full Name

Matthew Wayne Stinson




Expect 3, Commoner 2, Warrior 2










Homeland, Muhlenberg County KY. Present, Jacksonville FL.


Backwater English



Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Matthew Stinson

I grew up in a backwoods part of KY were my friends and I played D&D most weekends. My first role playing experience was with a game called Earthdawn, which I played for well over a year before I ever even heard of D&D. My friends from high school are still into the role playing community, DMing at True Dungeon every year at Gen Con.

I went into the U.S. Navy right after high school, and enlisted for six years. I got to see a lot of the Europe and the Middle East. I worked on a large ship-mounted six barrel gatling gun called a CIWS, or “sea whiz”, which shoots 75 rounds a second. After six years of blood and sweat, I love and hate that gun. D&D 3rd edition was released the week I got out of boot-camp, and I enjoyed the new system greatly. I played D&D all through my naval enlistment with many different groups, most of which I did not like. I came from a heavy role playing group from my high school years and it was hard to find the same type of players again.

Now I work for Anheuser-Busch Inbev as a utility maintainer, it's a great job, but with crazy hours. I'm hoping to start taking online college classes soon with my G.I. bill.

I love to design monsters, spells, and feats. I'm working on some new core classes now to be play-tested with my current gaming group. I made it into the 2009 RPG Superstar contest at Paizo.com, reaching the final four. I created the town of Mosswater for the Guide to the River Kingdom book for the Pathfinder Setting, and wrote the adventure "Rebuilding a Good Man" for the Streets of Zobeck for Open Design. I have an uncommon love of Ogres, Merrow, Oni, Half-Ogres, and Ogre-kin and I prefer to play fighter for its ease and the lack of book keeping.

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My my contact email is: thetwitchking82@yahoo.com