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Tectorman wrote:
HammerJack wrote:

It kind of seems like you should be able to houserule that by treating every weapon/armor as the highest version of the "product line" up to their character level, if you inserted an extra version or 2 into things like the starknife or battle glove that have an oversized level gap.

I don't see a real need for a new official system to run the game that way. What am I missing?

Why was there a need for the Armory to include a section on upgrading powered armor? Okay, insert that here, too.

Power Armour isn't really arranged as different sets over a range of levels. Most Power Armour types only have one option to get a given ability set.

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Having good hearing is something weird that annoys me. I would much prefer not being able to be woken up at 3am by someone upstairs doing anything more than sitting motionless. I have earplugs. They are not enough.

Danny StarDust wrote:

I've been an aasimar fullplated warpriest with wings in a fairly arcane rich party (i.e. magic potions all over the place and a magus capable of casting fly/overland flight). But the amount of times I rescued the party from antimagic pits, partymembers beying thrown off a cliff, abducted by airborn creatures, etc etc etc is not countable on 4 hands.

Yes, it takes 3 feats, yes it's slower than other forms of flight, yes your flight is pour, BUT it is permanent and not susceptible for anti-magic fields and many..many many many circumstantial situations where casting is no longer an option.

Being able to immediatly dash towards your enemy, regardsless of where they are (higher ground, on roofs, of city walls, otherside of a cliff, behind tables and what not), beats having to cast fly everytime. And like Protoman said, being able to fly (constantly) is so favourable in so many situations.

And besides, a feat should not be as "powerful" as a class ability, otherwise I'd have taken a feat which would grant me evasion for eeeeevery single character I've had.

You either have some inefficient finger counting, some different hands, or way, way too many antimagic pits. I got a count of 1 048 575 for 20 fingers.

When you trust the party with that level of information about you. What level your identity is on may vary depending on the character, ranging from Batman (you won't get anything out of him) to Tony Stark (how were you not aware of this earlier?)

deuxhero wrote:

I seriously wonder if people who claim something is "too anime" can name more than Dragon Ball (Z), Pokemon, Sailor Moon and maybe Gundam and Yu-gi-oh.

Besides, if くいっく・すたーと!! ever got an anime, everything in a tabletop RPG would be anime.

I genuinely believe that, at the moment, pokemon is too based in anime for me. It's an RPG with a deep and complex battle system, they don't need to dumb it down just because their "main character" is a complete idiot.

Scrapper wrote:
Elven Druid, shape shift at lvl 5, has shield/medium armor proficiency, Elven Weapons(Long/Short bow, Long sword/Rapier), have a selection of spells, just no metal armor, which I am not sure if Link every had any true full metal armor.

The Twilight Princess version of the Hero's clothes includes a chain shirt under the tunic. The Magic Armour from the same game is also very clearly metal. Never mind the extremely obvious metal shield. TP link is also one of the least casting-based iterations, and can be one of the more reliant on dealing damage with weapons other than a sword or bow.

David knott 242 wrote:

Aroden will come back at the End of Time, when all prior prophecies of doom have been avoided, but the final end of the universe is inevitably approaching because it is foretold strictly by the harsh laws of physics and not by any supernatural prophecy.

I wouldn't exactly say thermodynamics is that unstoppable in PF.

pocsaclypse wrote:
I can't think of a single reason why it couldnt be whatever color the caster wanted it to be each time they cast it.

I read this, and immediately thought of using a cantrip as a gamma ray source. Unfortunately I'm not currently up to the task of calculating whether that would actually produce enough to have an offensive use.

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Shakspar probably made sure to drop a teapot off while he was in space. A great playwright like Shagsper has enough foresight to mess with future philosophers, right?

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To me, the Loader seems like it has the most opportunities for a Technomancer to actually make use of their magic. Aside from buffing the weapon (mentioned earlier), you could also rule that Fabricate Arms could be used for ammo in the event you run low, as well as the possibility of using the Fabricate Scrap cantrip on spent casings for compaction and/or later magic use.

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For me, I can't say I've had to many changes of my interests, strengths, or weaknesses. I had a scratch in my proverbial record, so I ran the same state for enough time for it to become ingrained into everything I do. I came into a world with too many people, and in a sense I only withstood it by believing it is better to be one of one than one of many. That my stat total matters less than the fact that it is minmaxed (min Cha, max Int, for the curious). And, because of how heredity works, I can't say I have ever known what normalcy is like.

The PF afterlife can be a new blank slate to start again. But my slate has never been blank. There would be no "again". The part of my existence that was built around bumps that have since been smoothed over would be conclusively and utterly finished. I can't really call it life-after-death when I am completely gone, can I? Heck, pushing back the Maelstrom is probably something important enough to be worth true death. I just object to the intermediary step of being just another face defined by a different definition than how I define myself.

Brother Fen wrote:
Hey, reviewers! We're literally at the end of this edition cycle and you guys STILL haven't figured out that Campaign Setting books are for game masters and Player Companions are for players.

I would normally be fine with leaving it be. However, because we are at the end of the cycle, the book needs to hold up to being quite possibly the only construct-focused splatbook in the entire run of the game, and thus provide for both players and GMs.

Spellslinger doesn't mention the ability to use SLAs, only actual spells. You can, however, use a weapon with the conductive property.

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There was a time when writing homebrew spells that I abbreviated the default arcane list to SAW (Sorcerer Arcanist Wizard).

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So you're saying they're too pitiful to be pitied?

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28: Despite being nowhere near Numeria, decide the best course of action is to loot Technic League storehouses for anything that might be useful.

I'm a fan of Magnetic Infusion for increasing the amount of damage the Kineticist produces. Just because the damage is from somebody else's sword doesn't make it their damage.

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My headcanon:

Normally, there isn't a way of containing the power of 9th level spellcasting at low levels. Prepared casters get around this by not taking in that much energy at low levels. Psychics do something similar, building up their power incrementally through their discipline. Sorcerers have their bloodline to contain the power, which itself is allowed to be more expressed at higher levels when its use as a buffer is not as necessary.

An Oracle needs to have this power dumped on them all at once (so that there is no need for future contact between Oracle and patron), so something needs to be removed so they don't overload. The secondary benefits improve with level because a lack of other abilities is no longer needed to contain the magic.

If you are intent on using the adjustments of another polymorph spell, you would be looking for Vermin Shape 2. VS 1 can get you a medium vermin with flight, but it doesn't include poison.

And apparently I suck at editing these, good to know.

Part 7

I finally reach Mt. Pyre, and can now have a full team. Well, theoretically. I'm locked out of Fly if I keep to a 6-mon combat team, and I'll run into problems If I try dumping all the water HMs on azumarill (since their main damage is physical, and all water moves are special). One of those is a later problem, so I can at least add shuppet to the team.

After finishing up the trainers near Fortree, I remember that there was actually something important to other people at the mountain. They got the orbs (maybe I shouldn't have been sidetracked as much), but it's still pretty sad that they managed 21 total damage, and that 7 of that was from rough skin.

Looks like somebody from team Magma left a personal belonging behind. No reason I can't try to return it, though everybody seems annoyed I just walked into their secret base and won't let me return it peaceably. Something about needing to awaken Groudon or something.

I lead Sableye, though his mightyena outlevels me. He misses swagger the first turn, though not after. I am lucky this time, and night shade him to 0 with only one self-hit. I switch to Gardevoir and ohko with psychic, especially nice since the attack and previous damage only left me with 7hp. Cameupt does not take a mystic water-boosted Surf from Azumarill

So apparently anybody can just walk up to experimental submarines and run off with them. Good to know, I guess.

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Planar Adventures confirms that the demiplane in question does have associated petitioners. If the setup is well-designed, there would be some way of releasing Rov's power in a controlled manner so it doesn't build up to be unstoppable. We know that there are monsters that exit the demiplane occasionally (Rov's Spawn and the Wrackworms also from Planar Adventures), but whether that means the seal is working as intended or beginning to fail is up for debate.

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I'm a fan of this xkcd when it comes to toying with the government.

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GM: And should we roll initiative for the "raven"? (actually a voidworm protean, the raven was chosen as one of the animal forms because it talking is slightly easier to get away with)

Witch: They have spells, so they might be useful *checks sheet* never mind. These aren't going to help. It'll hide in the robes.

Sure, they pull souls from everywhere, but that doesn't mean they're getting information from said souls. To my knowledge, no process exists to ask souls questions before they are wiped of their memories and sent off as petitioners.

Atmospheric data won't tell you much, if nothing important happened. If some planet undergoes terraforming/an energy revolution/a nuclear war, it's going to start showing up on the spectrograph.

The cosmology is actually extremely inefficient at transferring mortal knowledge to the outer planes since 99.99% of being's memories are wiped before they arrive at their final destination. It wouldn't surprise me if most deities were too focused on Golarion to start figuring out tech from other locations. Maybe the planes only got off their butt when some adventurer showed up with a couple tanks.

If you're stacking various characters from across the X/Zero games and messing with the timeline, I would at least consider Craft from MMZ4.

Tarik Blackhands wrote:
JulianW wrote:

I reckon the economy of the game causes a few problems here - so much of a character's stats coming from their equipment, a lot of players would rather fight to the death and roll up a new character, than surrender and play a character who's lost all their gear

I'd personally do suicide by monster rather than recalculating my entire sheet without gear bonuses. I'll make a new guy coming in with the rescue team, thanks.

There was a campaign a while back that I was thinking of joining, but didn't. There was a point where gear was stripped (a full 1/5 of playtime if I remember), but it was "okay," because you were handwaved to still have numerical bonuses. I looked at the Occultist I was going to run, and stayed well away from that group in the future.

Is anyone even reading this? I'll openly admit I started this out of defiance, but I'm wondering if I'm telling the wall that this isn't over yet.

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Enough parity between PCs and monsters that nothing breaks if some one-off vampire becomes a semi-permanent travelling companion (this has happened at least twice).

The ability to take the most useful option instead of the least useless.

I could never figure this spell out, for this reason:

Components V, S, M (red, yellow, and blue powder or colored sand)

If it was anything resembling an actual light display or a neural screw, it would be based in the colours that a person's light receptors recognize. It's not, so it needs to be a partially reflective surface, which doesn't fit at all with an illusion that can still be deployed in the dark.

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I mean, wouldn't removing all the things growing out of the surface be considered shaving the area?

The Vox mesmerist also changes emotion components to verbal.

Sword&gun is a pain to accomplish in PF. Keeping several pistols gets cost-prohibitive quickly, and you can't reload efficiently with a sword in your hand (swashbuckler by default also wouldn't let you get your big damage from precise strike with a gun in your other hand)

Ordinarily, this would be where I recommend an alchemist or Juggler Bard dip, but the restriction against magic-users dampens that. (even if alchemist wouldn't normally be considered magic, you'd be there to grow a third arm)

I mean, there are ways of applying death from old age to non-androids that aren't exactly a natural slow process.

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Though if you are into the action, it might get boring after a while if they had the same moves all of the time. Maybe the villain could become more monstrous over repeated cycles of death or something...

This is starting to sound like a good idea for a video game, I hope somebody makes one.

on the other hand, deities opposed to Rovagug outnumber the Rough Beast and their allies.

Since renewal is considered the equivalent to death from old age, I would say that the spell fails. Even if it didn't fail immediately, it would still require a willing target and somebody who decided they've had enough of life may not be interested in coming back.

Most important in the world, huh? I would lean towards a relatively low number due to either being an early part of a new run,the system was getting overhauled and they happened to be rechristened quickly, or the final digits reset after a given time frame

I would lean towards
MA(Mortal Advisor, the term used for familiars)-(whatever in-game year it is)-000 or -001

From where I'm standing,
A metal cartridge has a base cost of 15 gp, and can be loaded as a move action (free with rapid reload). I might increase the time if you attempt to muzzle-load a longer barrel unless you're good at loading longer guns specifically
A paper alchemical cartridge has a base cost of 12gp, and can be loaded as a move action (free with rapid reload). As a musket master, this applies to 2h guns in addition to 1h guns. It also increases the misfire by 1.

So a (one-chamber) gun loaded with metal carts but has +1 misfire is very slightly worse than the same gun loaded with paper carts and normal misfire rate (since the ammo costs slightly more, but otherwise the weapons are identical)

So I would just say that whatever you use to mod the gun increases the misfire chance by 1.

For the pokemon, I went with the following rules:

1. the current roster includes 9 distinct movesets (and pichu). A total of 7 (one per generation) seemed like a reasonable amount. 1 per generation is going to mean a lot of ones in Smash not seeing use since 6 of those 9 are gen 1.
2. At least one starter pokemon of the three main types (grass/fire/water). You could choose to switch Swampert and Chesnaught for Sceptile and Greninja if you really want, but their builds are too similar for my taste and Sceptile's aspects of the grass type don't translate that well to PF (slashing damage from leaves and HP draining moves, specifically).
3. At one legendary or mythical pokemon. Gen 5, though I love it for that reason, doesn't have a lot of iconic nonlegenday mons that would fill the "need to be able to swing a baseball bat" criterion. If you have one that you think might work, you could swap gen 1 to Mewtwo and gen 7 to Incineroar.
4. Attempt to represent as many types as possible (my submission had 12 of a maximum 14 (2 per mon) out of 18 total. 13 if you count Ampharos-mega as enough for the dragon type). Lucario at least nominally steel-type, adding less than fellow gen 4 fighting-type Gallade (Also, I really dislike it because it is both the least interesting and most overshadowing member of my favourite type, by far)

Another thing you might notice is that the version of Charizard I suggested is not the same version used in Smash. Smash 'zard is slow, sturdy, and relatively-close ranged (it uses the X mega form, which is physical [only due to its ability, in games without them it has equal attack and SpA] but isn't especially sturdy and is known for boosting its speed). I went with the original version which has its best stats in special attack and speed (it more closely aligns with the Y mega, which summons strong enough sunlight to boost fire moves and weaken water moves in addition to having more special attack than unmodified mewtwo) So actually, I don't believe that any of the ones I suggested are in Smash at present. This may have been deliberate.

Re: Ness, the above is exactly why I was worried. Wouldn't be fair to focus on the original source only for my favourites, would it? Anyway, that list seems to map closer to a divine caster, and Warpirest does see some use as the "can make any weapon good" class...

Re: Bayonetta, spellslinger effectively turns any caster with offensive spells into a ranged gun-based magus. I kept going back-and-forth whether to go with the White-haired archetype to make it a weapon or just using the prehensile hair hex as a way to get a free "hand" to reload the guns. Accuracy doesn't matter as much when you're going for touch AC, so I didn't think the lower BAB was an issue. If you want a more focused build, hexcrafter does stack with the magus archetype that shifts the focus to ranged weapons.

Re: Damiel, the Iconic alchemist in the playtest for PF2 is a goblin named Fumbus.

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An adaptation of tracking weapons to personal scales

rules for recoil boosting and/or rocket jumps

Weapons with deliberate and controllable ricochets or reflections.

Yes, these are all pretty silly

What happens if the players keep them around for a lot longer than anticipated? Would the stats just arbitrarily change at some point?

Ironically on-topic for reviving a thread. It's worth noting that several of the records do depict Hel as Evil, while others don't. The current best guess is that the myths started getting written down at around the same time as Christianity was taking hold and putting some effort into demonizing various death-related deities. Neutral Hel is probably the original version. Probably.

I would expect a sizable amount of summoned and/or charmed/dominated animals.

The Vildravn from B5 is a fey tailor-made to take on armies, though CR 16 means there probably aren't many of them.

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There's FTL communication. It's in the form of ships full of USB sticks. There isn't instantaneous communication, but you don't need to wait a few years for out-of-system news.

First guess is Amiri, since the Barbarian is the first class outside the "classic four" to be mentioned in the Beginner Box, her showing up in the Kingmaker video game, and rage being potentially more portable to different combat rulesets than e.g. vancian casting. Otherwise, it'd probably one of the Iconics for a class that identifies PF rather than any similar games.

Maybe this is what Damiel's been doing since he lost the position of Iconic alchemist...

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Which would be fine if worked anything else caused the same problems, or if metals found natively were exempt. What is so industrial about hitting things with blunt objects?

Doesn't explain shields or this piece of armour. As for quantity, the lightest armour that includes metal is 1lb Dual-wielding flails in guantlet-clad hands is 12 lb.

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