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I'm new to these forums and couldn't find a topic like this (if there is one, accept my apologies and give me a link please).

So, my group of two (not including myself) is starting a new game this weekend, and one is going to be a Ranger. I typically do more urban, orc/goblin-centric campaigns, but the other player asked if we could do something different (he's playing a druid, so I think he's wanting more nature-centric adventures).

With what I'm planning, they'll be facing more aquatic humanoids and elves, both of which I've never really used as common enemies before, with some undead included, and I was wanting it to be something of a surprise, but I would hate for the Ranger's favored enemy to go to waste (they will be level 6 so he'll have two). I feel like he'll naturally choose orc and goblin, and aside from a few early encounters, those enemies won't really show up in any significant way.

How much should I warn the players about the choice of monsters, or should I? I feel like the druid will be able to adapt easily enough.