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I have never been more frustrated when referencing a spell.

Dispel Magic: "make a dispel attempt (see page 197)"

*flips to 197*

Dispelling: "Treat this as a counteract check (see page 319) using the spell's level as its counteract level and a spell roll for any counteract check"

*groans, flips to 319*

"If your ability has a higher counteract level than that of the effect to be counteracted, you automatically succeed. If your ability's counteract level is the same as the effect's counteract level or lower, you must succeed at a check using the relevant skill or ability against the DC of the target effect"

*facepalms because the book doesn't say anything about how to find the DC of a spell effect*

Obviously, the spell DC is that of who/whatever cast the spell, but the entry for Dispel Magic doesn't say that. And for god's sake, why do I have to reference two other pages when they could have just said "Make a spell check against the spell DC of the target spell" and be done with it?

This is bad writing. And it doesn't end with Dispel Magic, this kind of s&+* is all throughout the book. It takes two or three times as long to reference a given rule than it does in PF1E. That is the exact opposite of what they are going for with 2E. This is why it takes so much longer to make characters than it should.