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Stuffy Grammarian wrote:
Lobolusk wrote:
wow your fricking literal


It's never too soon to start teaching proper English to the children.

Take the day off, sweetie. He's a lost cause.

Hey. Since you asked, I will correct what you wrote. As usual, it's not meant to be condescending, but to teach.

Since English isn't my native language, either, I might miss things, but I'll give it my best shot.

Hama wrote:

No i just refuse to comunicate in an semi-literal fashion.

That should be:

"No, I just refuse to communicate in a semi-literal fashion. "

It was sort of funny that your complaint about a "relaxed attitude towards proper language" had errors, but I'd guess that those were honest mistakes, instead of sloppiness born from indifference.

And no, I'm not being condescending. I mean all that.

Vaahama wrote:

I would dare you to properly read/speak/write french before coming in on your big horse

High horse :P

I would like to draw attention to the ":P" that was in the first post. That indicates that it is to be taken with a big dash of humour.

But since you're being all outraged, I'd suggest getting a spell checker. Browsers come equipped with them these days. Just get the English dictionary and turn it on. This will actually help you find your errors, and unless you ignore the squiggly lines, you will learn and improve. That's what I'm doing.

I won't even try reading/speaking/writing French. I had that stuff in School for 6 years, but that was some time ago, I never really used it outside of school, and didn't like it too much. So even though my grades were quite good (but they usually were), I forgot most of it. Lucky for me, I rarely go to French websites, and they often speak my languages in the parts of France I do show up sometimes (which is really rare, still).

But I tell you what I'll do: I'll properly read/speak/write English. Before you cry foul, note that this isn't my native language. German is. Well, not quite - Saarlännisch is, there were times I had more problems speaking proper German than English.

If you don't believe me, I'll translate what I just wrote into German and do a much better job of it than google translate.

Ich würde gerne die Aufmerksamkeit auf das ":P", welches im ersten Beitrag war, lenken. Das deutet darauf hin, dass man ihn mit einem gewaltigen Schuss Humor nehmen sollte.

Aber da Sie sich so aufregen, schlage ich vor, die Autokorrektur zu benutzen. Browser sind heute standardmäßig damit ausgestattet. Besorgen Sie sich einfach das englische Wörterbuch und schalten sie ihn ein. Das wird Ihnen helfen, Fehler zu finden, und wenn Sie sie gestrichelten Linien nicht ignorieren, werden Sie was dazu lernen und sich verbessern. Das mache ich auch.

Ich werde nicht einmal versuchen, Französisch zu lesen/sprechen/schreiben. Ich hatte das 6 Jahre lang in der Schule, aber das ist schon lange her, ich hatte das nie außerhalb der Schule benutzt, und habe es auch nicht zu sehr gemocht. Deshalb habe ich das meiste vergessen, obwohl meine Noten ziemlich gut waren (aber das waren sie meistens). Zum Glück besuche ich selten französische Webseiten, und meine Sprache wird in den Teilen von Frankreich, wo ich dann wirklich mal auftauche (was immer noch selten ist), von vielen gesprochen.

Aber ich sage Ihnen, was ich machen werde: Ich werde korrektes Englisch lesen/sprechen/schreiben. Bevor Sie "Faul!" schreien, bedenken Sie, dass Englisch nicht meine Muttersprache ist. Meine Muttersprache ist Deutsch. Naja, nicht ganz - eigentlich ist es Saarlännisch, es gab Zeiten, wo ich mehr Probleme damit hatte, richtiges Deutsch zu sprechen, als ich mit Englisch hatte.

So there :P (<- again, this indicates that it's all in good fun)

Vaahama wrote:

#1 quit playing
#2 change group that fit more with my play style
#3 resorting to unfair and/or abusive tactics (very unlickly)

#4 work on your spelling and grammar.


Druids are able to use any type of armour and/or weapon they can lay their hands on and that are the right size for them.

It's completely their choice. Some of the choices will have negative consequences, though:

  • Wearing metal armour will cost them many of their special powers for as long as they keep wearing it and for some time after.
  • Using any armour or weapon they're not proficient will incur non-proficiency penalties.

    It's not exactly the same as being unable to use. I think that's an important distinction. They're not somehow magnetic or something, they can wear those armours just fine. They would also "work" for them. They just have to live with the consequences.

    In 3.0, many types of weapon were as anathema to druids as metal armours are in PF, but that was done away (especially since the list of weapons that were "allowed" didn't really make that much sense. It wasn't "no metal weapon", but "no weapons not on the list", and that list included scimitars, for example.

  • wedes_loto wrote:

    first of all, I apologize for my english. (its not my natal languaje)

    I need help with the feat "boon companion" (seeker of secrets page nº 16)

    I need to know how it works. Because my GM does not undertands it very well.

    And i also need to know how it works for a Druid lvl 1.

    thanks very much

    PD: again sorry for my english :P

    It's "English". Languages get a capital.

    It's "native language". "Natal language" sounds like it refers to the language you're born with (which should consist of crying and blubbering ;-))

    It's "does not understand"

    It's "I"

    And it's "P.S." (for post script)

    I don't want to appear as a wise guy, just to help you with your English.

    KaeYoss wrote:
    Wish is my favourite cantrip, though meteor swarm will do if I just want to admonish someone.

    Those are not cantrips.

    far_wanderer wrote:
    roguerouge wrote:

    Did Paizo close the loophole that a ladder costs less than 2 ten foot poles? Because if you have the time, you could make the 40K that way. Required cost of a saw would be easily made back.

    There might be aging penalties however.

    Ladders (2sp each) to Poles (5cp each) got fixed, but a 15gp spellbook still contains 20gp worth of parchment.

    Shuddubshuddubshuddub! Do you know how expensive arcane tuition is? Students need to pay for that somehow. If you bring this to general attention, there will be no more common wizards. Only insufferable noble pricks. Snotty bastards don't know their evocations from their invocations, and they always snigger when they hear the word lucubration.

    In short: another dark age for the learned Arts! The death of proper research (only spells that make you survive fraternity hazings or cure hangovers.), divination reduced to being used to spy into sorority dorm rooms, enchantment becoming Magic Mickeys, and so on.

    KaeYoss wrote:
    Ravingdork wrote:
    KaeYoss wrote:

    Get a decent dictionary, then.

    souerrtitious: covertly having a low opinion of something. Portmanteau of sourpuss ans surreptitious.

    DICTIONARY.COM knows all! And it says that, that word does not exist!

    :P is so riddled with holes it should be classified as a hazard!

    If you look for the common term Mary Sue, it tells you that it's the mother of Jesus taking someone to court. You just can't take that site seriously.

    By the way: This is what a proper dictionary says about this!

    These books are suitable for 100-year-olds with parental supervision.

    Steelfiredragon wrote:
    Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
    Studpuffin wrote:
    Elves have worms!
    A dwarf told me if you cut an elf in half, both pieces grow into a full elf. He also told me they were hermaphroditic.

    and a gnome told me that Dwarves are born when a can of whoop arse is opened.....

    edit smurf it

    Nah. Dwarves are corrupted orcs. That's why the dwarves wanted to eradicate the poor orcs during their quest for sky: They didn't want the world to know where they came from.

    Their plan was to either kill them all or drive them out into the world so they and those humans that were up there could kill each other. But they were betrayed by their Aboleth allies, which promised them the age of darkness they created would last long enough to finish off both races.

    Ever since, dwarves don't like aboleths, or humans, or orcs, or anything else (though, to be honest, they were hateful little freaks long before. What do you expect if you're a degenerate orc?)

    Over-codified? Are you barking mad, man?

    It is woefully under-codified! Wide areas of necessary rules are missing without a trace!

    Take the toilet table? What? You can't? Of course not - it doesn't exist!!! How am I to determine when the call of nature is reaching the characters, and how long they can withstand it? Should I just "wing it"? Hand-wave it??

    The core rules need at least 100 pages worth of extra tables: Food taste, cooking mishaps, anatomical parameters (that's 10 pages right there), star signs and their influence on characters' personalities, crop yield, wear and tear on clothes and other gear...

    How can you think this game is over-codified?

    The kinds of people we get here...

    Children use a different alignment system. Available alignments are.

    Quiet well-behaved
    Obnoxious Loud
    Annoying Loud
    Adorable Cute
    Potty Trained

    Please note the alignment system changes when applying the rugrat template to an existing critter.

    Mikaze wrote:

    how is BAB formed?

    how fighter conform criticil?

    Der Basis Attacken Bonus bildet sich in den ersten Wochen der Schwangerschaft und bleibt bis ins frühe Erwachsenenalter konstant, kann später jedoch spontan mutieren. Es ist ein kodominantes Merkmal, dass in der Regel ein Mittelwert aus den BABen der Eltern darstellt.

    Vielen Kämpfern fällt es schwer, der Grazie konform zu bleiben. Während eine grazile Kampfweise die Chancen erhöhen kann, ein Weibchen zu finden (besonders in der heutigen Zeit der weit verbreiten Antibabypille), kann es bei unsachgemäßer Anwendung zu einer Unterlegenheit gegenüber den brutaleren Kriegern führen. Es wird deshalb angeraten, einen ortsansässigen Machtspieler zu Rate zu ziehen, bevor man diese Entscheidung trifft. Kontaktdaten können über niedergradige Erkenntnismagie gewonnen werden.

    My SD campaign finished at level 15.

    It's fun - but then again, I always liked high-level play, behind the screen as well as in front of it.

    One thing: prismatic sprays and rooms full of enemies don't go well together. Other than that, I think it works pretty well, as long as everyone knows their roles well enough.

    The resident power-gamer was very powerful, but that didn't start at level 15, it started at level 1. He did fight most of the final fight with 8 negative levels, which put a serious damper on his damage output (but that's a natural reaction to being perceived as the biggest threat by the enemy, especially if you demonstrate it to the BBEG when said BBEG can observe you AND YOU KNOW IT :D)

    There can be problems. If you don't observe your players' performance and react to it, you might come to a point where each of the party's warrior types can go through a critter with a supposedly difficult CR in a single round worth of attacks, or stuff like this.

    KaeYoss wrote:
    OgeXam wrote:

    It sounds like if a creature has "room to escape" they either take no damage on a successful reflex save and 10d6 on a failed save. What happens to those that do not have "room to escape"?

    And by that, he means "you don't get a save to avoid the damage"


    miniaturepeddler wrote:


    A minor nitpick, since we're discussing official jargon: It's officially called masterwork, not mastercraft. Nothing wrong with the latter term, except that you won't find it in the rules.

    By the way, mighty used to be an official term for crossbows that let you use a strength bonus with it. It was there in D&D 3.0 if I remember correctly, but was removed in 3.5 (the ability to make those bows support higher strength scores remained - they just got rid of the mighty descriptor.)

    stuart haffenden wrote:

    I did say I'd like AP only stuff in the AP's; and then all the current monsters from the AP's [which have already got artwork and info] included in the first Bestiary.

    It's problematic: The book would be bigger, which would mean it would cost more. Not everyone will want to buy the bigger book (especially those who already have those monsters in the APs), so you sell less books, which drives costs up.

    And though the monsters are there, they would have to be converted to the new rules. Though you and me can get away with using a 3e monster with only on the fly changes, you cannot pull that sort of thing in a published work you want people to give you money for.

    And the information we get in the APs is specific to Golarion, which means they'd have to clean it up.

    So it would have meant more work, taking more time, costing more money.

    In fact, I think I wouldn't want a bestiary with (m)any AP critters. If they want to compile them, they should make it a "AP Monster Compendium", which would probably be a Chronicles product, chock-full of Golarion info.

    James Jacobs wrote:
    The companions are not written "in character." They're not propaganda, or at least, they shouldn't be. They need to present the details of what they cover in an accurate manner, not only so players have the correct information, but so that GMs who want to set adventures there or freelancers who work for us and need to draw info from that location get accurate data.

    Well, reading the Cheliax companion, I did get the "propaganda" vibe on some occasions.

    For example, it just goes and says that Hell does serve Cheliax rather than the other way around, something I still think is not that clear.

    It really does sound a bit like a fairy tale.

    Just assume that the fairy tale is part of this make-belief world that is the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting.

    Pathfinder contains places that are right out of horror stories (because, well, they are right out of horror stories), so to balance things out a bit, it has something that literally is out of a fairy tale.

    Also, never assume that you are told everything, that you know all the secrets.

    One theory about how Andoran could pull off that coup the way they did is this:

    When Aroden died, gigantic power shifts occured not only on earth but in the outer spheres as well. Cosmic forces moved and were noted.

    In Cheliax, the forces of darkness, merciless order and tyranny were able to move in without the celestial powers opposition. They saw that resisting would mean even more bloodshed, and decided to cede this battlefield for now.

    But they didn't cede every battlefield. They saw potential in Andoran, so they sent their agents in secret. They sent angels and azatas (and Cayden Cailean might even have sent his herald Thais) who worked behind the scenes.

    The 8th Dwarf wrote:

    I would say that the Native Americans were the first, but people tend to discount native peoples with thousands of years living somewhere when they want to rob them of their land...

    It's not just that! In order to discover some land, you must be an explorer or discoverer or something like that. Just living there doesn't count. Everyone can do that.

    In A.D. 2101
    War was beginning.

    Paul Watson wrote:

    Sorry to correct you, Teach,
    But one, Wednesday is capitalised as well.
    And two, It should be "The basic peasant knows so many different things" not thinks

    Don't be. I should have known. The thinks, in particular, was smirking in my face.

    Hi, this is the correction fairy :)

    french: It's French. You always capitalise it (not just French, either: German, American, Spanish.... ;-))
    disapointed: It's disappointed
    interessant: It's interesting (I can see where you get that from, it's the same in German)
    The basic peasant know: It's knows. Third person singular gets the s.
    The basic peasant know so differents thinks: It's the basic knows so many different thinks.
    danses: I think you mean dances.
    historys: It's histories.
    fand: found
    scornfull: scornful (I walk into that one myself on occasion.
    prupose: propose
    wenesday: it's wednesday - though that one probably won't matter in an oral :)

    It's great that you're open to corrections, instead of getting all defensive about it. I see that behaviour far too often for my liking. "Hey, I'm a foreigner, I'm not good in the language, so back off."

    Zark wrote:

    interactiv attacks (or what you call them).

    Not interactive. That's a buzzword they use for programmes (stories, software, and so on) where you can actively (well, "interactively") change the plot.

    You mean iterative. Which means "something characterised by repetition"

    Kuma wrote:

    Well not entirely, because you don't really need the apostrophe at all. It could be "thieves guild" as in: a guild made up of thieves.

    Actually, I think I like that one best of all.

    Meanwhile, if we're going to have an English battle, it might behoove you to check the spelling of "compelled".

    Honest mistake.

    The best way to keep things manageable, the best way is to quote the parts of the conversation you are referring to. If you think something else could make a good spin-off topic, create a spin-off thread.

    But splitting threads arbitrarily is contrary to how the humanoid mind works.

    Kuma wrote:


    I was JUST kicking myself mentally as I reread my own post. I blame a year in a foreign country.

    I have been in a foreign country all my life (well, foreign to English speakers) and get it right.... :D

    Shifty wrote:

    Which is all correct and well noted, however I spotted I had done that after I had already submitted the post and felt reticent to go back and correct the error for the sake of a misplaced apostrophy.

    I digress.

    Now what can you tell us about the aforementioned Brotherhoods dear Sage?

    It tells me that if you guys weren't dumb and lazy, you wouldn't have to resort to petty theft... ;P

    I feel commpelled to inform you that it's either "Thief's Guild" or "Thieves' Guild", since its singular thief and plural thieves, and 's is for genetive singular, while s' is for genetive plural.

    But go on.

    Jordan Fenix wrote:
    Dahak? mmm ok I would need to revise the library...

    Ah yes.

    Dahak. The False Wyrm, The Endless Destruction, Sorrowmaker.

    Even the chromatic dragons hate him. He has only a small followship, even among the Red annihilators and Black sociopaths. Hell, even the Whites think him beneath them.

    If you do encounter a Dahak follower, beware. It's almost assured that they're insane beyond human understanding, but they can hide it. Oh, they're good at falsehoods.

    You won't find a greater deceiver than a follower of dahak. You can say he's Deception and Betrayal Incarnate.

    Tread carefully. Don't even think about using stuff like detect evil. Might as well try to listen for an assassin's footsteps on a crowded plaza.

    Honestly, if you err on the side of caution with mere orcs and drow, you'd best take no chances with tarnished dragons, especially tarnished Silvers. Among the Metallic Sept, few take the fall harder than silvers. The higehr they soar, you know. It's like crashing through the floor on the highest level of a tower. Once you start your way down, the other floors won't halt your fall.

    KaeYoss wrote:
    Carl Cascone wrote:
    What is the best way to learn Lore about Golarion?
    Beat up random sages and eat their brains.

    Bring it on, punk. I know things. Like to kill you with my toenail. And I have ten of them.

    This is NOT a double post.



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    The 6th Act of Iomidae was grappling with dagon without losing her virtue.

    seekerofshadowlight wrote:

    HD=d8 a good HD that puts them above both commoners and experts

    It's not hard to be above commoners, but above experts, they're not. Not in Beta.

    seekerofshadowlight wrote:

    BAB is 2nd best in the game lets em be compatant in the battle field

    It's the 2nd worst in the game!

    seekerofshadowlight wrote:

    Skill points do not match a worldly bookish type but more the fighter and the paladins

    What are you talking about? Both wizards and sorcerers get the same amount. Barbarians (rabid battleragers) get more. And let's not even start about rangers.

    In the beginning, there was nothing. Then Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked nothing in the face and told it to get a job. Thus, the multiverse was born.

    Epic Meepo wrote:
    Once the Bestiary is released, Paizo needs to hold a contest where customers are asked to count the number of invisible stalkers on the cover.

    It's more of a philosophical question: How many invisible stalkers can hide on a book cover?

    This has baffled Golarion's philosophers for millenia, until a Vudrani found the answer: As many as want to.

    The guy's name's Irori, and he did get something out of that moment of enlightenment.

    flash_cxxi wrote:
    Teach wrote:
    They're curious and open to experimentation.
    Isn't that how you get more Gnomes? ;)

    Among other things. Curiousity killed the cat. It wasn't so nice to the gnomes.

    Surely you cannot object to gnomes!

    You can sic them on dwarves. Gnomes are great pranksters, they're curious and open to experimentation. And they like it best to do their pranks and experiments on people without humour, or only the sort of rumour that considers fart jokes to be high comedy. You know which race with stonecunning I'm talking about.

    In the Academae, we're currently compiling a list of gnome methods of dwarven beard removal. We're writing very tightly, and have 5 scribes under magical influence (SUMIs) write at all times - we're at volume 30 right now, and the raw observations from our scryers come in faster then we can write those books.

    We teach those methods to our most talented and hardened bards, who tell them to others to make them die of laughing. We've started this only recently, and liked it so much we introduced it to the standard curriculum as "deadly performance". You can also sing about it or mime it. It's a killer!

    Set wrote:

    After doing all of that, beating a dwarf to death would be a mercy killing.

    No one can say that I'm not merciful.

    *Embarks on a crusade of mercy*

    By the way, sorry for replying so late: I found a dwarf on the way and had to bury it.

    I would have been faster, but it struggled so much it held me up.

    Daniel Moyer wrote:
    Punching through a 20 AC to get to a Dwarven Fighter's 20 HP with your bare hands... and I assure you he wouldn't be using bare hands in return when he has access to a Dwarven Waraxe. Good luck! :D

    You disarm, disarmour, tie up, and shave them first.

    At last, the gods revealed why dwarves get a bonus to constitution and thus more hit points: It's so that if you beat a dwarf to death with your bare hands, it will take longer, prolonging your enjoyment!

    The 8th Dwarf wrote:

    Don't waste my time dribbling meaningless excuses about your lack of courage.

    Def. Courage: Glorified recklessness and lack of common sense.

    The 8th Dwarf wrote:

    I'm assuming that your human Teach, judging by the smell

    Or, rather, lack of smell.

    And of course I'm human. I'm educated. Something we humans often manage in 20-30 years, but which certain stubby races never attain even after hundreds of years.

    And intelligence also plays a role. It enables you to learn from your mistakes, so you don't have to repeat them. That's why we humans thrive. Few of us have ancestries that read like: "Rolf Stonebeard, died in kobold ambush; Father: Krulg Ironaxe, died in kobold ambush; Father: Torg Metalhammer, died in kobold ambush........"

    Of course, the bogged-down races call this "inconsistency". They don't understand that doing something in a certain way just because it has always been done that way isn't a good idea - especially if it hasn't worked well that way to begin with.

    That's why we don't care for tradition and rule the world.

    The 8th Dwarf wrote:

    Oh poor little flower.... Get ye back to your fluffy bunny herding and when the big bad turns up remember its always the Dwarves in the front line sacrificing their lives so you can flutter about your weedy gardens and perform bad street theatre and interpretive dance.

    Actually, I heard that elves always paint the picture with darker colours and then send the dwarves in first to be slaughtered by the hundred, even if with a little tactic, half a dozen halflings could have resolved the situation with as much success. And then, everyone has a good laugh at the gritsuckers' expense.

    I believe this is the best version of D&D yet!

    Vexer wrote:

    Okay, Amiri might not have annihilated her tribe, but in the modern American legal system she'd be facing multiple counts of homicide and the threat of life imprisonment. At least Selty can claim that the thieves he killed were acts of self-defense, but Amiri wasn't facing any imminent threat from her jerkwad kinfolk. And, frankly, although she's hot as hell in her barbarian digs, I wouldn't want a dangerous loose cannon like her on my team.

    I can see that.

    Judge: "You're accused of murdering several people in cold blood. How do you plead"
    Amiri: Cold? It was boiling hot. It still is. Cut my throat now and you'll be hit by a stream of boiling blood that would blast off half your face and burn off the rest. And that's because those guys sent me to my death, they wanted me to die in a battle against frost giants."
    Judge: "Frost giants."
    Amiri: "Yes, y'honor. They're a real pest around our tribal grounds."
    Judge: "Tribal."
    Amiri: "That's what I said. I got one of their swords. It's huge. I can only lift it if I use my rage ability, which grants me superhuman strength."
    Judge: "Superhuman strength."
    Amiri: "Oh yes. And more. I can even make my sword burst out in flames when I rage."
    Judge: "Flaming sword, eh? CASE DISMISSED. Find a nice nuthouse for her. Probably one of those D&D victims, they can't tell real life from fantasy. Next thing she claims that she did it all in Middle Earth"
    Amiri: "Middle what? No, I'm the Realm of the Mammoth Lords."
    Judge: "I'm outta here. Wrong court, apparently. This is the US. Why do I get all hte nutty cases? Cleptomaniac actresses, people suing over their campers because they don't drive themselves when you make coffee in the kitchen, and now this.

    Prime Evil wrote:
    Russell Akred wrote:
    That goblin looks familiar. Just can't put my clawed finger on it.
    Are you two related?

    All goblins are. Twice. At the very least.

    Cosmo wrote:
    Teach wrote:

    Yeah. I almost expected a link to (too bad they stomped that link.)

    Not completely.


    Rimlar wrote:
    Teach wrote:
    Yeah. I almost expected a link to (too bad they stomped that link.)

    Years ago. You've been thinking about that all this time?


    Of course. I fondly remember all the people I surprised with that one. The possibilities were endless!

    -Anvil- wrote:

    Well there is a difference in your example because one can fly the other can't. But I understand your point. I actually forgot Size mod is added into CMB.

    And it's the mod that gets better if you get bigger.

    By the way, you're wrong: The little brother can fly if you get a friend to toss him!

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