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Full Name

Tarra Spindlethorn




rogue 2 ( PFS # 4141-2) Ac16T14Ff13, HP:17/17, F+2,R+6,W+2. Perception:+8, Initiative:+4







Special Abilities

sneak attack 1d6, trapfinding.


nuetral good




Common, Halfling, Elven and Goblin



Strength 13
Dexterity 15
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 15

About Tarra Spindlethorn

Tarra Spindlethorn
HD:2d8+2+2Fc, Hp:17, Speed:20', Initiative:+4
BAB:+1, Melee:+2, Ranged:+4, CMB:+1, CMD:14
AC:16(+1size, +2 l.armor, +2Dex, +1 Dodge)T:14, Ff:13
Fort:+2, Reflex:+6, Will:+2

+4 melee small silver sickle 1d4 /X2 slashing
+4 melee small cold iron light mace 1d4+1 /X2 bludgeoning
+5 ranged small MW composite shortbow(+1) 1d4+1 /X3 70' inc. 20 arrows


Tarra's Early childhood was a nightmare. She didn't lose her parents, she never knew them. Just vague memories of elderly Halfling women, all much to old to be her mother. Then nothing but the mean streets of Cheliax.

She ran the streets for years, honing her skills of escape and stealth, and pickpocketing. She got caught many times, but always managed to escape. Until she crossed a better thief.
Davinder was a great thief and burglar, with a benign attitude. He didn't hurt her or turn her in to anybody. He took her under his wing and trained her to be better.

Eventually she found out that he was a pathfinder agent, and that some of their shared adventures were actually missions for the Society. She liked this idea, and petitioned to join.
Accepted and elated.

Tarra and Davinder had a good year with many missions. It was THE life.
For a human, Davinder was wonderful and the closest thing to family she ever had. So when a quest in Galt went sour, with Davinder being crippled, she felt all was lost.

Another agent was checking on them and helped them escape back to Absalom, where to her dismay, his crippling proved to be permanent.
Desperate to help, she took any and all missions, searching for something to fix Davinder, to no avail so far. Seeing her drive herself so recklessly and dangerously, One of the heads of the Society stepped in and asked her to calm down. He told her that he would foot the bill for Davinder's care, and set the ex' field agent up in a research position, at the grand lodge. He has been well cared for ever since.

After this Tarra became a loyal follower and agent of the Society, almost to a fanatical level. She SERVES the Society.

Tho she is still on the lookout for a wish or other such magic to cure Davinder!

PFS info:

PFS #4141-2
purchased a wand of CLW with 2 PP
1032 gold earned.
Purchased 2 flasks of both acid and aclhy fire -60 gp
MW composite shortbow(+1)-450gp
Mw thieves tools-100gp
Glass River Rescue-completed-1XP
The Confirmation-completed-1xp
Destiny of the Sands Pt1-A Bitter Bargain
-boon?-Subtle Revenge- may have messed up Torch's plans in the future...


Acrobatics:+9 (+2rank,+2Dex, +3class, +2racial)
Bluff:+7 (+2rank, +2Cha, +3class)
Disable Device:+10 (+2rank, +2Dex, +3class, +1rait +2 equipment)
Escape Artist:+7 (+2rank, +2Dex, +3class)
Knowledge(Dungeoneering):+7 (+2rank, +2Int, +3class)
Perception:+8 (+2rank, +1Wis, +3class, +2racial)
Sleight of hand:+7 (+2rank, +2Dex, +3class)
Stealth:+11 (+2rank, +2Dex, +3class, +4size)
Swim:+6 (+2rank, +1Str, +3class)
UMD:+7 (+2rank, +2Cha, +3class)

Feats, Rogue Abilities:

Weapon Finesse
Sneak Attack 1d6
Rogue Talent-Dodge


Vagabond Child-+1trait bonus to Disable Device
Reactionary-+2 initiative


Leather armor, Small Silver Sickle, Small Cold Iron Light Mace, Thieves tools, 3 Sunrods, 50' silk rope, backpack, grappling hook, small steel mirror, waterskin, MW composite shortbow(+1), 20 arrows.2 flasks of acid, 2 flasks of alchemist fire, wand of CLW 50 charges.
433gp, 4sp, 9cp.