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Crossblooded Sorcerer 3 | HP (17/17) | AC 20 | T 14 | FF 16 | CMB 0| F +3 | R +4 | W +2| Init + 3| Perc +9 | Status: Normal








Neutral Good




Gnome, Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Ignan



Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Tarial

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Female Crossblooded Sorcerer of Elemental Fire and Draconic Bloodlines 3
Neutral Good Small Humanoid (Gnome)
Initiative; +3 Perception +9

AC 20 touch 14 flat-footed 16 - Base (10) - Dexterity (3) - Small (1) - Armour (4) - Natural Armour (1) - Shield (1)
hp 17
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +2

Speed 20 ft.
Attack Ray of Cold (Fire) - +5 to Hit - 1d3+2 damage - x20 crit.


Level 0 - at will - DC 14
Light - Cause an object touched to shed light as a tourch.
Read Magic - Read all magical scripts.
Detect Magic - Sense magic, and divine its nature.
Ray of Frost - Inflict 1d3 points of cold damage to a target.
Prestidigitation - Create a number of small magical effects.

Level 1 Spells - 7 per day - DC 15
Burning Hands - Inflict 1d4 points of damage per caster level in a 15ft cone.
Snowball - Fires a small ball of snow that causes other issues, inflicting 1d6 per caster level (Conjuration DC 16).
Bloodline Spell - Mage Armor - Magically reinforce a caster’s armour by +4 AC for 1 hour per caster level (Conjuration DC 16).

Spell-Like Abilities - Once each per day
Dancing Lights - Create up to four small balls of light.
Flare - Dazzle a target on a failed Fortitude save.
Prestidigitation - Create a number of small magical effects.
Produce Flame - Create a flame for illumination or offence.


Str 8 Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14 Wis 10, Cha 18
Base Atk +1; CMB 0; CMD 14
1st - Spell Focus (Conjuration) - Increase the DC of all Conjuration spells by 1.
3rd - Varisian Tattoo (Conjuration) - Increase the Caster Level of all Conjuration Spells by 1.
Blood of Dragons - Gain +1 to Perception.
Havok of the Society - Increase damage from all spells by 1. Illuminator - Increase Diplomacy by +2, and it becomes a Class Skill
Drawbacks Occult Bargain - Take a -1 penalty on concentration checks, if a secret name can’t be spoken can’t replenish spells.
Racial Traits
Small - Increase AC and to hit by +1, increase Stealth by +4, decrease CMB and CMD by -1.
Pyromaniac - Increase all fire spells and abilities using the Elemental Fire Bloodline by +1. Gain Dancing Lights, Produce Flame, Flare and Predestination as Spell Like Abilities.
Gift of Tongues - Gain +1 on Bluff and Diplomacy, learn 2 languages for each point in Linguistics.
Keen Senses - +2 to Perception.
Obsessive - +2 to one Craft or Profession skill.
Fey Thoughts - Climb and Swim become Class Skills.
Skills - Bluff +8, Climb +3, Diplomacy +13, Perception +9, Stealth +11, Swim +3, Use Magic Device +8
Background Skills - Craft (Food) +10, Linguistics +9
Languages Gnome, Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Ignan
Combat Gear Mithral Buckler.
Other Gear Traveler’s Outfits x 3
Money 75gp (+1500 gp)
Special Abilities

Crossblooded - Gain powers and abilities from two bloodlines, but at the cost of a -2 to Will and one less spell known each level.
Draconic Bloodline - The blood of Dragons flows within the character, granting Perception as a bonus class skill.
- Arcana - Each time a spell with the fire descriptor that inflicts damage is cast, add +1 for each dice used.
- Draconic Resistance - Gain +1 Natural Armour and resist fire 5.
Elemental Fire Bloodline - A connection to the Planes of Fire grants various benefits
- Arcana - Whenever a spell is cast with an energy type it can be changed to Fire..
- Elemental Ray - Usable 3 plus the charisma modifier each day, inflict 1d6 +1 per two caster levels in fire damage.

At an impressively short, even by Gnome standards, 3ft tall exactly Tarial is rarely the first person noticed in any room. Thin and lithe with lightly tanned skin, she’s not at all intimidating, but offers a ready smile and a quick grin.

Tarial’s hair is a light red with blonde highligts when the sunlight hits it, usually tied back in a long and impressive braid wound around the back of her haid. Three feet is hair looks even more impressive when you’re only three feet tall, but awkward when adventuring. Her eyes are the colour of burnished gold, not an unusual colour for a Gnome.
Running down from her right hand, along her arm and up to her shoulder and upper back are a series of tattoos that take the form of bright golden scales that form Varissian runes and symbols. The even run along her fingers and the palm of her hand.

As a spellcaster, Tarial doesn’t wear armour and favours simple, light dresses in dark reds, burgundies and dark yellow and leather sandals. She does wear a mithral buckler on one arm as an additional protection, but most of the time relies on both her magic and draconic blood for protection.

She prefers to wear jasmine perfume and usually smells of that and soap. Tarial’s voice is a mezzo-soprano, perhaps a little deeper than one would expect for someone her size.

Cheerful and bubbly, Tarial’s dedication to Sarenrae is most exemplified by her desire to help those who need it. She enjoys helping those in need with a problem. And she likes burn those who reject the Dawnflower’s blessings and harm innocents.

Tarial struggles somewhat with the dual nature of the fire in herself - the necessity, the warmth that gives life, and the destructive force that destroys. She enjoys using her powers, enjoys fighting and enjoys the power of fire, and finds it a little disturbing that she does. She relies on the teachings of Sarenrae to guide her actions, not entirely trusting her own judgement.

Excitable, Tarial likes to take risks, but doesn’t enjoy forcing them on others. She’s aware that this does include getting killed herself. If she isn’t there to support people, it increases the risks to her allies, which somewhat negates her risk taking tendencies.

Some people are born lucky, born pretty, born strong or born wise. The truly blessed can be born with all sorts of benefits and gifts.

Being born dead is rarely the start one wishes for their child.

But that was the horrifying situation Tarial’s mother found herself in as her new daughter entered the world cold, limp and unbreathing. Weeping and tearful, she begged for anyone - anything - with the power to save her child to do so, to come to this place and save her baby. She didn’t care about the cost, and would gladly pay whatever price was needed.

Something took her up on her offer.

Appearing in a cloud of flame so intense it melted the varnish of the wooden beams above and seared the soft rugs below to ashes, the hooded figure stood cloaked in smoke and the haze of pure heat. It asked a simple question: Any price at all?

Tarial’s mother wept the only response a true mother could: ”Yes.”

Moving like living flame itself, the figure moved across the room in the space between a blink, and leaned down to the limp, blue child so small she could fit on a small plate, and whispered a word into the baby's ear.

And she drew in a shuddering breath.

Holding the baby close as warm pink flowed to the child’s skin, her mother’s tears continued to flow in pure joy and relief. But a bargain was a bargain, and she looked up to see what the fire wanted. It is hard, however, to ask questions of a creature no longer present. Only the smell of fire and char remained.

And so the baby - Tarial, as she was named - lived, and grew. Perhaps not by as much as her mother might wish, as she was a small child, but lived and grew she did. Although her mother never told her what had happened of the bargain made to save the child, she knew. She grew up completely aware of what had happened, and that the single word that floated in her mind was never to be spoken to another soul.

Time passed, as it tends to do regardless of our personal hopes, and the child grew older until she could barely be called a child at all, but a young woman. Her family was rich in terms of history, with many wild stories. One such held that a gold dragon was an ancestor of theres, and when Tarial began to manifest sorcerous abilities it seemed to have been confirmed. But...something was odd about these gifts.

It was certainly a surprise when Tarial managed to set fire to a small barn while casing an ice spell.

Somehow she had re-worked the spell to change it at its fundamental level, to change its very elemental nature. This was not unheard of...but she also clearly possessed Draconic abilities, and it was all slightly confusing. The term ‘crossblooded’ was bandied about, and seemed to stick. Such things were in the various books her tutors consulted, after all. It took longer to recognize the connection to Elemental Fire, although no one was really sure where such power had come from. Tarial’s mother, however, remembered the birthing chamber...

The call of two different sets of blood, both of which seemed to prefer solving problems with large doses of fire, was a struggle for the young girl to work against. Her mother contacted the local temple of Sarenrae, and the priests and clerics there began to teach Tarial about the gifts of fire. That it brought warmth, life and love the world. Without the sun's fire the world would be cold, lifeless, more barren than any rock.

But fire uncontrolled was destructive, dangerous. One of the elements that made a difference between the sentient and non-sentient races, even those such as Goblins and Orcs, was the power to master fire, to use it safely and skillfully without danger. But fire also demanded respect and care - failure to give it such could result in truly horrible effects.

Tarial learned about fire, and in the process learned about the Goddess Sarenrae, her calling and her teachings. The Gnome adopted the Goddess as her own, and when she was finally of an age to journey into the world, it was with the symbol of Sarenrae around her neck and her teachings ringing in her mind.

And that one, single name.

From the small town of her birth Tarial decided that bigger was better, and headed to the city of Magnimar. There, she decided that the simplest way to find adventure was to join the Pathfinder Society. However, after several missions from the group ended poorly or at least in a fashion that Tarial found uncomfortable she left the group, looking for work on her own terms

Since then she’s had a number of small adventures. She helped a Varisian caravan, gaining the secrets of there tattoos as a result. She defeated a Kobold champion, unlocking more of her Draconic heritage and turning her tattoos to golden scales. And now, she journeys further afield, looking for more challenges.