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human [Shoanti]


cavalier 10




Medium - 6'7" 350lbs



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Common, Shoanti

About Tanrov-Speaks-With-Beasts

Tanrov is a young shoanti warrior hailing from the Velashu Uplands. Despite being a sparse 20 years of age, Tanrov is already a towering specimen, nearing seven feet tall. Gifted with the burly muscular physique of a people that are bred for war, the young shoanti is the spitting image of the strapping warrior. Unlike his more seasoned kin, his dusky skin is bereft of any elaborate tattoowork and a mop of tawny hair sits on top of his head.

He's armored in a suit of iron plate with a strikingly detailed image of a bucking bull aurochs embossed on its chestpiece. Hanging from his back, attached by a harness worn on around his broad torso, is a massive earthbreaker-hammer. A series of hide pouches of assorted sizes hang from a thick fighting girdle around his waist.

Tanrov and his two older brothers left their tribe when Tanrov himself was just a boy of barely 10 summers. The trio wandered for a bit until they fell in with a troupe of mercenaries, the Stolen Swords. The mercenary captain took the three Shoanti under his wing and signed them on as Swords.

While his two older brothers fought, Tanrov himself was too young to go to war. Instead he spent his days training with the troupe's master-at-arms - an imposing grizzled Kellid warrior. With his natural size, strength, and aggression the youth excelled at the weapon drills (and even took a liking to the master-at-arm's favored weapon, the earthbreaker). Tanrov's biggest contribution to his mercenary family was being a natural when it came to the camp's animals. All of the troupe's dogs would eagerly perform tricks for him and there was no horse he couldn't break with enough time.

The years passed and Tanrov grew into manhood. He eventually grew old enough to serve alongside his brothers. One day, while on leave drinking at a bar in Absalom, his brothers and a few of his comrades from the Swords dared the young warrior to apply for membership with the infamous Pathfinders. Fueled by youthful bravado, and no shortage of spirits, Tarnov waited at the Grand Lodge's doors and applied.

To his drunken surprise, he was admitted.