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Full Name

Tamon Si


Acrobatics +4 Athletics +1 Bluff +0 Computers +7 Culture +4 Diplomacy +0 Disguise +0 Engineering +7 Intimidate +0 LifeSci +8 Medicine +4 Mysticism +1 Perc +2 PhysSci +7 Piloting +3 SM -2 SoH +7 Stealth +4 Surv +1


Engineer +7 Science +7 Gunner +3 Pilot +3 Captain I+0/D+0/B+0


Male Diasporan Android Scholar Technomancer/2 (SP 10/10 HP 14/14 RP 4/4 | EAC:14 KAC:15 | F:+0 R:+3 W:+3 | Init:+3 | Perc:+2 Low-light, Darkvision 60ft | Move:30ft) | ALR +4 d8F/Burn d6 TADR +4 d8A&P/Corr d4 | SC 1/1 Spells 1:2/3

About Tamon Si

Medium Male Humanoid (Android) Scholar:

A well dressed (for last year's style) android, somewhat androgynous but still perceptibly presenting as male, he glows with circuitry when feeling emotions or thinking.


BIOS initiated...
serial identifier: †@m0n-51
autonomic systems started.
You are...(calculating)...Tamon 51. Your purpose is...(accessing)...edical r...(WARNING: register 0xCAr0C0G1TATU5 corrupted)...ic combat retr...(ERROR: unrecoverable memory corruption in submodule self.getPurpose())...unknown. Your purpose is unknown.


Max SP 10 ((5+0)x2) Max HP 14 (4+(5)x2) Max RP 4 (2/2+3) Initiative +3 Vision Low-light, Darkvision 60ft Move 30ft BAB +0
Init=(Dex +3)

Classes/Alignment/Homeworld/Deity/XP/Fame/Infamy/Point Buy:

Classes Technomancer/2 Alignment LG Homeworld Diaspora Deity Casandalee XP 3 Fame 5 Infamy 0 Point Buy 10

EAC 14 KAC 15:

(Base +10, EAC +1, KAC +2, Dex +3, Natural Armor +0, Dodge +0, Deflection +0)
Armor Check -0 Max Dex +5 SR 0% DR -

Fort +0 Refl +3 Will +3:

Fortitude Base +0 Con +0 Magic +0
Reflex Base +0 Dex +3 Magic +0
Will Base +3 Wis +0 Magic +0


Acrobatics +3 (DEX +4, Ranks +1, Armor -0)
Athletics +1 (STR +0, Ranks +1, Armor -0)
Bluff +0 (CHA +0, Ranks +0)
+*Computers +7 (INT +3, Ranks +1, Class +3)
+ Culture +4 (INT +3, Ranks +1)
Diplomacy +0 (CHA +0, Ranks +0)
Disguise +0 (CHA +0, Ranks +0)
+*Engineering +7 (INT +3, Ranks +1, Class +3)
Intimidate +0 (CHA +0, Ranks +0)
+*Life Science +8 (INT +3, Ranks +1, Class +3, Scholar +1) +5 bioengineering
+ Medicine +4 (INT +3, Ranks +1)
+*Mysticism +1 (WIS +0, Ranks +1)
Perception +2 (WIS +0, Ranks +2)
+*Physical Science +7 (INT +3, Ranks +1, Class +3)
*Piloting +3 (DEX +3, Ranks +0)
Sense Motive -2 (WIS +0, Ranks +0, Racial -2)
+*Sleight of Hand +7 (DEX +3, Ranks +1, Class +3, Armor -0)
Stealth +4 (DEX +3, Ranks +1, Armor -0)
Survival +1 (WIS +0, Ranks +1)
(* = Class Skill, + = Trained Only)

Languages: Common, Brethedan, Goblin, Vesk

=== Special Qualities ===
Spell Cache 1/day cast any one spell known
Empowered Weapon Move action, expend spell slot for +1 to hit and +1d6 damage per spell level
Hideaway limb, standard (Right Arm) Hacking toolkit
Hideaway limb, standard (Right Leg) Fire extinguisher
Hideaway limb, standard (Left Leg) Engineering toolkit
Vocal modulator (Throat)

=== Weapons === BAB +1 Str +0 Dex +3
Azimuth Laser Rifle +4 (1d8 F/Burn 1d6) 120ft, Fusion Seal: Glamered (typically displays as a belt)
Tactical Acid Dart Rifle +4 (1d8 A&P/Corrode 1d4) 80ft analog, Fusion Seal: Glamered (typically displays as a necktie)
Survival Knife +4 (1d4 S/—) L analog, operative
Unarmed Strike +1 (1d3+0 B) Archaic, nonlethal

=== Spells === Concentration +5 (CL (+2) + Int (+3) + Feat (+0))
Technomancer 1 DC14 3/day
Comprehend Languages (T1) [divination, std, personal, -, 10 min/lvl, None (harmless), SR no (harmless)] You can understand the spoken or signed words of creatures or read otherwise incomprehensible written or tactile messages. The enables you to attempt Computers checks on those materials without penalties.
Grease (T1) [conjuration (creation), std, Close, 10ft square or one object, 1 min/lvl (D), Refl partial, SR no] Reflex or fall prone; walk 1/2 speed with Acrobatics DC10; object dropped if Reflex fail, repeat every round; bonuses to escape Grapple.
Magic Missile (T1) [evocation (force), std, Medium, up to 3 creatures 15ft apart, instant, None, SR no] Two missiles unerringly strike target(s) for 1d4+1; Three missiles if Full Action
Technomancer 0 DC13 unlimited use
Detect Magic (M0 T0) [divination, std, 60ft, cone, Conc up to 1 min/lvl, None, SR no You detect all magic spells, effects, items, and objects (including those on or affecting creatures you can see), as well as hybrid items, in the area. You can’t detect magical traps in this way.
Mending (T0) [transmutation, 10min, 10ft, one object up to 1 bulk, instant, Will neg (harmless, object), SR yes (harmless, object) Construct or object repaired 1d4 HP; if 1/2 or more HP, broken condition is removed.
Psychokinetic Hand (M0 T0) [transmutation, std, Close, one unattended object of no more than 10 lbs. or 1 bulk, Concentration, none, SR no] You point your finger at the target object, gaining the ability to lift it and move it at will from a distance.
Telepathic Message (M0 T0) [divination (language-dependent, mind-affecting), std, Medium, 1 creature/lvl, 10 min/lvl, None, SR no Send short (10 words max) telepathic messages to creatures you can see or hear; living creatures within 10ft can eavesdrop with Perception DC25; can send to computer or construct.

Ability Scores: STR 10 (+0) DEX 16 (+3) CON 10 (+0) INT 17 (+3) WIS 10 (+0) CHA 10 (+0)


250 Second Skin (+1, +2, +5, -, -, 1, L)
425 Laser rifle, azimuth (1d8 F/Burn 1d6) 120ft 20 charges 1 1 —
485 Acid dart rifle, Tactical (1d8 A & P/Corrode 1d4) 80ft 10 darts 1 1 analog
95 Knife, survival (1d4 S/—) L analog, operative
1 Clothing, everyday L
3 Hygeine kit 1
3 Starstone compass L
20 Tool kit, engineering (Hands —, Bulk L, Capacity —, Usage —) Removes -2 penalty
20 Tool kit, hacking (Hands —, Bulk L, Capacity —, Usage —) Required for Computer checks (hideaway arm)
50 x3 Serum of healing, mk 1 L 1d8 Hit Points
60 Battery -
20 Dart (x25)
5 x3 Cable line, 10ft titanium alloy (Hands —, Bulk L/10 ft., Capacity —, Usage —)
15 Fire extinguisher (Hands 1, Bulk L, Capacity 20, Usage 1/round)
150 Hideaway limb, standard (Right Arm)
150 Hideaway limb, standard (Right Leg)
150 Hideaway limb, standard (Left Leg)
125 Vocal modulator (Throat)
132 Fusion Seal: Glamered (Azimuth Laser Rifle)
132 Fusion Seal: Glamered (Tactical Acid Dart Rifle)
Credits 725

=== Feats ===
Weapon Proficiency Longarms

=== Technomancer Class === HP 5; SP 5+CON; light armor, basic melee, small arms
Skills (4+INT/level) Computers, Engineering, Life Science, Mysticism, Physical Science, Piloting, Profession, Sleight Of Hand
Spells You cast spells drawn from the technomancer spell list. The save DC is 10+(SpellLevel)+(INT). You can cast any technomancer spell you know at any time, assuming you have not yet used up your allotment of spells per day for the spell’s level. You can also cast a spell using a higher-level spell slot. You can also decipher magical inscriptions that would otherwise be unintelligible or, as a full action, identify any spells encoded in a spell gem. This does not normally invoke the magic contained within, although it may do so in the case of a Cursed or trapped spell gem.
Spell Cache (Su) As the culmination of your early study of the fundamental forces of the galaxy, you have created a spell cache that allows you to store and access spells. Your spell cache could be a device such as a handheld computer or technological implant; an item such as a ring or staff; or a symbol such as a brand, tattoo, or other permanent modification to your body. While you don’t need your spell cache to cast your spells, once per day, you can activate your spell cache to cast any one spell you know and are capable of casting, even if you’ve expended all your spell slots for that spell’s level. If your spell cache is damaged, it is restored to full Hit Points the next time you prepare spells. If the spell cache is lost or destroyed, you can replace it after 1 week with a special ritual that takes 8 hours to complete.
Magic Hack You have carefully studied the forces that define magic and can manipulate them. You learn your first magic hack at 2nd level, and you learn an additional magic hack every 3 levels thereafter. When casting a spell, you can apply no more than one magic hack that affects the attributes of a spell (such as distant spell or extended spell). If a magic hack allows a saving throw to resist its effects, the DC is equal to 10 + half your technomancer level + your Intelligence modifier.

=== Magic Hacks ===
Empowered Weapon (Su) As a move action, you can expend an unused spell slot to reconfigure and enhance a weapon you’re wielding. Until the start of your next turn, your attacks with the enhanced weapon gain a bonus to attack rolls equal to the level of the spell slot you expended. In addition, your attacks with that weapon deal 1d6 additional damage per level of the expended spell slot. This damage is of the same type the weapon normally deals.

=== Augmentations ===
Hideaway limb, standard (Arm) This compartment is hidden inside one of your limbs. You can conceal items inside and protect them with a simple passcode. The compartment can hold items of negligible bulk and items of light bulk that are either relatively small or can be folded or contracted to fit. A hideaway in a leg (in a human) can hold more than one in an arm, and the creature’s size also adjusts the capacity. The GM decides what can fit. When the compartment is closed, the seam in your flesh is difficult to detect. You gain a +2 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks to conceal items in a hideaway limb. Though this compartment can usually foil a simple pat down, most security checkpoints include a scan that can detect such devices. Retrieving an item from a hideaway limb is a move action instead of a standard action. This type of augmentation is for Small and Medium creatures only. Hideaway limbs for creatures larger than Medium typically cost more but can hold items of greater size or bulk. Nothing stored in a hideaway limb is considered part of the cybernetic, and the stored item does not gain the cybernetic’s immunity to attacks affecting technological devices.
Hideaway limb, standard (Right Leg)
Hideaway limb, standard (Left Leg)
Vocal modulator (Throat) A vocal modulator includes a series of miniature actuators built specifically to reshape your voice box, along with miniature hyper-resonant chambers that dynamically close or open. This allows you to change the pitch, timbre, and tone of your voice. You can more easily imitate accents or pronounce alien languages. When using Disguise to change your appearance, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus if the change in your voice also helps your disguise (at the GM’s discretion).

=== Racial Qualities ===
Android Medium Humanoid (android); DEX +2, INT +2, CHA -2; 4HP; human or construct (whichever is worse); +2 Save vs. disease/mind affecting/poison/sleep; do not breathe; can withstand vacuum; low-light vision; darkvision 60ft; -2 Sense Motive; +2 to opponents' Sense Motive; 1 armor upgrade slot
Constructed For effects targeting creatures by type, androids count as both humanoids and constructs (whichever effect is worse). They receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and sleep, unless those effects specifically target constructs. In addition, androids do not breathe or suffer the normal environmental effects of being in a vacuum.
Exceptional Vision Androids have low-light vision and darkvision. As a result, they can see in dim light as if it were normal light, and they can see with no light source at all to a range of 60 feet in black and white only.
Flat Affect Androids find emotions confusing and keep them bottled up. They take a –2 penalty to Sense Motive checks, but the DCs of Sense Motive checks attempted against them increase by 2.
Upgrade Slot Androids have a single armor upgrade slot in their bodies. Regardless of whether androids are wearing physical armor, they can use this slot to install any one armor upgrade that could be installed into light armor.

=== Theme (Scholar) ===
Theme Knowledge +1 INT; +1 Life Science bioengineering (class skill); +5 Life or Physical Science (your chosen specialty)

=== Boon Slots ===
Ally High Society Influence
Faction Second Seekers Champion
Social AbadarCorp Acquaintance
Starship Hero of the Stars

=== Factions ===
Wayfinders +2

=== Starship Combat ===
Captain Intimidate +0 Diplomacy +0 Bluff +0
Pilot Piloting +3
Engineer Engineering +7
Science Computers +7
Gunner Gunnery +3 ((BAB +0 or Piloting Ranks +0) + Dex +3)

=== Meta ===

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Levelup History:

1 Technomancer SP 5+0=5 HP 5+4=9 ST 10 (0 pts) DX 16 (4 pts) CN 10 (0 pts) IN 17 (4 pts) WS 10 (0 pts) CH 10 (2 pts)
Skills 4+3: Computers, Engineering, Life Science, Medicine, Perception, Physical Science, Sleight of Hand
Feats: Longarm Proficiency
2 Technomancer SP 5+0=5 HP 5
Skills 4+3: Acrobatics, Athletics, Culture, Mysticism, Perception, Stealth, Survival
Magic Hack: Empowered Weapon

Starfinder Society:

Player: Caro Cogitatus
Character: Tamon 51
PFS#: 106336-702
Homeworld: Diaspora
Faction: Wayfinders
Day Job: None
Wayfinders Reputation: 2
Initial Spend 250cr Second Skin, 425cr Laser rifle azimuth, 1cr Clothing, 3cr Hygeine kit, 3cr Starstone compass, 20cr Tool kit engineering, 20cr Tool kit hacking, 50cr cr Serum of healing mk 1, 60cr Battery
Fugitive On The Red Planet #152539 +1XP, +2 Fame, +719cr
Purchase: 5cr Cable line 30ft titanium alloy, 15cr Fire extinguisher, 150cr x3 Hideaway limb, 125cr Vocal modulator, 50cr x3 Serum of healing mk1, 132cr Fusion Seal: Glamered
Used: Serum of healing mk1
AbadarCorp Acquaintance (Social Boon) You have earned the respect of AbadarCorp.
The First Mandate #72977 +1XP, +1 Fame, +737cr
High Society Influence (Ally Boon) You have ingratiated yourself with Iteration-177, Naiaj, Ykris, and Zo!
Journey To The Scoured Stars: Segment 1 (Unidentified Boon) To be discovered...
Protector of the Future (Slotless Boon) Gain the Second Seekers Champion boon immediately.
Second Seekers Champion (Faction Boon) Gain influence with the Second Seekers faction.
Into The Unknown #253109 +1XP, +2 Fame, +720cr, Wayfinders +2
Purchase: Tactical Acid Dart Rifle -485cr, Fusion Seal: Glamered -132cr, Survival Knife -95cr, Ammo:Darts (25) -20cr
Hero Of The Stars (Starship Boon) Once only, when your starship goes below 0 HP, it regains 5*Tier HP.
Starfinder Insignia (Slotless Boon) Starfinder insignia secretly (Perc DC20) stores data as a Tier 1 datapad.
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