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Dhaunae Sunwake wrote:
"If we are going to potentially battle a dragon, it might be a good idea to find a safe place for the caravan. Preferably far away from the fighting." Dhaunae says, as her fellow godlings discuss seeking otu Jailry.

The merchant of Quelsk nods vigorously at this suggestion.

"Yes, I agree entirely, you and these other worthy ladies should absolutely go ahead, and my party will remain attentive until you finish whatever... business needs to be done at the Oasis."

Silvertail, Queen of Foxes wrote:

So these "Ancient Ones" had fearful powers over the mind? They sounded...


Sure, they wouldn't hold a candle to Titans, but she'd take what she could get.

But for now...

"We still have a question left, do we not?" she asks no one in particular, than turns to the corpse. "How does one pass the barrier around the oasis?"

After the answer she turns to the emissary and smiles up at him sweetly.

"I would suggest staying well back from us. We'll handle the problems, but there might be a bit of a mess."

Taliya glances at the felled trolls once again,

"A mess... yes, I can see that."

Alyln wrote:

She picks up the cards and places them once more in her Harrow deck.

"So this is what I think from your cards, you where forged by great forces, ones that would have broken others. They made you who you are, forging and indomitable soul that can't be bent to darkness. So here and now, there is a acting evil hidden hand that wants to put you in harms way. This hidden hand has working magics."

She says half to herself.

"Interesting a dark hand and the "Ancient Ones", magics I wounder..."

She hovers of the floor drifting upward as she seems lost in thought. Then snapped her fingers.

"I'm and idiot, a hidden hand who works great magics and linked to the "Ancient Ones"."

She slaps her forehead.

"I once read some scrolls, they talked of the "Ancient Ones" they sounded like the enigmatic mysterious subterranean race know as the slarecians,, Mind mages using powers of thought and persuasion and feared just by just about everyone."

She notices she floating and starts to sink back down again.

"BUT! In the scrolls also talked about a servant they had, which I think the Trolls where talking about, It was a great blue dragon know for being incredibly avaricious and territorial called."

She says in a low voice.


and looks about to see no one is there. Her true seeing always spotting the hidden.

"They said its territory was here in the desert reaches. At an oasis known as Khaldun. A semi-mythical refuge that's surrounded they say by magical enchanted pillars that form an great arcane barrier hiding and protects its master."

She gets up and taps her head.

"What if... if... old blue has had a change of heart, all these years getting richer and fatter, no boss to take its stuff till it what to do. Years in which to find ways to get out form under the full control of the "Ancient Ones" Years to plan thire downfall. Ianthe what if old blue is our evil hidden...

The emissary of Quelsk interrupts Aylyn's exposition as soon as the last nuggets of information have been delivered,

"Um, excuse me, but did I understand correctly that we're contemplating trespassing on the territory of an ancient and unfriendly blue dragon? That seems... not ideal."

She then gazes upon the scene of carnage surrounding her once again, taking note of the distended body of each troll,

"Second thought, I'm sure it will be fine. My own person, as well as my companions," she gestures at the two other riders from Quelsk, "will take up the rear, but you feel free to ride on ahead and scout out the situation at the Oasis of Khaldun, we in no way want to slow your progress."