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Full Name

Talar Drealev


Khazistani Nomad


Ranger 5 | AC 18, Touch 14, FF 14 | HP 52/57 | F +6, R +8, W +4 (+4 vs disease, +2 vs charm/compulsion/emotion) | Init +5 | Perc +11 (+2 with companion)








Yadar, Nhakhramat


Khazistani, Yar-Ammonite, Susrahnite

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 10

About Talar Drealev

Male Khazistani Nomad Ranger 5
Medium Humanoid (Khazistani Nomad)
Init +5; Senses Perception +11 (+2 with companion)
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +4 dex)
hp 59
Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +4 (+4 vs disease, +2 vs charm, compulsion, and emotion effects)
Speed 20 ft. (15 ft. in armor)

Melee Scimitar +8 (1d6+2)
Ikhtanabu Xul's Dagger +8 (1d4+3) (undead bane)

Ranged All ranged attacks within 30 feet gain +1 to hit and +1 damage

Shortbow +11 (1d6+2)
DA Shortbow +9 (1d6+6)
RS Shortbow +9/+9 (1d6+2/1d6+2)
DA RS Shortbow +7/+7 (1d6+6/1d6+6)
All shortbow attacks within 30 feet gain an additional +2 damage

Susrhanite Longbow +11 (1d10+2)
DA Longbow +9 (1d10+6)
RS Longbow +9/+9 (1d10+2/1d10+2)
DA RS Longbow +7/+7 (1d10+6/1d10+6)

DR 2/- (in hide); 1/- (in fur)
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 10
Base Atk +5; CMB +7; CMD 21
Traits Principled, Veteran of Battle
Feats Khazistani Bow-Mastery, Mounted Archery, Iron Will, Endurance, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim, Boon Companion, Weapon Proficiency (Susrhanite Composite Longbow)*
Skills (32 points; 24 class, 4 human, 4 campaign)
ACP -2
(1) Acrobatics* +8
(0) Bluff -2
(1) Climb* +6
(2) Craft (bows) +5
(1) Craft (cooking) +4
(2) Handle Animal +5
(1) Heal +5
(1) Intimidate +4
(2) Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5
(1) Knowledge (geography) +4
(2) Knowledge (nature) +5
(1) Linguistics +4
(5) Perception +11 (+2 with companion)
(3) Ride* +12
(5) Sense Motive +9 (+2 with companion)
(1) Spellcraft +4
(5) Stealth* +12
(5) Survival +9 (+1/2 level tracking)
*ACP applies to these skills
Non-Standard Skill Bonuses
+2 Ride (race)
+2 Perception (race)
-2 Bluff (trait)
+1/2 level tracking (class)
+2 Perception with companion (class)
+2 Sense Motive with companion (class)
Languages Khazistani, Yar-Ammonite, Susrahnite

Special Abilities:

Khazistani Racial Traits +2 racial bonus to Ride and Perception skills; +1 racial bonus to attack rolls with all bows; Khazistani Bow-Mastery as a bonus feat; Mounted Archery as a bonus feat.

Khazistani Bow-Mastery [General Feat]
Your skill with the composite bow is legendary.

Prerequisite Dex 15; Point Blank Shot; must be trained by someone who already has this feat.

Benefit You automatically gain weapon proficiency with the Khazistani shortbow. Furthermore, any hit within point blank range (30 feet) with this weapon deals an additional +2 points of damage.)

Nomad Culture Traits

Ability Adjustment +2 to Dexterity

Proud Iron Will as bonus feat.

Unpredictable The character gains a «wild card» feat. As a standard action, the character can select any feat for which he meets the prerequisites. The selected feat remains active for the rest of the day. After the character rests for eight hours, the wild card feat slot resets to empty. This feat will be marked with an asterisk (*).

Bowlegged Base land speed 20 ft.

Principled You take a –2 penalty on Bluff checks and gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against charm, compulsion, and emotion effects.

Veteran of Battle You gain a +1 trait bonus on initiative checks, and if you are able to act during a surprise round, you may draw a weapon (but not a potion or magic item) as a free action during that round.

Favored Enemy (Humanoid (Nomad)) At 1st level, a ranger selects a creature type from the ranger favored enemies table. He gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against creatures of his selected type. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. A ranger may make Knowledge skill checks untrained when attempting to identify these creatures.

At 5th level and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th level), the ranger may select an additional favored enemy. In addition, at each such interval, the bonus against any one favored enemy (including the one just selected, if so desired) increases by +2. TBD

Track A ranger adds half his level (minimum 1) to Survival skill checks made to follow tracks.

Wild Empathy A ranger can improve the initial attitude of an animal. This ability functions just like a Diplomacy check to improve the attitude of a person (see Using Skills). The ranger rolls 1d20 and adds his ranger level and his Charisma bonus to determine the wild empathy check result. The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly. To use wild empathy, the ranger and the animal must be within 30 feet of one another under normal visibility conditions. Generally, influencing an animal in this way takes 1 minute, but, as with influencing people, it might take more or less time. The ranger can also use this ability to influence a magical beast with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2, but he takes a –4 penalty on the check.

Combat Style Feat (Archery) At 2nd level, a ranger must select one combat style to pursue. The ranger’s expertise manifests in the form of bonus feats at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level. He can choose feats from his selected combat style, even if he does not have the normal prerequisites. The benefits of the ranger’s chosen style feats apply only when he wears light, medium, or no armor. He loses all benefits of his combat style feats when wearing heavy armor. Once a ranger selects a combat style, it cannot be changed.

Endurance A ranger gains Endurance as a bonus feat at 3rd level.

Favored Terrain (Desert) At 3rd level, a ranger may select a type of terrain from Table: Ranger Favored Terrains. The ranger gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks when he is in this terrain. A ranger traveling through his favored terrain normally leaves no trail and cannot be tracked (though he may leave a trail if he so chooses).

Hunter’s Bond (Ramul) The ranger forms a close bond with an animal companion. This animal is a loyal companion that accompanies the ranger on his adventures as appropriate for its kind. A ranger’s animal companion shares his favored enemy and favored terrain bonuses. This ability functions like the druid animal companion ability (which is part of the Nature Bond class feature), except that the ranger’s effective druid level is equal to his ranger level –3.


1st (2/day)
Open Slot


Carrying Capacity
Light 0-66 lb. Medium 67-133 lb. Heavy 134-200 lb.
Current Load Carried 62.95 lb.

Money 483 GP 0 SP 0 CP (weight not factored in yet)
MWK Khazistani Composite Shortbow (rating 2) (600gp) (2 lb.)
MWK Susrahnite Longbow (rating 2) (625gp) (4 lb.)
MWK Scimitar (315gp) (4 lb.)
Curved Dagger x2 (4gp each) (1 lb. each)
Fur Armor (3gp) (5 lb.)
MWK Hide (15gp) (25 lb.)
Hot Weather Outfit (8gp) (4 lb.)
Filter Scarf (5gp)
Goggles (1gp)
MWK Backpack (50gp) (4 lb.)
Canteen (2gp) (1 lb.) (4 lb. when full)
Grey Desert Lotus x2 (150gp)
Ikhtanabu Xul's Dagger (10000gp), +1 Undead Bane Dagger & grants +4 on saves vs disease

Arrows 0.15 lb. per arrow (on person, one quiver for normal arrows on back and one quiver for special arrows on hip)
Common x20 (1gp)
Blunt x4 (0.4gp)
Grappling Arrow x2 (2gp) (1 lb.)
Smoke (10gp)
Splintercloud x4 (100gp)
Tanglefoot x2 (40gp)
Thistle x4 (4gp)
Trip x2 (50gp)
Whistling (0.1gp)

Arrows 0.15 lb. per arrow (carried by animal companion)
Common x22 (2gp)
Durable x20 (20gp)
Blunt x16 (1.6gp)
Grappling Arrow x2 (2gp) (1 lb.)
Smoke (10gp)
Thistle x4 (4gp)
Whistling (0.1gp)

Gear carried by animal companion
MWK Survival Kit (50gp) (5 lb.)
Rope, silk (100 ft.) (20gp) (10 lb.)
Heavy Wooden Shield (7gp) (10 lb.)
Bedroll & Blanket (0.6gp) (8 lb.)
Canteen x5 (10gp) (5 lb.) (20 lb. when full)
Cooking Kit (3gp) (16 lb.)
Heatstone x2 (40gp) (2 lb.)
Sunrod x4 (8gp) (4 lb.)
Trail Rations x2 (0.1gp) (2 lb.)
Animal Feed x2 (0.1gp) (20 lb.)

Khazistani Shortbow Two-handed exotic weapon (ranged); cost 100 gp; damage 1d6 (M); critical 18-20/x2; range increment 70 ft.; weight 2 lbs.; type: piercing. This small but powerful weapon is wielded by the horsemen of Khazistan, as well as the nomads of the Khazraj clans. All Khazistani shortbows have Strength ratings.

Longbow, Susrahnite Two-handed exotic weapon (ranged); cost 125 gp; damage 1d10 (M); critical 20/x3; range increment 120 ft.; weight 4 lbs.; type: piercing. The archers of Susrah are famed for their mighty composite longbows, which can kill a man from great range. All Susrahnite longbows have Strength ratings.

Fur Armor Light armor; cost 3 gp; armor bonus 1; maximum Dex bonus 8; armor check penalty 0; arcane spell failure chance 5%; speed 30 ft./30 ft.; weight 5 lbs. This armor, while no more than a heavy fur cloak, still provides some measure of protection against blows. It is a very common item, worn by northern barbarians, Khazistani horsemen, Zorabi hillmen and Ikuna savages, and others.

Grey Desert Lotus The powdered leaves of the Grey Lotus is a popular drug among the Khazraj nomads of the al-Khazi Desert. A creature that drinks a concoction of water mixed with the powdered leaves gains a +2 alchemical bonus to Strength for 1d3 hours, but must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or suffer 2 points of Wisdom damage. Another save must be made 1 minute later, and if failed the creature becomes nervous and skittish (treat as shaken). Craft (herbalism) DC: 20. Market Price: 75 gp.

Talar was born in the city of Zul-Bazzir to the descendants of Khazistani conquerors. His father was Saman Drealev, a minor officer in the Khazistani military. His mother was Rumina Katar, a healer employed by the military. The two first met when Saman was brought to Rumina after receiving a nasty leg wound, and her treatment prevented him from losing his leg.

Talar's parents were among the few soldiers loyal to Khadim Bey and the city of Zul-Bazzir as opposed to being a foreign mercenary who only fought for money. Although this earned the Drealev family a certain amount of respect among the upper class and political figures of the city, it also created a certain amount of disdain from the rest of the city defenders. When Jairanian mercenaries attempted to stage a fake raid on the city in order to leverage Khadim Bey into raising their wages, Saman uncovered their plot and had them turned into the governor. The ringleader Javeed was executed, but his fellow mercenaries did not forget what Saman did to their comrade.

Farshin was another Jairanian mercenary who had grown with Javeed, and his best friend's execution weighed heavily on him. He conspired with his fellow mercenaries and hired Khazrajite raiders to launch a real attack on the city. Knowing how the defenses of the city worked, they organized the raid to ensure that Saman would be directly involved in the fighting. Once the raid began Farshin used the confusion to stab Saman in the back, and his conspirators butchered Rumina as she was trying to help the wounded. Once the raiders were fended off and the dust settled, it appeared that Saman and Rumina were victims of the Khazrajites.

Talar was barely ten when his parents died and his younger sister Aisha was only four. They were taken in by Ghadir, an elderly bowyer and fletcher who had been fond of their parents. Ghadir tried to raise the orphaned children sheltered from the politics and strife of the city, but Talar was too filled with anger at the loss of his parents. He grew up a problematic child, constantly getting into scraps with other children and even the occasional city guard. Despite Ghadirs best efforts Talar knew a rough childhood and was much more visible than was ideal considering the controversy around his parents.

Although his father was gone, Talar heard much of his prowess as a warrior and the way other men spoke of him inspired Talar to follow in his father's footsteps. He took up his fathers sword and bow, believing he could honor the memory of his parents if he occupied the void they left in the world and avenge their deaths. Not only that but somebody had to defend his sister since their guardian was an old man far past his prime. He took guard posts, mercenary contracts, escorting jobs, anything that could give him more experience as a warrior.

As Talar grew of age he began venturing outside of Zul-Bazzir in an attempt to find his parents killers, taking his mothers horse Ramal. He started by searching the deserts for the Khazrajite raiders, but the ocean of sand was vast and his experience was lacking. He turned to asking questions of the neighboring cities of Yemar, Ibar, and Khadis in an attempt to track the movement of the nomads. Although he never found a lead, asking so many questions while having the last name Drealev eventually got around to the nomads, who decided to come find him instead.

As Talar was crossing to the Yirlat Oasis he was stopped by a band of Khazrajites. Talar knew the great danger he was in but also saw the opportunity and asked to know the identity of his parents killers in exchange for silver. The Khazrajites knew of the raid he was talking about, and informed him that the raid was paid for by a Jairanian mercenary within the city. At first he didn't believe them but as they continued to talk the truth dawned on him. He remembers standing over his parents bodies that night, and there were no scimitar wounds on them. Devastated at the betrayal and the misdirection, he collapsed to his knees. The Khazrajite nomads were content to rob him and leave him to the desert, but one of their number decided to take him under her wing.

Shamira was a Khazrajite woman who pitied Talar. She told him she had also suffered betrayal and knew how cruel it could be. She fed and sheltered him as he finally moved through the stages of grief for his parents. He fell into destructive habits to cope and ended up becoming addicted to Grey Desert Lotus. Through the entire process Shamira protected him, knowing he needed to accept the reality of the death of his parents before moving on. And when the time came, she brought him out of his stupor and slowly back towards being able to function on his own again. For months his only anchor in the world was Shamira and he ended up falling in love with her.

Years passed and Talar acclimated to the life of a Khazrajite nomad, but he was never happy. He was only going through the motions of life. The betrayal and murder of his parents still clouded his mind, and the guilt of abandoning his sister weighed heavily on him. Shamira suggested a return to Zul-Bazzir to avenge his parents and be reunited with his sister. He was loath to do so until Shamira revealed she had been investigating and learned the identity of the man who betrayed his parents. Farshin. It was the first thing that had excited Talar in years and he agreed, letting Shamira gather a group of raiders for the attack.

The day of vengeance came for Talar and he sneaked back into the city with Shamira and a dozen of her warriors in the dead of night. He directed them to his home where they found his sister sleeping in her bed. Talar woke Aisha, who jumped with a start at her brother who she hadn't seen in years. As he tried to quickly explain what was happening and that she had to leave with him, he heard laughter from the doorway. It was Farshin, standing shoulder to shoulder with Shamira. It took only a moment for the truth to dawn on him. Shamira was the one Farshin paid to attack the city the night he killed Talar's parents.

Farshin ordered the Khazrajites to kill Talar and take Aisha to be sold off to slavers in Susrah. Talar, full of rage, fought like a crazed animal. But it was in vain as half a dozen warriors beat him to the ground and his sister was taken. Bloodied and full of shame, Talar accepted that he could do nothing...right now. With a desperate cry he flung himself from the window and crashed to the hard ground below. As he limped off into the night, the face of Farshin was not the one burned into his mind. It was Shamira, the woman who pretended to love him for years, and stabbed him in the back for a few silver pieces.

Appearance and Personality:
Talar is a lithe Khazistani man with skin tan enough to pass as a Khazrajite. He is young and has stubble just starting to fill out his sharp jawline, and long black hair cascading down past his shoulders. His eyes are wide and intense, and he has a mole under his right eye.

Talar is young and has a bit of a temper. He tends to be suspicious and untrustworthy of people that are either strangers or try to get to close to him, preferring a happy middle ground of acquaintanceship. And he always speaks deliberately, loathing deceit and misdirection in himself as much as others.

Arrow Tracking

Your character has so many feats! How does he have so many feats!?
Human Bonus Feat: Point Blank Shot
Khazistani: Khazistani Bow-Mastery and Mounted Archery
Nomad: Iron Will
Ranger: Precise Shot (combat style feat), Endurance
Natural Feats (levels 1 and 3 and 5): Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim, Boon Companion
Nomad Wild Card Feat: Weapon Focus (Khazistani Composite Shortbow) (for now)

Ranger Spells Allowed
1st level
Animal Messenger
Animal Purpose Training
Anticipate Peril
Call Animal
Calm Animals
Charm Animal
Cloak of Shade
Commune with Birds
Compel Hostility
Dancing Lantern
Delay Poison
Desperate Weapon
Detect Aberration
Detect Animals or Plants
Detect Poison
Detect Snares and Pits
Detect the Faithful
Diagnose Disease
Endure Elements
Gravity Bow
Handy Grapnel
Heightened Awareness
Hidden Spring
Hide from animals
Hollow Blades
Horn of Pursuit
Hunter’s Howl
Hunter’s Lore
Invisibility Alarm
Keen Senses
Keep Watch
Know the Enemy
Lead Blades
Magic Fang
Negate Aroma
Pass without Trace
Read Magic
Read Weather
Residual Tracking
Rite of Bodily Purity
Savage Maw
Speak with animals
Summon Minor Ally
Summon Nature’s Ally I
Sun Metal
Thorn Javelin
Tireless Pursuit
Tracking Mark
Unbreakable Heart
Underbrush Decoy