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Full Name

"Taki" (Takishiro of the Temple of Osano-Wo, of the Brotherhood of Shinsei)


Honor: 4.5 | Glory: 1 (gain at 1/4 rate) | Status: 0


Wound Track - 10/14/18/22/26/30/34/38 (24/38) - Injured

About Takishiro of the Osano-Wo


Takishiro, or Taki as he allows friends to call him, is a pleasant soul, and a gifted warrior, having grown up in one of the Temples of Osano-Wo. All of his life he was taught the way of the warrior, in dedication to those who came before and fought Fu-Lung, saving the Empire from the great darkness. It is because of this teaching that even though he is not a member, the people of the Crab clan hold a special place in his heart, for he sees them as kindred spirits - guardians of the people and the land of Rokugan itself from the evils of the Shadowlands.

Unfortunately, the isolationism of his temple grew frustrating for Taki, especially after learning of tales of protectionism and guardianship from an older monk, a retired Phoenix samurai named Shinjo. Shinjo often told Takishiro that it was the job of the samurai to protect those below him, and the job of the commoners to obey - this was the celestial order, for the samurai had power, and the commoners did not. But as a monk, didn't Taki have power? Wouldn't he, too, have the responsibility to protect the people, even if they never had the reciprocating obedience that a samurai was due? After more than a few heated arguments with the abbot of his temple, he decided to leave the monastery and strike out on his own, only looking to travel, to do good, in any form he could.

Taki simply travels where the winds take him, following the sound of thunder when the clouds are above, feeling the Fortune of Thunder for whom his temple was named guiding him. When he arrives in a town he simply looks for work that needs doing - helping to build pens for animals, sweeping unattended shrines, or offering his services to the local magistrate in tracking down criminals. No task, in his mind, is beneath him...but his ire is quickly struck when he sees people in positions of authority abusing said power for no more reason than cruelty.

So far he has managed to keep out of trouble by venting his anger on inanimate objects, but he has left more than his share of marks on the walls outside of a palace after seeing a magistrate acquire a young man's wife for "intense interrogation." It's this frustration that builds up in him, and he's not exactly sure how long he can obey the celestial rule he was taught before snapping in reaction - for after all, if those in power are not following the rules of the enlightenment, perhaps they are impostors, and not those truly appointed by the divine?

20 Questions:

1. What Clan does your character belong to?
None - he is a monk, and not an actual samurai. He is a member of the Temple of Osano-Wo.
2. What family does your character belong to?
He was abandoned at the doorstep of his temple. They are the only family he has known.
3. Is your character a bushi, a shujenja, or a courtier?
A monk (fun fact, there's three more classes - monk/ninja/artisan, but they're not common). He's probably closest to a bushi of the three.
4. How would others describe your character's appearance?
Rugged, lean, and strong, with corded muscles, but not an overtly bulky appearance. He's carved a few scars into his body to remember lessons he's learned over the coarse of time, both mental and spiritual, but he has the look of a man who's survived quite a few brawls - just barely. His skin is dark from much work in the sun, and his head and face are clean shaven every morning, if he has the tools to do so.
5. What is your character's primary motivation?
Believe it or not, to help the less fortunate. Takishiro is the kind of man who instead of begging like some monks when entering a village, he will look for work that needs to be done, and ask little or no reward. Fortunately the people usually recognize his contribution and offer him a cheap meal and a mat to sleep on when traveling through town, as respect due a monk
6. Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
A fellow monk at the monastery named Shinjo, a retired Phoenix bushi who settled down to a life of battle. He is much like a father to Takishiro, even though they share no blood.
7. What is your character's greatest strength and weakness?
Strength - Tenacity. He does not give up if there is hope present.
Weakness - Pride. Takishiro does not like to be shown up in something be believes he excels.
8. What does your character think of Bushido?
He believes it is the path to enlightenment, and has a sour opinion of clans like the Scorpion that ignore so many of it's tenants. He believes strongly in compassion and courage, and while he believes in duty, he is conflicted, as so many use duty as an excuse to ignore the other tenants (like the Scorpion)
9. What is your character's opinion of his clan?
He does not believe the brothers of Osano-Wo do enough to help the people of the Empire. He believes they are so focused on training, they forget what they are training for.
10. Is your character married?
No. Monks are not strictly forbidden from marriage, but it is not arranged as it is among the samurai, so it simply has not come up for him.
11. Does your character have any prejudices?
He is not a fan of the Scorpion clan, and has mixed feelings about the Crane. He greatly admires the Crab as true defenders of the Empire.
12. To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?
In his mind, to the Empire itself, which he feels is made up of the people.
13. What are your character's favorite and least favorite things?
After a desperate meal given to him by a kind hunter, he grew a taste for red meat, much to the chagrin of his compatriots. He is not at all a fan of sake, feeling it a poison to the soul, and the temple of the body.
14. Does your character have any reoccurring mannerisms?
When his hands have nothing to do, he sometimes cracks his knuckles. He doesn't prefer to speak, unless spoken to; however, he has caused great alarm by speaking out of turn when something seems outrageous to him.
15. What about your character's emotions?
Anger, usually in the form of indignation at the treatment of others, is difficult for Takishiro to hold under total control. Most of the time he is able to check this by leaving the area and practicing his martial arts on the nearest sturdy object, usually leaving dents, cracks, and even shattered blocks in abandoned buildings or trees, but sometimes, it just isn't enough.
16. How would your character handle a subordinate's improper behavior?
Most likely by trying to quote the Tao to explain why they were wrong, but, when that doesn't work, like his master before him, a few smacks with bamboo om the back tends to learn a lesson for even the most stubborn of students.
17. How would your character's parents (in this case, I guess the heads of the order) describe him?
Brash, headstrong, but compassionate, and a natural talent. If he would only think more before acting, he could obtain so much more...
18. What is your character's highest ambition?
He wants to start his own sect of Shinsei, devoted to protection of the people.
19. How religious is your character?
He meditates at least once a day, if not more. It's a way for him to center, and calm the demons of rage that can overcome him when he sees what he feels an injustice.
20. How will your character die?
Saving the life of someone truly meaningful, so that his sacrifice is not in vain.


Devotion: Fortunist
Honor: 4.5 | Glory: 1 (gain at 1/4 rate) | Status: 0
Battle: 4k3 (1 rank)
Jiujitsu: 6k3 attack (3 ranks), 4k3 damage
Lore - Theology (Fortunes): 4k3 (1 rank, specialization in Fortunes)
Meditation: 4k3 (1 rank)
Athletics: 4k3 (1 rank)
Defense: 3k2 (1 rank)
Kiho: Air Fist (+5 initiative when unarmed), The Body is an Anvil (touch my skin, take fire ring damage - even if unarmed attacked or grappled), Ride the Water (recover water ring in reaction stage)

School Technique: Hand of Thunder - +0K1 to Unarmed; always cumulative

Gear: Bo, Coarse and Plain Traveling Clothes, Scroll Satchel with passages from the Tao, 1 Zeni

Advantages: Daredevil (add 3k1 instead of 1k1 when using void for athletics), Hero of the People (-10 to be recognized by peasant class for good things), Hands of Stone (+0k1 unarmed damage)

EDIT - Fire and Water have both attributes at 3, Air and Earth are at 2 - Void is at 3.

Initiative - 3k2 (+5 if unarmed), Armor TN 15,
Wound Track - 10/14/18/22/26/30/34/38