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Madrayne Vox, Mistress of Blades of the Order of the Nail, is a centauress. And on the cover of Cheliax:Empire of Devils, there is an unnamed male centaur Hellknight.

The existence of multiple centaur Hellknights would seem to imply the existence of a local centaur population from which to recruit them. Yet no such population is even mentioned as far as I can tell.

Are there centaur villages in Cheliax? What relationship do they have with their human overlords? With centaurs elsewhere in Golarion?

Despite the complaint on the letters page about isometric maps, the mountainside monastery in Riders on the Storm really needs a supplemental iso-view to make it clear what goes where. With rooms at over a dozen different heights, several dozen stairs connecting them, and no indication on the map of relative room height or which end of each stair is the top end, I have a hard time figuring out the map. Any chance you could include such a diagram in the web enhancement for this issue? Or at least indicate which way the stairs go?