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Full Name

Ziv Wities





Special Abilities

Craft(critique), Perform(baritone), Knowledge(it all)






English, Hebrew, Infernal (aka C++)

About Standback

Standback was last seen in these parts of the Internet a great many years ago, dispensing gnome lore and wisdom at the Kencyclopedia and writing dialogue for the much-mourned Dragonlance Adventures NWN mod team.

More recently, he's a regular player, GM, and/or organizer at Israeli roleplaying conventions; he sings and dances in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas when time permits; he critiques fiction for fun and profit; he studies ever-so-slowly for his MSc; and engages in other such frivolous pursuits.

Standback's other favorite games include:

  • Paranoia, for its sheer joy, unrestrained malice, and proclivity to spin into glorious chaos;
  • Primetime Adventures, for its conflict resolution, attention to character, and mechanics that weave magnificent plot arcs out of thin air;
  • Changeling: The Lost, for getting the fey folk so very, very right;
  • and Five-Card Mao, whose first rule forbids explaining the rules of Five-Card Mao.