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The Inkwell Ideas 2016 Holiday Sale has started! If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite RPG players or GMs, we have some of the best ideas.

Our DungeonMorph Dice Sets and Card Decks are all 30% off with the code “30forHolidays”. Simply go to our store and add any of them to your cart, then enter the code in the pop-up that appears. And if you want more savings, there are two bundles of three dice sets each (so you can get all six different sets). These bundles save you an extra $10 per bundle.

In addition, our Creature Deck (Printed and PDF) Bundles have been discounted to match the PDF only price! (No discount code required.) So our 5 deck bundles are all $11.95 and our 6 deck bundle is $12.95. We have 5 decks for each of 0e/1e Creatures Using the Labyrinth Lord stats, Dungeon World, Fate, and Pathfinder. Our 6 deck bundle has System Neutral (knowledge check information) for each creature. Each deck for each system focuses on a couple of different creature types. Our 5e Creature Decks are printed on demand, so they are not part of this sale.

Note: We’ll also upgrade US packages to priority mail for no extra cost and ship within one business day!

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If you’ve been on the fence about supporting the Worldographer/Hexographer 2 Kickstarter, now is a great time to get in because you’ll be able to vote on our upcoming stretch goals!

What is it?

  • It is a rewrite of the popular world/large area map software Hexographer. Updated UI, better child map functionality, generators for features of the world (what are the ruins, cities, etc. like?), new realistic icon set added (but it will still have the classic icon sets), and a bunch more.
  • Has a demo version already. Works with Windows 64-bit, Mac OSX & Linux. (Java based, but has native builds for Windows and Mac OSX.) Remember: It is an early demo so you will see bugs as well as many features not yet implemented.
  • For simplicity, most rewards here for the software only include the upgrade from Hexographer 1. Don't have a license for it? You don't have to wait, get it now: Go to our store here and get one for half price, or get it in the bundle with Cityographer and Dungeonographer. Or if you don't mind the wait, pick the $35 "Hexographer 1 & the Upgrade" reward level and pledge extra for any add-ons you would like.
  • Our rewards feature several bonus items: Icon Sets, Mug, Mousepad, and Alpha Access. You may also add these to any pledge--see "Add-On Details" section below for the amounts to add.

Another great reason to support the project is we're adding more icons and features through stretch goals. The two new icon packs we’re making as part of this Kickstarter (expanded alternate classic and isometric) were originally promised to have 100+ icons each. Soon (if/when we make it to $30,000) we’ll be doing at least 140 of each. And that will almost surely grow in the last week and a half of the campaign.

Those of you backing the project now or by noon US eastern time on Thursday Sept 8th may reply to project update #10 (only visible to backers) may vote for your top three choices by posting a comment to that update. We'll use those votes to decide which cultures to develop into 10+ icon mini-sets to add (at no extra cost) to add to as further stretch goals.

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I've had this idea in my head for a couple of weeks and finally got the chance to write it up. If you're stuck for how to create the shapes of your world, it may help, regardless of which map editor you like to use.

Link to article/tutorial.