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You become trained in all simple and martial weapons in
the bow weapon group.

Many dedication feats seem not worth it if you are already trained.
I feel like just take fighter and then take the dedication for something else

Dark Archive 1/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Texas—Houston

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I hope some PFS news reinvigorates us from the 2nd ED doom.

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I am a huge avid pathfinder player.
I run PFS scenarios, several gm stars, endorse the game, dm specials.
I've put much time into the game, time I consider well spent.
I love this game so much
But with the playtest I feel that I am losing my favorite game.
People in my city (a large city) are falling off, we had days when we needed a GM or two on standby just for overfill.
Now we have weeks where not enough players show to make one table.
I do not like the direction of the playtest and people around me are feeling the same way.
I understand feedback was to make a better game but I feel the feedback is not being minded.
I the people in our PFS community can just keep playing the 1st as if nothing changed but the lack of the paizo support hurts.

I know others may feel differently I'm just stating where I am coming from.

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With the playtest being so hard to get that edge I don't see how well we can play with PC at different levels. A 5th level fight playing with a 1st level cleric, the cleric will have a hard time playing the game. And this can be common as the PFS has their tiers of play. They can't have a tier for every level.

As a solution I suggest the proficiency bonus be half the PC's level. This makes the difference not so large between levels. Or even when fights foes levels higher. You'll still get all of your bonuses to still but the bonuses you have will matter more as they won't started becoming more than your key attribute until level 8 as opposed to level 4.

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The stat buy feels too cookie cutter
Everyone was almost promised an 18 in either way but this system is too cookie cutter.
I suggest 80 points to spend on attributes, nothing below 8 or above 18 before racial stats. And having feat prerequisites have odd numbers so that some of these characters have not the same stats as everyone else to fit the current cookie cutters


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So, Dwarves just got the ability to get hilariously beefy, awesome.

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I was looking at playing a device sorcerer as a healer but I see that at 1st level.
They both get the same amount of spells.
They both get powers with their powers.
.... clerics get channel energy at 3 plus cha!!!
I see no fair trade for that.
Yes there is the anathema, but you can choose the anathema and you can cherry select the one to your play style but the 2 classes "div sorc" vs cleric the cleric has a huge perk.
Am is missing some thing? I really would like to know.

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In my opinion all of the classes feel the same. The attribute system is almost guaranteeing an 18 in everyone's main attribute, then everyone is most likely to make the skill at the highest rank there for there are going to be so many people with same stats.

Level 1 : +4 (almost guaranteed 18 in key stat) + (+2) (best proficiency in what your role is) = +6 (almost everyone is rolling this)

I feel like they are trying to make the game modular but we are using several set builds instead of customizable options
Here are some items to make the game still modular without being too clunky
--- Gain Racial feats at ones like 3 or 4 at 1st and you can spend a general feat to gain more
--- Fighter gains weapon focus at 1st level, This makes them stand out as the martial class
--- Channel energy is a 2-action burst rather than a 3-action burst. This makes the Channel energy action different than just casting heal
--- Sorcerers can spend spell points to cast spells. 1pt per Lv. This gives them the upside for specializing in their spells.
--- General feats for themes rather than multi classing, two-handed fighting, weapon finesse, magical knack. This way people can decide how much they want to delve into an ability than getting into a class for it and it give that sense of customizing that I feel is lacking in the system

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Shield Rule from redit Pregen

Redit Shield spoiler:
You snap your shield into place to deflect a blow. Your shield prevents you
from taking an amount of damage up to its Hardness—the shield takes
this damage instead, possibly becoming dented or broken. If the shield
takes damage equal to or exceeding its Hardness (5), the shield takes a
Dent. If the item takes damage equal to or greater than twice its Hardness
(10) in one hit, it takes 2 Dents. The shield can take only 1 Dent without
becoming broken. A second Dent causes it to become broken, though it
can still be repaired. If the shield would take a Dent or become broken
while already broken, it is destroyed beyond salvage

Based on this, if a shield is hit with 6 damage 3 times then that shield is destroyed. This is almost easier than sundering the shield, in 3 strikes the job is done with less damage. This means you'll be going through more shields than quivers of arrows.

I'd rather suggest taking a number of dents equal to the hit points of the shield.

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Mythic adventures came out before the Advanced class guide so it cannot address items that came out after it
I am playing a mythic arcanist and the class is stated to be a mix of sorcerers and wizards
But instead of schools or bloodlines the arcanist has exploits as the name of the powers used by the class
My question is since the mythic school/bloodline ability boost the class power can I use one of those abilities to boost my exploits?

Dark Archive

I am finding a hard time finding a straight answer on this
The wizard, sorcerer, and domain attacks all state as a standard action make a ranged attack

Firebolt Domain:
Fire Bolt (Sp): As a standard action, you can unleash a scorching bolt of divine fire from your outstretched hand. You can target any single foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack with this bolt of fire. If you hit the foe, the fire bolt deals 1d6 points of fire damage + 1 point for every two cleric levels you possess. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier

But the Arcanist does not state if it is a move, full round, swift, standard or just an attack option. Do you get more uses per round with haste or higher bab

Acid jet Arcanist :
Acid Jet (Su): The arcanist can unleash a jet of acid by expending 1 point from her arcane reservoir and making a ranged touch attack against any one target within 30 feet. If the attack hits, it deals an amount of acid damage equal to 1d6 + the arcanist's Charisma modifier, plus an additional 1d6 points of acid damage for every 2 levels beyond 1st (to a maximum of 10d6 at 19th level). The target is also sickened for 1d4 rounds. It can attempt a Fortitude saving throw to negate the sickened condition.

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If you cast Winged Sword on a Holy Ice weapon does it keep the Winged spell effect when re-forming in your hand.

To clarify Winged Sword makes a weapon into throwing weapon while holy Ice weapon has a build in returning property but the weapon melts from its location and reforms in your hand.

Dark Archive

Last I saw the humble bundle is looking like it is going to hit the million marker, and that is a good thing. I just have to ask. Since the item is doing so well might there be any stretch goals for if it does much better than expected?

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You Can Do That!!!
One of the things I really liked about 3rd editions(Pathfinder) was the removal of so many restrictions. Before you had to be a certain race to be a certain class. Or certain class to wield certain weapons. Even in 4th edition you had to be a certain class to dual wield weapons. In Pathfinder even if you do not have the feats or class features you can still perform dual wielding action just at a penalty.
For that I ask what would/could there be rules to allow certain feat/class only options with a penalty.....

spring attack
shot on the run
choke out

I'm sure there are other items but this if just from the top of my head

Dark Archive

Focused Casting

Benefits: When casting a spell using both hands, you must have both hands free, you can treat your spell casting attribute (Charisma, Intelligence or Wisdom) as if it where 1-1/2 the original modifier.

Attuned Focus

Benefits: When casting a spell that requires an attack roll you can use your spell casting attribute (Charisma, Intelligence or Wisdom) instead or your Strength or Dexterity modifier

Attuned Ability (this may be a trait instead of a feat)

Prerequisites:Access to bloodline feats

Benefits: You can use you Charisma instead of any other attribute as a prerequisite for bloodline feats

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I've been looking through the boards and internet and I cannot find a straight answer. I wish to have my core barbarian take the accuracy stance but I do not know if the unchained powers are just for the unchained barbarian. So... Can a Core Barbarian take the Unchained Barbarian Powers ?

Dark Archive

I've been looking through the boards and internet and I cannot find a straight answer. I wish to have my core barbarian take the accuracy stance but I do not know if the unchained powers are just for the unchained barbarian. so, Can a Core Barbarian take the Unchained Barbarian Powers ?

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I know there has been a lot of talk about getting quarterstaff to work with weapon finesse. And so far that is not possible, understood. In the talk of making this happen someone suggested getting Quarterstaff Master.
This feat will not make this happen but the feat from Ultimate Magic. - 2011 reads...

Quarterstaff Master

You can wield a quarterstaff as either a two-handed or one-handed weapon.

Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (quarterstaff ), base attack bonus +5.

Benefit: By employing a number of different stances and techniques, you can wield a quarterstaff as a one-handed weapon. At the start of your turn, you decide whether or not you are going to wield the quarterstaff as a one-handed or two-handed weapon. When you wield it as a one-handed weapon, your other hand is free, and you cannot use the staff as a double weapon. You can take the feat Weapon Specialization in the quarterstaff even if you have no levels in fighter.


But and faq from 2013 states...

Two-Handed Weapons: What kind of action is it to remove your hand from a two-handed weapon or re-grab it with both hands?

Both are free actions. For example, a wizard wielding a quarterstaff can let go of the weapon with one hand as a free action, cast a spell as a standard action, and grasp the weapon again with that hand as a free action; this means the wizard is still able to make attacks of opportunity with the weapon (which requires using two hands).

As with any free action, the GM may decide a reasonable limit to how many times per round you can release and re-grasp the weapon (one release and re-grasp per round is fair).

My question is that since the change in the rules of how the item is handled as per the faq is there a change for the quarterstaff master feat?

The I know the feat allows one to use a Quarterstaff as a one handed weapon, but the feat looks that it was designed as a work-around before the quarterstaff , and other 2-handed weapons were fixed in 2013 for getting a free hand.

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I only ask this because I am looking at the inner sea gods feat and see Measured Response has a prerequisite “worshiper of a good deity.”

In my option "worshiper of a good deity" is really not a stat to fill the prerequisite for a feat. It is almost like saying "your character must like ham." I've noticed there are not any feats (core feats) that have an alignment as a prerequisite. As a game mechanic it makes more since to have an alignment be a prerequisite because that is an actual mechanic already in the game (detect good, “heals good creatures of 1d4 points”, smite good, smite evil) all of these are mechanics that are already in the game and are currently working.

Alignment mechanics are an item that the gaming system can be built on. It adds role playing and game strategy to the table. If someone wanted to take a feat the required them to be good then they will have to RP a good aligned character, they’d get that feat from being good aligned then take the backlash from being good aligned also. But this is all in the cost of the feat.

But stating “worshiper of a good deity” states not much about the character but places an alignment requirement on the deity. Unlike a cleric a character can me any alignment distance from the deity. This prerequisite of referring a deity does not seem like a prerequisite because the PC is not giving up anything or working for anything. If you are good or evil you have act accordingly to keep that alignment, if you need +X bab for a feat you have to take a class or have work levels to get to that BAB, if you need X ability score you have to spend points in that ability and less in another. By worshiping a deity you can always worship that deity, even if your defile their holy place you can go back to worshipping them. Unlike divine casters you do not need atonement to just worship a deity.

Also since there are several gods you can worship several deities at ones. “The old and the new” This makes your select of these types of feats unlimited when in alignment you can have one alignment, G / LG / LN / N / NC and so on. There are several but you can only have one at a time

I know alignment is not totally governed in the game and the DM will call most alignment changes. I’ve love to have a paizo book that had an alignment system or actions and points that will show how a person can stay or change alignments But the “worshiper of a good deity” seems to be on a whim of the PC and ask for an alignment but the alignment of a friend of the PC.

Dark Archive

I really liked the animal archive and feel like a lot of these items can be a great addition to the Bestiary series. Just the items that apply to bestiary creatures, NOT PLAYER CLASSES AND PC MAGICAL ITEMS. But item in the Animal Archive that apply to creatures, archetypes and feats.
For example...
I'd like to see a feat where the requirement was to be a companion or familiar to a divine caster you can channel energy once per day consuming one of the caster's uses.

I write this because the feats section to the last few Bestiaries have been the same and since the Animal Archive has open eyes to a way to look at familiars and companions more can be done on this point.

Dark Archive 1/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Texas—Houston

When I DM I find that not a lot of characters take craft skills at the start on their game. So I tell people that if they take the craft skill at first level they can start with one item at the cost as if they created that item. Is there anyway this can be incorporated into pfs?

Dark Archive

I could of swore that there was an archetype to allow a druid to take the good domain. Can someone please let me know if I am making this up?

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Most of the minis in this have the same name as minis that are surrently out. So here is a list of (homebrew) minis that you can add to your collection

Please give me any feed back , thanks

Goblin Hero
Small Humanoid - Goblin (Goblinoid)
LE - 11
Level 3
AC: 16 HP: 30 Sp: 6

Melee: +7 // Dmg (5)
Ranged []: (6 squares) +7 // Dmg (5)


Watch Guard
Humanoid - Human
LG - 12
Level 3
AC: 22 HP: 20 Sp: 4
Melee: +5 Dmg: (5)

Sound the Alarm [] (Immediate; When an ally with the word Watch in its name is eliminated within 6 squares of this creature place one Watch Guard in your start area. That Watch Guard cannot activate this round)


Watch Officer
Humanoid - Human
LG - 25 Cmdr: 1
Level 5
AC: 22 HP: 40 Sp: 4

Melee: 8 Dmg (10)

Cmdr FX
Followers benefit from the Commander Effects of allied commanders that this creature can see

Willing to Follow (This commander can benefit from the commander effects of other commanders in your warband as though it were a follower)

Lizardfolk Champion
Humanoid - Lizardfolk (Reptilian)
CE/LE - 30
Level 10
AC: 16 HP: 75 Sp: 8

Melee: +15/+10 Dmg (15)

Powerful Charge +10 (+10 melee damage when charging)


Giant Caveweaver Spider
Large Vermin - Spider
CE/LE - 18
Level 6
AC: 17 HP: 55 Sp: 8

Melee: +10 Dmg (10 + Poison)

Poison (5 Damage whenever poisoned creature activates, DC17)
Wall Walker (This creature is considered to have flight as long as it begins its move in a square bordered by a wall)
Caveweaver [] (This creature can burrow its speed)
Wandering Monster

Giant Spider
Vermin - Spider
CE/LE - 10
Level 3
AC: 16 HP: 30 Sp: 8

Melee: +7 Dmg (5 + Poison)

Poison (5 Damage whenever poisoned creature activates, DC15)
Wall Walker (This creature is considered to have flight as long as it begins its move in a square bordered by a wall)
Wandering Monster


Venomous Snake
Animal - Snake
CE - 6
Level 3
AC: 16 HP: 20 Sp: 6

Melee: +5 Dmg (5 + Poison)

Poison (5 Damage whenever poisoned creature activates, DC15)


Elf Wizard
Humanoid - Elf
CG - 37
Level 7
AC: 13 HP: 40 Sp: 6

Melee: +5 Dmg (5)

Energy Substitution: When this creature cast a spell choose one energy type (acid,cold,electricity,or fire). The spell does that type of energy damage instead of the listed type.

1st - Lesser Fire orb [] [] [] (range 6; 5 fire damage, ignore spell resistance)
2nd - Ray of Ice [] [] (range 6; 15 cold damage)
3rd - Fireball [] (sight; radius 4; 20 fire damage; DC 15)
4th - Maximized Shocking Grasp [] (touch; 30 electricity damage)


Half-Elf Cleric
Humanoid - Elf Human
CG - 31
Level 7
AC: 16 HP: 40 Sp: 6

Melee: +5 Dmg (5)

Shield other: (If an ally in 6 squares takes damage, this creature can choose to take half of that damage)

Turn Undead 5 []

1st - Sanctuary [] (touch; target creature cannot be attacked until its next turn)
2nd - Cure Moderate Wounds [] [] (touch, heal 10 hp)
4th - Cure Critical Wounds [] [] (touch; heal 30 hp)


Dwarf Fighter
Humanoid - Dwarf
CG - 17
Level 6
AC: 21 HP: 50 Sp: 4

Melee: +10/+5 Dmg (10)

Save +4


Human Druid
Humanoid - Human
CG - 24 Cmdr3
Level 4
AC: 18 HP: 25 Sp: 6

Melee: +4 Dmg (5)

Cmdr FX (Plants gain Dr 5)

Eagle Form [] (Swift; this creature has flight speed 10 and cannot cast spells. These effects last until this creature ends them as a swift action)

1st Produce Flame [] [] (sight or touch; 10 fire damage)
3rd Call Lightning [] (sight, 20 electrical damage, ignore spell resistance, DC 15, 20 electrical damage whenever target creature activates until save succeeds)


Seelah, Human Paladin
Humanoid - Human
CG - 44
Level 10
AC: 21 HP: 70 Sp: 4

Melee: +12/+7 Dmg: (10 magic)

Aura of Courage (Adjacent allies gain +4 morale)
Lay on hands 20 [] [] (replaces attacks; touch; heals 20hp)
Smite Evil +10 [] [] (Melee damage +10 against evil enemies)

Dark Archive

These are some stats I made for the beginner box heroes


I don't know if anyone has made any stats but if people want to play a DDM game using their pathfinder minis here

If there are official stats please let me know

Dark Archive

I have to request that some abilities in the race guide have eratta to give 1/2 damage to neutral characters. I ask because for many characters unless alignment is part of a class of feat it is an after thought. And some archetypes drow and teifling give up channeling negative energy to focus against good ignoring the neutral even though they will face neutral foes. This gives PCs an incentive NOT to choose an alignment. I just ask that they give damage to all non evil. Full damage to an opposed alignment and half to neutral.

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Hooray for human fighters!!!
It's nice how the feats show an ability humans have to adapt and learn that separates them from the rest of the world.
I look forward to the "alternate class reward"s in this book

On that note ....
Using "Fast Learner" can you only choose the skill and hit point or can you choose the hit point and the "alternate class reward"?
Also can you just choose to get 2 hit points? it's most likely no but I thought I'd ask.

Oh yeah and 1st

Dark Archive

Shadowrun...awesome and you should give it a try if you haven't

This has come and gone but a group is trying to bring the shadowrun game back and on their kickstarter page the $10,000 pledge is...

Again this has come and gone, that pledge was sold out.

Dark Archive

I don't know if this has already been asked but can an oracle using Ancestral Weapon or Iron Weapon improve these weapons. By buying upgrades or something like that for these weapons?

Dark Archive

I'm first to greet these evil foes but will let Do'Gat start the round

Dark Archive

All of these look so awesome
I can't believe two are uncommon, they look so awesome.
At first I was like why do I need 2 ogres but each is different and looks awesome.
Did I say they are awesome?

Dark Archive

I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything but since this exact story is on the web fiction blog can this spot be used as a preview for Paizo products for the Golarion world, maybe an except from an upcoming campaign setting book, Adventure Path, Player Companion or Module.

Dark Archive

According to IGN there is a 5th ed videogame that is using "D&D next" edition rules. The article mentions the major evil deity and some of the background story in FR D&Dnext

Dark Archive

I've been spoiled AHHHHHH!!!
I just wanted to see the pic but too much info!!!

Anyway they look awesome, I'm waiting until the complete book comes out to play Rise of the Runelords but I'm DMing so I'm intact.

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So to confirm a lizard folk monk uses the table and not his own natural attacks to determine monk damage w/ flurry...cool with me.

Also for rule purposes, hitting an image does not count as a successful hit...cool with me.


P.S. Please keep these coming, it is nice to have an official ruling on the rules

Dark Archive

I know a lot are (flailing my arms around) freaking out about the announcement of Coke changing it's formula again I meant another D&D edition but I myself am a pathfinder guy and I am wondering about any pathfinder products.

For example...

On the back of the Player Companions it states coming soon combat and Faith. But looking at the site I see Blood of Fiends & Blood of Angels. Is there any information on the coming soon part on the back of the Player Companions?

Also... if there going to be another playtest for the Advanced Race Guide. Or an announcement of another product. I need details.

Asking won't make anything happen anytime soon but I just have to through it out that I'm craving more paizo pathfinder RPG products.

Dark Archive

There is almost no reason to continue buying 4th edition items because we aren't too sure if it's going to be compatible. And if they announce that it will be keeping up with that statement is hard since some 4th edition items aren't current with 4th edition since all of the updates and errata, look at magic missile.

That makes me thing of what I wanted from 4th and what came out. Being that the system is closing out I am not wanting any rules or classes, but I would like to have 1 book that was the game system 4th in completion. A book that had the updated rules for the core classes with all of the errata and rules from insider, everything in one place where it would not be changed later since 4th support will be stopped. A sort of “complete 4th Compendium”, even it were a download but a one time purchase that has the complete 4th edition game.

Not adding any new rules or classes what product would you want to close out 4th edition?

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I am asking for suggestions...
I am playing an 11th paladin and I am trying to be more offensive
I have 4x1st 2x2nd and 2x3rd spells
Below are spells I already have but I'm looking for more to be more offensive with out using too many reparse rounds

I read the guide to paladins and saw that for spells there are almost none, but I wanted to know if anything has changed or what suggestions people might have.

Paladin's Sacrifice
Protection from Evil
Hero's Defiance
Shield Other

Dark Archive

I am quite happy with the mount my paladin has but I am questioning how useful the Resist Cold, Acid, and Electricity are to the mount so I am thinking of asking my DM to swap out the ability to have in exchange the ability to channel energy once per day, or cast bless 3 times per day. But I do not know what would be a fair trade off for the ability so I am asking the community for suggestions. I'm even willing to take off the DR along with the resistances.

Dark Archive

Does someone have to be grappled to use Litany of Escape, can I use it on my self and are there any other paladin spells that allow teleportation?

Dark Archive

Most of the time when I play I see players who are suppose to be playing prepared casters not preparing spells. When the dm ask them what spell they want to cast that play flips through their core rule book, they don’t even keep track of a spell book much less keep track of prepared spells for the day. In the game the spontaneous casters have less spells available to them and even get spell later and this is all to have the freedom of not preparing spells and not keeping a spell book. At neoncon word of power was stated as a way for wizards to cast on the fly, this makes sense as a legal way for those who are NOT playing by the rules to play by the rules and still not have to do the prep-work. My question…
Since many are not doing the prep work and spontaneous casters are limited in exchange as a class for not doing prep work what is to be given to spontaneous casters to balance this out?
I’d like more spells per day, I know spontaneous casters get more spells but the prepared casters get almost the same amount by use of the domain slot and school slot.

I ask this here because "words of power" looks to be re-vamping the way we cast spells but I wish it could be balanced to where no one has to prepare or keep a spell book but spontaneous casters can make up the difference in spells perday since they are getting spells a level behing prepared classes.

Dark Archive

I hear a bit of unclearness about the Magnus in beta version 2 and critting that has me to ask about the closed ability that is already out like that...

Does a weapon with the Spell Storing trait crits does the damage from the spell also crit?

Dark Archive

The conductive trait allows the player to add the damage from a use of an attact to their basic attack.

http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/advanced/magicItems/weapons.html#conduct ive

For a sorcerer with the claw attacks do they...
add the damage of 1 claw +1d4
add the damage of 1 claw & str +1d4+str
add the damage of 2 claws +2d4
add the damage of 2 claws & str +2d4+str
or even add the bite like a dragon deciple
and does this crit

ps as a stide note, is a weapon with the spell storing trait crits does the damage from the spell also crit?

Dark Archive

On the point system the cantrips are 3 points but on the list sorcerers do not have the zero level spells on the list?
Do they just use the zero level words for free, that's not bad but the loss in points hurts.
Do they just get the points up front, like how Wizards can cast 4 zero level spells, sorcerers just get the 12 points

Please correct me if I am wrong and just reading the system wrong

Dark Archive

Does Alignment Channel allow you to damage outsiders with lay on hands?

Basic rules against undead do not receive a saving throw against this damage. I'm just checking to see if the same applies with Alignment Channel, I've been looking for a thread on this.

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