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I have seen this spell end encounters and save the party more than once.

It has become a staple required spell, especially for the Cleric in the party.

Some examples include, The 5th level party is getting their collective heads handed to them by a 6th level Barbarian with a +3 Greataxe when the cleric suddenly casts a focused Dispel Magic on the axe and it works. This gave us the 2 rounds we needed to recover and bring him down. In the Ruby Phoenix Tournament we effectively negated an entire encounter. Dispelling a Magic Item removing the advantage of the opposition and reducing a difficult encounter to a Cakewalk.

And these are just two examples (Luck priest being able to re-roll the Dispel Check?)

Dispel magic is one of those spells that just oozes utility.

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I almost feel like I have been slapped in the face.

I quit playing Society because what I want to play Psionics. Dreamscared Press has made that possible, but, because Paizo did not release it, it is not usable in society play. Now I get this dropped in my lap. Ok the Advanced class guide really pissed me of as just a glut of new classes that did not really need to be there, just make them archetypes book. I do Understand that Paizo needs to keep releasing content, but Options Clutter is beginning to be a problem.

I will look at it again but...

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Dumb Question
Is the print version a Paizo only thing. I have been waiting for my local game store to get one in for me, and his distributors have never had it available.

I am one of those support your local game store people.

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I use Herolab... a lot...But I also am in love with Psionics (The Aegis is fun) so I have to manually create characters as well. For me it is a case of lazy meets a case of here is my PFS Character and all the watermarked printed page from my PDF with the Class/Feat/Skill/Spell Highlighted...And I still get things wrong.

I can only plead "Human Chellish Palladin of Ioemdae here. I just wish Zarta would stop spelling Ioemdae as Asmodeus, I wonder what language that is anyway?"

And the above statement also sums up how I did not get full PA for the Eyes of the Ten.

Eric "soulcleave" er "Akabar" in the above example Gibbons.

Please forgive the spelling errors, I am going to sleep now.

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Kradlum wrote:
Damn you Paizo, you scurvy miniature producing dogs! Now I have to get even more miniatures!

um...what he said.

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Very interested in how the game plays.

I would consider the subscription if there was a way to subscribe through my local store. I like having someplace to go and find new people to play games with.