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Full Name

Soth-Loren Brightblade


HP: 24/24, AC: 14, T: 11, FF: 13, F: +4 , R: +2 , W: +6,


CMB: +4 , CMD: 14, INIT: +1, Perception: +7, Male Human Cleric 3




30, Level 3 Cleric (Mendev Priest)

Special Abilities

Channel Positive Energy, Divine Spells, Aura of Good, Aura of Law, Nobility Domain


Lawful Good




Abyssal, Common, (Hallit), and Infernal



Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Soth-Loren the Raven Knight

Comabt Stats:

bigger]ooc]Round , Init = [/ooc][/bigger]
b]HP: 24, Ac: 14, Touch: 11, Flat Footed: 13[/b]
b]Fort: +4 , Relf: +2 , Will: +6[/b]
b]BaB: +2 , CMB: +4 , CMD: 14[/b]


Soth-Loren joined the Mendevian crusade to be close to the love of his life. He was young when it all began, and followed the path of a simple healer, but accompanied Serena as she took up steel and faith to fight against the demons in that cold and desolate place so far from home. For years, the two fought the evils there, and through the conflict, their love grew. They were married but a few years ago, and continued to crusade. Serena and Soth-Loren began planning an knew knightly order dedicated to both fighting the evil and protecting the innocent, but also acting as a sort of spiritual guidance throughout the nations of the world, watching for corrupting influences so that the horrors of Mendev could never happen anywhere else. Before it could be realized, Serena was killed when demonic assassins infiltrated the camp, twisting the crusaders hearts through their evil magic and destroying everything that Soth-Loren held dear.
In a rage, he turned from his previous faith in Imodae, towards the path of wrath and vengeance. Unknown to him at the time, a new patron stepped in, blessing his wife’s sword, though he couldn’t use it properly at the time. The rage and pain saw him through that night, as he destroyed the last of the demon’s minions, or at least sent them back to the hell’s that spawned them for a time. Since then, he is a broken soul. He has mostly abandon the life of a pacifist healer he once lead in favor of exorcism and spiritual warfare against evil outsiders and undead. He took for himself the last remnants of his wife’s ideals for the knighthood, and is considering how to try to implement it without her, in her memory. Soth-Loren now wanders the world looking for allies and companions, hoping that one day he will have the connections, wisdom, and political influence to honor his wife’s last wish.

Appearance and Personality:
Soth-Loren is a broken soul. He seems older than he really is, and often his expression is emotionless, some might even say cold. He has a cruel scar down the entire right side of his face, with long black hair with some grey mixed in. He is often quite, preferring to listen to others and weigh all sides, though he is an accomplished negotiator and speaker. His anger has cooled somewhat since then, as he has tried to dedicate himself to noble goals in order to hide the pain he still feels over the loss of his wife and unborn child. In his eyes, one can see patience, wisdom, gentleness, and a certain sadness. Soth-Loren is, at heart a good and noble soul. He is extremely loyal to his allies, honorable almost to a fault at times. He absolutely hates Undead and Evil Outsiders, (particularly the later).

Soth-Loren, unable to wear it properly at the time and untrained in it’s use, had his wife’s armor, a family heirloom, sent to be refashioned for him, and redesigned for their ideal of the knighthood of the Raven. He keeps in contact with the smiths working on it, and holds it very dear. When he can afford to pay the smiths, he will have it sent to him, but until then, he is very concerned that something might happen to rob him of one of his late wife’s most precious items.

Soth-Loren absolutely hates demons and devils, (to him they are the same thing, and he doesn’t hide his prejudices). Rumors of their activity, influence, or sightings could easily be used to draw him into a trap.

After that fateful night, Soth-Loren left Mendev, almost without a word. Though his allies where all killed, he still had friends that were not present. He left in a hurry, and at the time blamed all of Mendev, (and all the world to be honest), but has since realized his mistake. Though he hasn’t been back, and still holds a grudge against Imodae and her followers, (though not the utter hate he had), there are some old allies out there that still care and want to know what happened.

Serena wasn’t born a Paladin, and it’s possible that she had a child before they met. It’s also possible (ie DM’s fun time) that the child somehow survived, (perhaps through Regathiel’s, the demon’s, or even Imodae’s intervention. . .).


HP: 24
Initiative: +1

BaB: +2
CMB: +4
CMD: 14

Movement: 30ft (6 squares)

Perception: +7

Armor Class:

(+3 Armor, +1 Dex)
Ac: 14
Touch: 11
Flat Footed: 13

Saving Throws:

Fort: +4
Relf: +2
Will: +6


Bastard Sword: +5 Attack, 1d10+3 Damage, 19/x2, S, Masterwork
Cestus: +4 Attack, 1d4+2 Damage, 19/x2 B or P
Battle Aspergillum: +4 Attack, 1d6+2 Damage, 20/x2 B (plus 1 Holy Water/5 Rounds per vial)


Masterwork Parade Armor: +3 AC, +5 Max Dex, 0 ACP, 15% SF, 30ft

(Favored Class put into Skill points, 2+Int, +1 Human, +1 FC)
Armor Check Penalty 0
Bluff: +6 (+7 for women attracted to him) [1 Rank]
Diplomacy: +7 (+8 for women attracted to him) [2 Rank]
Heal: +7 [1 Rank]
Know. Arcana: +4 [1 Rank]
Know. Planes: +4 (+5 vs Demon related) [1 Rank]
Know. Religion: +5 [2 Rank]
Perception: +7 [1 Rank]
Sense Motive: +8 [2 Rank]
Spellcraft: +4 [1 Rank]


Simple Weapon and Bastard Sword Prof.
Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor Prof.
Shield Prof. (except Tower Shields)
Cosmopolitan: (Abyssal and Infernal, Perception and Bluff(1st)
Selective Channeling: Do not include 1 target/Cha Mod in Channel area.(B)
Channel Smite: As a Swift acton, add Channel Damage to a melee Attack. (3rd)


1.) Charming: +1 Bluff and Diplomacy vs those that may be sexually attracted to Soth-Loren)
2.)Force for Good: Cast Good Spells at +1 CL, and Aura is treated as one step more powerful


Masterwork Bastard Sword (Hollowed Pommel)
Battle Aspergillum
Holy Water (x4)

Parade Armor (Mendevian crusader's fullplate and tabard armor)
Weapon Strap (Bastard Sword)

Holy Symbols (x10)
Spell Component Pouch (x2)
Everburning Silver Holy Symbol
Cleric's Vestments
Cold Weather Outfit

Rations (x9)
Wine (x2)
Belt Pouch (x2)
Sack (x2)
Scroll Case (x2)
Masterwork Backpack

Ink Pen
Paper (x10)
Stationary (x10)
Chalk (x10)
Candles (x10)

Signet Ring (Mendev Crusader)
Signet Ring (Raven Knight)
Cologne (+1 Cha checks sometimes)
Shaving Kit
Silk Rope
Grappling Hook
Coffee (x30)
Raven (x2)
Belladonna (x4)
Sanctified Rings (1 Broken)

0 level: D.C. 13 (At Will):

1.) Create Water
2.) Detect Magic
3.) Guidance
4.) Light

1st Level: D.C. 14:

2nd Level: D.C. 15:

Special Abilities:

Nobility Domain:
Inspiring Word: 6/6 Day. Grant +2 Moral to a creature in 30ft (Attack, Skill, Ability, or Saves) for ½ (1) Cleric level.
Spells: 1st Divine Favor, 2ndEnthrall, 3rd Magic Vestment, 4th Discern Lies, 5th Greater Command, 6th Geas/Quest, 7th Repulsion, 8th Demand, 9th Storm of Vengeance

Channel Positive Energy: – 30ft burst, 2d6, Will DC 13 for 1/2. (2/5 Remaining)

Demonic Knowledge: Add ½ (1) Cleric level to Know: Planes checks against Demon related topics, and may make checks untrained.

Bonus Feat: @ 4th and 8th level, choose from a Teamwork Feat, Alignment Channeling, Leadership, and Spell Penetration (& Greater)


PP: 1
GP: 10
SP: 10
CP: 10
Other: Silver Crown/Circlet (30 GP), Silver Chalice (25 GP)
Tattoo: Large Stylized Ravens on back and chest (20 GP each), silver Holy Symbol on face (20 GP)