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Paizo Employee Managing Art Director

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zeonsghost wrote:
Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Accusations that I have used offensive slurs about members of the staff are categorically FALSE. Many LGBTQIA+ members of the Paizo staff are close friends of mine, and I would never talk that way about anyone on our staff or in our community.

Can you get them to issue a statement backing that up?

I have never, in my 9 years at Paizo, heard Jeff Alvarez say anything disparaging against LGBTQIA+ people (or anyone for that matter). He is one of the kindest most sincere people I have ever known, and my wife and I have become quite close friends with him.

Paizo Employee Managing Art Director

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thistledown wrote:
I was hoping the panel would be more about how to get into making art for Paizo, but an armored slime sounds fun.

We can also talk about that during the panel, this is just a part of it.

Paizo Employee Art Director

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Oh Wes, now I *almost* feel bad about not contributing to the farewell blog... Thanks for not being a jerk all these years :)

Paizo Employee Art Director

I can confirm that the artist is Michele Chang.

Paizo Employee Graphic Designer

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Liz Courts wrote:
tssfulk wrote:
Is there a design reason behind not doing full-bleed illustrations and more baroque circles, boxes, etc. that have become the standard in board and card games?
My initial guess is that the card design chosen makes them easier to read in play, but I'll see if I can't snag one of the art staff to chime in on this. :)

Liz is correct, we use boxes/circles etc. to make information easier to find and therefore the game easier to play. Also, most printers require a solid colored "frame" around the entire cards edge making full bleed art virtually impossible.