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Full Name

Andrew Sun




Ex-Cleric 1/Bard 3







Special Abilities

Inspire Courage +0.5, Blabbermouth +1; Perform (Piano) +9, Perform (Singing) -20


Neutral Good




Springfield, MO


English, B-flat minor


Professional Shoulder Devil/Student/Musician

Homepage URL;

Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Constitution 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 9
Charisma 15

About Sollir


Around high school I found out you actually had to have Wisdom to cast divine spells. Needless to say, I multi-classed to Bard shortly thereafter =)

Post-RPG Superstar '10:

Along with finding out I was in the top 32, I was suggested to edit my profile some to let y'all know a little bit more about me. I've also aged and leveled up since I lasted updated my profile. I put my bonus point into Charisma because I've had to learn a lot about leadership this past year.

Fun Facts:

  • My first e-mail address handle was Whisper_The_Tiefling and was created for the sole purpose of playing in a PBP Gladitorial game. Back then, I was munchkin-lite with a tiefling conjurer trying to abuse the Invisibility/Summon Monster tactic.
  • I am proud to have DM'd a campaign from levels 2 through 24 over a period of 7 years. My main trio of PC's survived through their adventures somehow, despite being the 3 'lowest-tier' classes of 3.x-Bard, Monk, and Ranger. The campaign is in it's fourth story arc and has taken a nice roleplay/kingdom building aspect. We're currently on hiatus as grad school has split the core group up.
  • These days I generally lurk around various messageboards, but some of you may know me at EN World as Sollir Furryfoot (another PBP character).
  • I have yet to play in a game with the Pathfinder rules! Though still playing 3.5, my current playgroup is hesitant to switch systems just yet. If I didn't get into RPG Superstar, I would've tried to start/join a Pathfinder game on the boards. I'll just have to do this after the competition! I'm so stoked about the Advanced Player's Guide Summoner class, can't wait to play one.
  • Though gaming is great, music is my passion. While I consider myself a fan before a musician, I've been playing piano for 16 years of my life and have been in six various bands so far. Someday, one of my groups will make it! My favorite artists include Ben Folds, Muse, and Mendelssohn.

    If you have a question for me, just send me a message/e-mail, I'd be glad to get back to you!