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Gauss wrote:

P.S. really need a gender neutral term in the english language.

"They" as in "I think they are."

you could also have said: "I think Shinami means to imply(or is implying) just that."

Well Grimmy, they are definetly not immersed into the game, and are apparently not afraid of their characters dying either... whether this is your fault or theirs has yet to be seen.

Just a few questions:
What age are they? Have you ever seen them immersed into a game before? Is this the first time they have not acted with their characters best interest in mind or are their above actions been what they always do no matter who is GMing?

It may just be them. Sometimes players just dont want to care, no matter what the GM does.

Dabbler wrote:

No, you need Perception (everyone needs Perception) and you need Knowledge (religion) and Knowledge (nobility) too for knowing your enemies and knowing your allies.

That Intelligence will cripple you, in the long term, if you are not careful. On the flip side, you don't need mega-strength: a paladin gets a stack of damage and hit bonuses from smite, so you don't need to compete so hard in the muscles stakes.

+1 to this.

Not a bad build, but I have some points you might want to consider.

Splint mail is good but its +5 AC is all the ac you have since you wont have a shield: making your AC 15 and Touch AC 10... .
Assuming you dont roll for HP you only have 11HP at first lvl(12 if you dont put your Favored class bonus into SP, which I would do to get you perception) Im not saying you would be a glass cannon with your current build, but you are easier to kill than some think a Paladin should be.

Take advantage of your +1 Stat lvl ups at lvls 4,8,12...etc. If you reduce your STR to 15(17 with Half Orc bonus)you still have a +3 STR MOD but you have 3 points left over to even out your stats. I might even reduce it to 14 to get 5 points and put 2 in INT so you can have better knowledge Nobility and knowledge Religion if your party has no Cleric.

STR: 15(17) 18 after 8th lvl
DEX: 12
CON: 13 +1 after 4th lvl
INT: 7
WIS: 10
CHA: 16

If it will be a long campaign might I even suggest somthing along the lines of this:
STR: 15(17, 18 at 12th)
DEX: 13 (14 at 16th)
CON: 13 (14 at 8th)
INT: 7
WIS: 12
CHA: 15 (16 at 4th)

This shouldnt hurt your dmg out put too much, would give your Paladin better saves, and make you more survivable overall. :-D

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:


Over the same time period you were mooching food form the group (pizza) and failing to repay it (on two subsequent...

I agree.

Commando, as an adult you are expected to be able to understand and more importantly respect the hosts rules...

At the very least one must repay ones debts.

As of right now, I take it you have still not repayed them for what you ate of the 3 pizzas.

Until you Pay them back you are still "Socially" guilty of not paying for something you took (which is called stealing).

If you wish to get things back to ground zero with these people, and even if you dont wanr to at least undue any damage you did to the GM's reputation... YOU have to pay them back.

When they kicked you out of the group it did not resolve any of your debts.