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This is great news. Since my Dragon/Dungeon subs lapsed, I have loved Paizo products, and my next game is likely to be PF2e.

I hope Paizo takes this opportunity to work with the staff. You all want the same thing: create great products, be profitable, and continue to do so in the future.

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Can't believe nobody has brought up The Matrix yet.

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Nice. I hope the core book is setting-light as Golarion never did it for me. I'm hoping for something I can use for a Doom-like game, so we can go blasting Balors with BFGs.
Also, it needs to 100% compatible with the existing Pathfinder stuff. I want to mix and match as I please - I really don't need a new game.

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I have the same experience as the OP, but this is not about the bloat. My group of oldtimers mostly uses Core only, and they repeatedly break the game.
The problem is that high-level 3.x was slow and broken from day one, and Paizo has never adressed that properly.

My group want to keep Pathfinder, at the present, to keep all the options, so my current plan is to strip away spell buffs and use 5e-style magic items. As long as I make sure they have access to magic weapons to deal with DR, I'm hoping the CR system now actually will be balanced.

We'll see how that turns out. If its fails, I'm probably switching to Fantasy Age.

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Traits. Awkward execution. Too fiddly for pointless bonuses. Really really poor design.

5e Background - or even 3.5 Forgotten Realms background feats - is a much more elegant way to add flavor.

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Best of luck to Sean and Jodi. Sean's FR stuff is still among my all-time favorite RPG books. A real loss for Paizo.

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Mark Moreland wrote:

After development, Wardens actually goes to 15th, and a party that gets every possible bit of XP will be about halfway to 16th.

If we were to do more 16+ level adventures, what sorts of stories would folks like to see? It's a completely different realm at that level in terms of what sorts of things PCs are capable of and what they expect to face, so I'm curious what specific adventures people would like to see in this level range.

My high-levels games are often set in large scale wars, backed by outsiders, powerful summoners, evil gods and their like.

This makes any of the following must-buys for me, preferably in a modular format so I can easily mix and match for my homebrew:

Basic dungeon crawls: a prophet’s hidden tomb, a lost archmage’s library, a vault/demiplane of an imprisoned demonlord/demigod/demilich.

A metropolis is besieged by a demon-backed army and the characters must organize the defenses and deal with a number of bosses.

A team of high-powered assassin are terrorizing the city/kingdom and the characters must draw them out and defeat them, then strike into enemy territory to defeat the assassins’ masters.

A villa/castle/guildhouse with hidden defenses powerful enough to deal with high-powered intruders.

Basic stuff really, but with really powerful opponents, tricks and traps.

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AlricLightwind wrote:


I miss vanilla WoW when warlocks and pallys had to quest for their mounts and other classes had specific class quests what would net an item or armor or something. Now everything just get's handed to you...

Damn kids...

Get off my lawn!!!

Bah, in my day - Baldur's Gate that is - we had to WALK all the way.

*grumble* ...whippersnappers... *grumble*

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I'm hoping for as few new mechanics as possible. The high-level game is a tough sell as it is, I want more powerful options, not added complexity.

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I'd like to throw in some coppers for Bastion of Broken Souls. It's very cool if you like high-powered mind-goggling over-the-top planar fantasy. I know I do. I had lots of fun converting this to the Forgotten Realms.

"The Harrowing" seem ok in the same genre. I also hope to run "Gates of Oblivion" and that recent fire giant adventure.