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Full Name

Sky'tor Tu'kaleth


Erunsil (Snow Elf)


Fighter 5












High Elven, Orcish (1), Patrol Sign, Dark Tongue, Sylvan

Strength 15
Dexterity 22
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Sky'tor Tu'kaleth



Sky'tor Tu'kalet
Male Erunsil, Fighter 5
Lawful Neutral, Age 124, Height 4-9”, Weight 100 lbs.
Eyes: White, Hair: Long White, Skin: Very pale


STR-15(+2), DEX-22(+6), CON-13(+1), INT-10(+0), WIS-15(+2), CHA-8(-1)

Initiative +6, CMB +7, CMD +23
Perception: +9
FOR +6, REF +7, WIL +3 (Fort +5 vs. Cold) (+2 vs. Fear)
AC-22 (+6 Dex, +3 Armor, +1 Dodge, +2 Wis), Studded Leather
Touch – 19
Flat-Footed – 13
Speed 50, Size M, Reach 5’
HP – 70 (d12)
Rage Rounds – 13
Spell Energy Points - 2



BAB +5, Melee +8, Ranged +11
Fighting Knife (Finesse), +13, 1d6+2, 19-20/x3, SL,P
Fighting Knife (Finesse) two weapon fighting - +12/+12
Quarterstaff, +7, 1d6+3, x2, B
Icewood Longbow, +13, 1d8+4, 20/x3, P, 120’ Range

Feats, Traits, and Talents


Magic: Natural Channeler/Spiritual (Use at will)
-Purify food and water
Combat Expertise – Class bonus (+/- 2)
Point Blank Shot – Fighter 1
Skill Focus: Perception– Level 1
Precise shot – Fighter 2
Skill Focus: Acrobatics– Level 3
Dodge – Fighter 4
Spring Attack – Level 5
Two Weapon Fighting – Heroic path 2
Weapon Finesse – Snow Elf Fighting Knives (Racial)
Weapon focus – Elven Race (Longbow, Shortbow)
Innate Magic Feat – Elven Race (Flare, Purify Food and Water)
Arcane Defense – Elven Race (Enchantment) +3 Saving throws vs. Enchantments
Weapon Focus – Snow Elf Fighting Knives (Bonus background)

Juggernaut – d12 HD instead of d10
Evasion – No damage on successful Reflex save
Mobility – As Mobility feat, +10’ movement

Bravery – (+2) Save vs. Fear
Ant Haul – Str (20) for carrying capacity; No movement penalties for Medium or Heavy loads.
Warriors Way – Mobile fighter
• Agility - +1 bonus of saves against effects causing Paralyzed, slowed or entangled.
Weapon Training – Light Blades
Rage Power – Quick Reflexes (Combat Reflexes while raging)

Heroic Path:
1 – Fury: Gain Rage ability as a barbarian
2 – Frenzy of Blades: (Bonus Feat / Two Weapon Fighting)
3 – Frenzy of Moves: (+10 to movement speed)
4 – Whisper in the back of the Mind: AC bonus equal to Wisdom modifier when in Erethor. If denied Dexterity bonus it is null
5 – Fury Power: Gain a Barbarian Rage Power

Dexterous – (x2) +2 to Dex score.

High Elvish
Patrol sign



Skills :w/ Ranks
Acrobatics +14
Athletics +10
Craft: Blacksmith (+7)
Endurance +9
Knowledge: Lore(spirits) +8
Perception +14
Survival +11

Class Abilities


Combat Expertise – Bonus Feat (Fighter 1)
Bonus Feat – (Fighter 1)
Fighter Talent – Juggernaut (Fighter 1)
Bonus Feat – (Fighter 2)
Bravery – (Fighter 2)
Fighter Talent – Evasion (Fighter 3)
Ant Haul – (Fighter 3)
Bonus Feat – (Fighter 4)
Warriors Way – (Fighter 4)
Fighter Talent – (Fighter 5)
Weapon Training – (Fighter 5)

Racial Abilities


Racial Abilities
● Weapon Familiarity: Erunsil treat snow elf fighting knives as martial weapons, rather than as exotic weapons. Additionally, when wielding two snow elf fighting knives, Erunsil suffer only half the normal penalties for wielding a second weapon in their off hand. This benefit stacks with that granted by Two-Weapon Fighting and similar feats. Those who already have that level of proficiency with those weapons because of a class feature are considered having Weapon Focus bonus feat with those weapons.
● Favored Region: Veradeen. Snow elves’ favored region bonuses for Erethor increase by +2 when in the Veradeen.
● Racial Enemy: Erunsil receive orcs as a favored enemy, similar to the wildlander class feature. They gain a +2 bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, Knowledge, Perception, and Survival checks when using these skills against orcs. Likewise, they get a +2 bonus on attack rolls and damage against orcs and +2 AC dodge bonus when fighting against them. They may make Knowledge or related skill checks untrained when attempting to identify orcs and their weaknesses. Their wildlander favored enemies are in addition to their racial one, and the racial favored enemy bonuses improve with wildlander level. This racial trait makes Erunsil eligible for Ancestral Foe feat chain.
● +1 racial bonus on Fortitude saving throws. The snow elves are hardier than their southern kin. This bonus increases to +5 when the snow elf makes Fortitude saving throws against cold dangers like cold weather, severe cold or exposure, or extreme cold. Additionally, snow elves suffer only half the normal damage (rounded down) from the nonlethal cold damage caused by these effects.
● Deadly with the Blades: Erunsil gain Weapon Finesse with snow elf fighting knives as bonus feat.
● Icy Rage: Erunsil barbarians gain +4 bonus to Dexterity instead of the bonuses to Strength and Constitution.
● Snow elves may begin play with an icewood bow (at one-quarter normal cost). Snow elves gain a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with icewood bows.
● Automatic Languages: High Elven, Orcish (1), Patrol Sign. Bonus Languages: Black Tongue, Erenlander, Norther, Sylvan, Trader’s Tongue.
● Favored Class Options: Most Erunsil are barbarians or wildlanders. They burn with icy fire of Xione that flows through their veins.
○ Barbarian: + 1/4 bonus to Dexterity when raging.
○ Wildlander: Gain + ¼ of Favorite Enemy wildlander trait.
Elves as a Race
● +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence or Charisma; -2 Constitution: Elves are graceful, charismatic and intelligent, but somewhat slight of build.
● Medium: As Medium creatures, elves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
● Elf base land speed is 30 feet.
● Weapon Familiarity: All elves receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency feats for the longbow and shortbow (including composite bows) as bonus feats. The elves practice archery for hunting, entertainment, and defense. Those of them who already have that level of proficiency with those weapons because of a class feature are considered having Weapon Focus bonus feat with those weapons.
● Favored Region: Erethor.
● Natural Channelers: All elves have a natural facility with magic. They gain the Innate Magic feat as a bonus feat, and those who gain the Magecraft feat have 2 bonus spell energy points.
● Low-light Vision: Elves can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
● Elven Immunities: Elves gain Arcane Defense (enchantment) as a bonus feat, and they are additionally immune to magic sleep effects.
● Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.
● Elven Agility: Elves gain +4 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Climb checks when climbing trees. Elves are at home in the trees.
● All elves may begin play with elven traveling clothes, erethor tea, and hearthstones (at one-quarter normal cost).


White bone item: the grip on Sky'Tor's longbow is indented for firm grip, grooved to reduce slippage, and made of white bone. It is usually wrapped with a leather cord for extra grip, and to hide the white color in wilds.

Back Story


It began just like any other day. His mother uncovered the hot coals from the winter fire, and placed some fresh fuel on top of the coals. The heavy smoke filled the main room of the tree-house that had been the home of Sky’tor Tu’kaleth since he had been born. It was cold as was usual this far north in the Veradeen. His mother asked him to gather some snow from outside for the morning tea. Sky’tor slipped on his warm otter skin slippers, and his heavy winter robe, and stepped out onto the balcony which surrounded the home. The cold was biting as he breathed it in, then exhaled it in a cloud of bellowing mist.
Between his trips to bring in snow in the bark buckets, his mother mentioned that his father was due to return from his scouting trip this day. There had been reports of a group of fell that had been spotted in a glade a few miles north of the village. On his third and final trip to fill up the buckets, he noticed something unusual. While it was normal to see smudges of smoke from the cook fires of the tree-houses scattered throughout the village, the smoke to the north seemed a little thick. Then he heard the first screams. As the young Erunsil looked on in horror, he saw strange figures moving through the forest. Orcs! Carrying bows, and flaming brands and headed his way. But, that was not the worst of it. They seemed to be accompanied by and commanding a group of staggering lurching fell.
He quickly dropped the buckets and ran inside to warn his mother. Calm as always his mother quickly ran to the cupboard in his parents sleeping area, and came back with his fathers old set of fighting knife, and her own Icewood bow.
“Quickly” she said, pushing the young elf forward to the hidden bolt hole in the tree. “You must hide here until we are able to push these invaders back”. “Do not come out under any circumstance until I tell you to.
“But I want to help” young Sky’tor pleaded.” I’m already the best in the village with the knives, and I could stand here and shoot arrows at them”.
“Do not argue” said his mother. “I will be back for you soon” she said with finality, as she pushed him deeper into the bole of the tree, and uttered a few arcane words creating an illusion of bark over the entrance to the bolt hole. Though disappointed and frightened he respected his mother’s wishes and hid.
The noise was horrific, and the cries of anguish hard to bear. But as his mother wished he held his place. Then the tree began to shake, and the smell of smoke filled the air. Soon the heat and smoke became unbearable, and despite his mothers wishes, and the obvious presence of something in the main part of the house he had to escape. He stuck his head out of the hole, and felt relief flood his body, as he saw the broad back of his father turning towards the entrance to the house. He had arrived in time. All would be well.
“Father, Father Sky’tor cried leaving the hole, and noticing for the first time that the shelter was almost entirely aflame. The figure at the door turned, and Sky’tor gasped in horror. While this was definitely his father, it was also a monster. He first noticed the bloody gash across his father’s throat, then the dead look in his eyes. With a lurch his now undead father headed towards him, grasping him in his supernaturally strong grasp, and trying to bite at him…Then fate intervened and the tree gave a final jolt, and the house collapsed falling to the ground.
When Sky’tor awoke the first thing he noticed was the pain. His whole left side, especially his face was horribly burned. Then he noticed it was dark outside. How long had he laid here, then the memories of the horror of the day returned? The smell of charred wood filled the air, and he was cold, but he was not dead. A heavy weight lay upon him, and he struggled to remove himself from the weight. With horror he realized it was his father’s body which held him down. Pierced by a branch from the family’s tree, even in death his father’s body had kept him from freezing to death. In shock Sky’tor wandered the darkened village calling out for his mother or for anyone but there was no answer, only silence except for the wind blowing through the trees, and the sound of a snowy owl in the distance. Finally he found his mother, surrounded by a pile of dead orcs, and he remains of some of the other members of the scouting party, now in their final death. He dropped to his knees the anguish and pain finally too much, and remembered no more.
He was awakened the next day. There was movement. A large furred being was walking nearby, turning over the corpses that littered the ground, and poking at them with a long stick. With a roar Sky’tor stumbled to his feet, and grabbing one of his mothers fighting knives ran at the beast. With a gasp of surprise the being just got his staff up in time, to deflect the blow. Again unconsciousness embraced the young elf, as the giant whacked him on the head with his staff.
He awoke sometime later. He was lying on a straw tick covered in thick furs. He was warm, and aware of a fire burning in a fireplace a short distance away. He put his fingers to the burns on his face, and could feel the scabs forming under a thick grease of some sort…And he was thirsty. He put his feet on the ground, but was too weak to stand. Then Angus Magoren entered his life.
Two weeks later when Sky’tor could travel again Angus took him to the sign of the massacre. Animals had devoured many of the corpses, but the young elf walked the ruins determined that he would never cry again. He found his mothers fighting knives, and his father’s Icewood bow, gathered up a few of his belongings, and followed Angus from the site.
For the next six years Angus taught him the ways of the wild. He claimed to be a Dorn refugee, but would speak no more of his background. While Sky’tor could never match the Dorn barbarian’s strength, he more than made up for it as his quickness, and dexterity constantly vexed the Dorn’s attempts to train him in combat.
Finally one day Sky’tor was walking the forest with Angus, when his savior put a hand on his shoulder, and motioned him to silence. A group of Dorn warriors walked the paths of the forest. They stayed in silence until the patrol had passed, then Angus had a talk with Sky’tor. He explained that his path had caught up with him, and that he must move on.
“When do we leave” asked Sky’tor?
“I have taught you much, but now you must go on your own” the barbarian explained. “It is too dangerous for you to be with me”. “You must never mention that you knew me, for my enemies reach is long”. “But know that should you ever need me more than life itself, I will find you”. And with a tear in his eye the Dorn melted into the forest.
Sky’tor returned to the cabin he shared with the giant warrior, gathered up his meager belongings and wandered off. Since then he has spent much time on his own. Wandering the wilderness areas of the Veradeen, and smiting his enemies at every opportunity, he had began to develop a name in the area.
Snow-shadow comes!

Death and rebirth

Sky’tor had felt pain before, but this was different. It began like the other injuries he had suffered, but then it changed. He felt cold. He’d never really realized cold before. But here it was it began flowing out of his veins, and then it seemed to flow into his body. He began to grow colder, his once fast reflexes dulling, and his formerly sharp senses began to fade. Then he felt his body fall, but at the same time he seemed to rise. And he kept rising…then he began to move…slow at first, then more quickly. And it was beautiful. He flew like an eagle drifting on the breezes, above the clouds, and he could see the land beneath. First the endless green of the forest he loved, then further north, and faster still. Then the land beneath him began to change. Scattered patches of snow and ice began to appear, and the elevation began to rise.
Then he noticed something strange. Except for the verdant foliage there was no life. No birds soared through the sky, no movement of animals through the forest, no life…then he heard the whisper. Faint, and almost beyond his notice but it was there…it was everywhere. No, not everywhere it was below him in the forest, in the trees himself. Upon notice he began to descend, at first slowly then faster. The snow covered ground rushed up at him at a dizzying pace. Then he hit the ground. There was no pain, no impact, only a seemingly endless descent through the snow. But it did not frighten him, it embraced him, and through it all the whisper in his mind. At some time it stopped. When, or where or why ceased to matter…and at some time he simply ceased to exist. And he slept.
Sometimes things happened. Children died. He would have feelings of dread, and shift in his eternal sleep. Great acts of violence, and massive death gnawed at the edge of awareness...then a that didn’t fade like the others. And somewhere distant and faint the whisper.
There was a man…A big man that he knew somehow…a man surrounded by flying beasts, and beasts afoot. He was doing something. He was pulling at the sleeping elf known as Sky-tor. Pulling him from the warmth of his ice dreams and the silence of the whisper. And another force, as wide as tall…a tower of strength and stability. “Take him the smaller force said”. “Take him and I’ll hold them back”.
Then there was silence, and the pain returned. The pain and the cold long forgotten. He opened his eyes, and things looked different. As though he was seeing through another’s eyes. He was at the bottom of a ravine, his leg twisted un-naturally under him, and he was cold. Dragging himself to an upright position, he took note of his surroundings. He must have fallen from that ledge above him, but he had lain for a while. The snow around him was several inches deep. His trusty fighting knives were in their sheaths at his back, but they felt different. His Icebow lay beside him the string broken, and the arrows scattered about him. But this bow was not his. Where was the bone handle? He did not feel a connection. Something was wrong.
In and out of consciousness he took two of the arrows, and tearing some strips from his undercloak splinted his shattered leg. Then using the Icewood bow…he couldn’t call it his Icewood bow…as a crutch, he limped to the small sheltered pool of water underneath the overhang. His reflection looked back at him in the still cold pool. He started backward, stumbling onto his backside in panic. Who the stranger looking at him through his eyes? And then he heard it…faint and from the south…the insistent whisper.



Elven fighting knives, Icewood longbow. 20 arrows, sack, flint and steel, beltpouch, Studded leather armor, Quarterstaff.


Experience <1200>
Fate Points <1>
Finding and using the portal