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Full Name

Sir Gilroy "Trip" Langdon III


Pure Human







About Sir Gilroy "Trip" Langdon III

Sir or Lord Gilroy Langdon IV
Age 42
Blond hair
Blue eyes
Muscular frame with pale skin

Template – Pure Mortal
High Concept – Landed gentry / ex-SAS

Great – Guns
Great – Resources
Good – Weapons
Good – Contacts
Fair – Alertness
Fair – Athletics
Fair – Burglary
Average – Empathy
Average - Intimidation
Average - Presence
Average - Stealth
Average – Endurance


Phase I: Background Where did you come from?
Phase Aspect: For Queen and Country Born the only son (has two elder sisters and one younger) of an aristocratic family with a long history of military and social service to the Crown. Gilroy was doted over by his mother and sisters much to the chagrin of his grandfather who felt that too much affection would make him weak. His father and grandfather taught him the importance of duty and service to the Queen from birth expecting him to follow the family’s long heritage of military service.

Phase II: Rising Conflict What shaped you?
Phase Aspect: Fit for Duty At age 11 he was sent to military boarding school. His school days were filled with harsh discipline and in the first few years severe bullying but he endured, thrived and graduated with the highest rank. Gilroy then went on to attend the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst graduating 5th in his class. After graduating from Sandhurst Gilroy joined the SAS and served with distinction until wounds he received in Afghanistan forced him to retire from military life.
Gilroy’s father was killed in the Falkland’s war when he was 12. His grandfather died two years later from a massive stroke.

Phase III: The Story What was your first adventure?
Phase Aspect: Bonds of Blood Gilroy had just returned home from Afghanistan to recuperate from the wounds that ended his military career when his eldest sister began acting very strange. At first she began to ignore her own family, then began cavorting about in the company of a strange man that wasn’t her husband. Then one horrible day Gilroy’s sister’s family was found murdered in their home, their bodies torn apart and his sister was nowhere to be found. After the local police couldn’t solve the case Gilroy began his own investigation and was able to track down the strange man his sister was keeping company with. Gilroy confronted him and found out the hard way that vampire exist.

Guest Star: Kenneth Evander Finley
Phase Aspect: Major Destruction where Trip with the help of Kenneth destroy a coven of vampires.

Guest Star Redux: Jericho Korben
Phase Aspect: Who Dares, Wins where Trip decides to wage war on supernatural evil.