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Full Name

Sir Darren Carter


Human (Taldor) Cavalier (Beast Rider) 8 / Cleric 1 (Devout Pilgrim) / Fighter 1 (Dragoon)




M (5'4")






Cayden Cailean


Common, Dwarven


"Paladin" of Cayden Cailean

Strength 20
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12

About Sir Darren Carter

Party Buffs, Summarized:

Banner (morale bonus): All allies gain +3 to hit on all charge attacks, +4 to saves vs fear

Caravan Bond (Liberation): allies can gain Freedom of Movement 1 round/day as free action
Caravan Bond (Powerful Bond): allies can communicate telepathically 3+Wis/day as free action

Tactician (2/day, 8 rounds): grants + to all saves for everyone or +2 attack via flanking
(at level 11 and above will allow +flanking or spontaneous charge novas)

Backstory (A Hero Begins!):

Any wanderer who's made it to Darren Carter's level of fame and skill has stories to tell around the fire, of kingdoms saved and monsters slain. Some of them are always true, and Sir Darren's case, some of them usually aren't. So here are just a few of the highlights.

Found as a mysterious foundling child at the gates of a mountaintop monastery—or so, at least, his stories begin—Darren grew up an exceptional orphan, knightly in his speech and grace and unmatched in his skill with a sword. Soon, he was sent to an enclave of Paladins, to train as a holy knight of Abadar.

And there the cracks began to show. Young Darren was ever a free spirit, slipping out at night to get up to trouble in the nearby village and falling asleep during prayer. And soon, he discovered drink, and music — and then it was all over. Darren was expelled from the order in disgrace, losing his paladin training, and soon found himself wandering from town to town as a sellsword and cart-driver.

It was not an easy time, but eventually Darren found work as a proper adventurer, traveling with allies who were noble in their own way and finding little chances to do good. Journeying from the deserts of Kelesh to the frozen Northlands, he discovered a natural affinity for beasts of burden, and found his knightly training still useful on the battlefield and in the tavern. Along the way, he fought dragons and tyrants, and befriended strange beasts as well as men, bringing a great lumbering boar of the darkest wilds with him on his travels.

And, of course, he found religion. While Darren kept his livelihood as a musician and storyteller, regaling taverns with boasts of his grand adventures, he gradually began to befriend the wiser sort who frequented Taldor's taverns. Darren learned of Cayden, the Lucky Drunk, and his teachings of tolerance as moderation. Learning to brew his own ale, and drink only as ritual, Darren became a crusader in his own way, standing up for the smallfolk where he could and teaching them what simple joys he could impart, with his newfound purpose leading him to more honor and fulfillment than ever before.

Personality (Our Tale Continues!):

Darren Carter, now a proper knight in his own way, has wandered the countryside for decades, and learned that there is more than one way to help the downtrodden. He fights when he must, but spends much of his time spreading the power of music and freedom, blending into the scenery thanks to his short stature and using a magical lyre he was once granted as a boon to build churches, walls, and houses in every town he passes through. He prefers being a champion of the people to simply working as a sellsword, though he still ventures on quests that might bring with them a good story to tell. He will always refuse part of any reward offered, but usually keeps something, even if it takes only the form of a promise or a blessing.

Lately, as he's turned away from fighting, Sir Darren has begun to grow spiritual, turning inward in his meditations and prayers. Though once content to ride into battle with the Drunk God's songs at his back, he has now begun to find his prayers answered, learning to channel divine magic through patience and practice. The change is certainly a welcome one, as he has found much of Golarion to need healers as much as champions, and he has learned to use his songs and prayers to heal wounded farmers and armies alike, becoming more of a holy traveler than any of the Paladins who had once tried to teach him.

And now, he has been called into the service of Taldor. While he has had little interest or fondness for the land's aging rulers, he has learned to love its people, and so he will willingly do what he can, for a time—as long as the cause proves worthy and his allies in need of protection.

The Tale of Sir Baconing the Gallant (Radiant! Terrific! Some pig!):

In his travels, Darren would often pass through small towns, where his heavy armor and magnificent banners became a topic of conversation. While sometimes he would entertain with stories and song, at other times he'd let his gigantic dancing "dire boar" companion become the subject of farmers' amusement and children's fascination.

Behold, a magnificent beast of the River Kingdoms—the one and only Sir Baconing, knighted by the Satrap of Zelshabbar himself! ...I won't bore you with the minutiae of the story, but this gallant pig saved all seven of the Satrapy's princesses from a rogue janni, he was offered a grand fiefdom in reward, which he turned down only after healing his wounds in the Everlight Oasis. No, it's only the open road for this humble steed, for nothing could ever keep him away from his beloved life as a rogue hero.

What's that? You wouldn't call him a "steed?" Just because he carries no mane and his fangs jut a foot form his jaw? Perhaps, perhaps... but, as I have said, this is no mere horse—this is a radiant, majestic beast, and a champion of the common folk at that—and what champion would he be without his ivory swords? Still, never fear. I have known him to eat any animal but wolves, though I may have caught him stealing pies on occasion, so it may be best to keep your children from eating their lunches too close by.

Still... let me just strum this lute, and oh! See how he dances!

* * *


-Tons of fun party buffs (can grant huge bonuses to attacks, saves, freedom of movement, telepathy, and at level 11 or higher will allow allies to take bonus attacks every round through Coordinated Charge)
-Extremely high-accuracy single-target striker (like any cavalier, can do single hits large enough to punch through any DR), but short enough and with a mount small enough to ride indoors
-Can create or repair buildings with the power of song!

-With decent saves, reach weapon, stand still, and high-armor pet, can effectively wall off enemies for battlefield control
-Can be party face if necessary, and construct buildings with the power of song
-Like a paladin, but more fun (and as a Cleric of Cayden can Create Ale at will!)
-Must spend an hour every day in merriment or he gets morale bonuses and disappoints his god

Healing and Spells:

Channel Positive Energy, 4/day (1d6, DC 11)

Domain powers (can be used by allies as well):

Powerful Bond (Su): As a free action, you can open a link to communicate telepathically with a single ally within 60 feet. The telepathic link is two-way and lasts for 1 minute. Unlike normal telepathy, this ability requires a shared language. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Liberation (Su): You have the ability to ignore impediments to your mobility. For a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level, you can move normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement, as if you were affected by freedom of movement. This effect occurs automatically as soon as it applies. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.


Level 0:
Create Water or Ale
Enhanced Diplomacy

Level 1:
Aspect of the Nightingale
Deadeye's Lore
Protection from Evil (domain)

Class Choices:

Cavalier (Beast Rider):
Order of the Shield

Cleric (Devout Pilgrim):
Liberation Domain
Freedom Domain

Fighter (Dragoon)


BAB: +9, CMB: +14

Most Common Attack:
Power Lance Mounted Challenge Charge +25 to hit (3d8+75), cleaves at +17 for slightly lower damage

Mounted Charge:
Lance +24 to hit (3d8+33), cleaves at +19
Power Lance +22 to hit (3d8+51), cleaves at +17
Lance 1H +24 to hit (3d8+18), cleaves at +19
Power Lance 1H +22 to hit (3d8+36), cleaves at +19

Melee (+5 on foot charge, and +2 if near mount):
Lance/Longsword 2H: +15/+10 to hit (1d8+8)
Power Lance/Longsword 2H: +13/+8 to hit (1d8+14)
Longsword: +15/+10 to hit (1d8+6)
Power Longsword: +13/+8 to hit (1d8+10)
Earth Breaker: +14/+9 to hit (2d6+7)
Power Earth Breaker: +12/+7 to hit (2d6+13)

Pilum 2H: +10 to hit (1d8+7)
Pilum 1H: +10 to hit (1d8+5)

Modifiers (AC||Hit/Dmg):

Mounted Charge (0||+7/x2)
Mounted Lance (0||+7/x3)
Foot Charge (-2||+5/+0)
Power Attack (0||-2/+6 or +4)
Pack Flanking (0||+2|+0)
Challenge (-2||+3|+8)
Combat Expertise (+2||-2/+0)


HP: 88 (9d10+1d8+10*3)
AC: 25 or 26 with shield, or higher with Combat Expertise (+1 Dex, 11 Armor, +1 Deflection, +2 Natural, +0/1 Shield)
CMD: 26

DR: 2/- (converted to nonlethal, not negated)

Fort +16, Ref +6, Will +10 (+12 vs mind-effecting, +16 vs fear) (+1 to all saves if near mount)

Feats and Traits:

Mounted Combat (Fighter Bonus)
Skill Focus: Ride (Fighter Bonus)
Pack Flanking (Human Bonus) (qualifies via combat stamina + combat expertise)
Power Attack (Campaign Bonus)
Quick Draw (1)
Shake It Off (Cavalier Bonus 1)
Ride-By Attack (3)
Undersized Mount (5)
Spirited Charge (Cavalier Bonus 6)
Mounted Blade (7)
Stem the Tide (Cavalier Bonus 8)
Horn of the Criosphinx (9)

Feat Wishlist (depending on starting level):
Coordinated Charge (11, via cavalier bonus)

Fortified Drinker (religion) (+2 to saves vs mind-effecting)
Reactionary (combat) (+2 to initiative)
Savant (social) (perform as class skill)

Hedonistic (drawback) (must drink or sing for an hour every day, or get depressed)


Skill Points: 76 (32 Cavalier, 2 Cleric, 2 Fighter, 10 Int, 10 Human, 20 Background)
*Denotes class skill

*Bluff +9 (5 ranks)
*Climb +4 (1 rank, -5 ACP)
*Craft (weapons) +7 (1 background rank, +2 mwk tools)
*Craft (armor) +7 (1 background rank, +2 mwk tools)
*Diplomacy +16 (10 ranks, +2 from spell)
*Handle Animal +5 (1 rank)
*Heal +7 (1 rank)
*Intimidate +7 (1 rank, +2 from spell)
*Knowledge (arcana)
*Knowledge (dungeoneering)
*Knowledge (engineering) +5 (1 background rank)
Knowledge (geography) +2 (1 background rank)
*Knowledge (history) +5 (1 background rank)
*Knowledge (local) +6 (2 ranks)
*Knowledge (nobility) +5 (1 background rank)
*Knowledge (planes)
*Knowledge (religion) +6 (2 ranks)
Linguistics +3 (1 background rank)
Perception +16 (10 ranks)
*Perform (string) +17 (10 background ranks, +2 from spell)
*Perform (sing) +6 (2 background rank)
*Perform (oratory) +6 (2 background rank)
*Profession (brewer) +7 (1 rank)
*Profession (architect) +7 (1 rank)
*Ride +23 (10 ranks, +6 feat, +5 competence, +2 mwk saddle)
*Sense Motive +16 (10 ranks)
*Survival +11 (1 rank, +4 from spell)
*Swim +4 (1 rank, -5 ACP)


+1 Lance
+1 Cold Iron Longsword
Masterwork Silver Earth Breaker
5x Pilum

+2 Adamantine Full Plate
Quickdraw Mithral Shield

Automatic Bonuses:
Weapon Attunement +1 Lance/+1 Longsword
Armor Attunement +2 Armor
Deflection +2, Resistance +3, Toughening +1
Mental Prowess +2 Wis
Physical Prowess +2 Str
(Point buy: Str 15, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12)

Lyre of Building (12k)
Horsemaster's Saddle (12k)
Full Plate (1.5k)
Full Plate Barding (6k)
Cold Iron Longsword, Darkwood Quickdraw Shield, Pilums, Masterwork Earthbreaker, Masterwork Smith's Tools (~500 gp)

Wishlist: Lens of Detection (3.5k gp), Hat of Disguise (1.2k), Tankard of Whatsit (5.3k gp), better barding, +Cha, Hosteling armor, Minotaur Belt, Champion's Banner, Channeler's Aspergillium (36k) , Pipes of Shifting Tempo (18k), Pipes of Dissolution (12k), Harp of Storms (22k), Bracers of the Glib Entertainer (4k)


Sir Baconing, the Gallant Pig
7 HD, BAB +4
HP: 100, Speed 30 (or 40 at level 11 or above)
AC 30 (+1 Dex, +9 Armor, +10 Natural)
Fort +9, Ref +6, Will +3 (+1 to all saves if near rider)
Str 19, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 4
Low-light, Scent
Gore +12 (1d8+9)

*Acrobatics +10 (1 rank, +5 saddle)
*Swim +8 (1 rank)
*Perception +8 (4 ranks)
Perform (dance) -2 (1 rank)

Feats: Light Armor Training (Bonus), Medium Armor Training, Heavy Armor Training, Powerful Maneuvers, Charge Through

Barding Training (Move normal speed, ACP +2, max Dex +2)
Mounted Challenge