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Full Name

Siobhan Quirke (Shehvhon Keerkh)




Crusader 3







Special Abilities

Crusader Abilities, Maneuvers, and Stances; Change Shape, Expert Climber, Web


Lawful Good






Arachnid, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Giant


Knight-Errant and part-time Historian

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Journal of Explorations in Paziou

Strength 20
Dexterity 12
Constitution 17
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 13
Charisma 18

About Siobhan Quirke

Siobhan was hatched and raised for the first 800 years of her long life in her homeland of Galadae, daughter of a scholar and a priestess of Arachne, avatar of craftsmanship and matron of spiders. She reached maturity and advanced as an Aranea at age 76, and spent the following centuries serving as an acolyte, scholar, and sentinel in the city of Craos, Galadae's capital and site of Arachne's central temple.

While she lacked the intuition to serve as a priestess, Siobhan expressed an interest in entering the knights-errant, and at age 650 began training under Arachne's crusaders, learning the way of the sword. In the meantime she occupied herself with history and stories of the lost past, driven by curiosity to learn of times before even her own long lifespan. Though slow to master the complex disciplines of the warrior styles, she pressed on determinedly; her trainers, knowing the day of her apotheosis would soon near, relentlessly forced her to master the combat arts not only in her human shape but her natural spider form as well, knowing that once she surpassed her final metamorphosis and emerged in Arachne's image she would need to be able to combine the skills learned in both shapes - fighting, moving, and defending with human arms and body while moving and maneuvering on spider's legs.

Siobhan reached full maturity at age 803, cocooning and emerging weeks later as a full Arachne. It was shortly after this that she and her younger sister Roisin, likely only a few short years from her own apotheosis, departed Galadae for the mysterious ancient continent of Paziou to the north, bound for the coastal village of Sandpoint, eager to pursue and investigate the strange mysteries of the lands where their human, halfling, and dwarven countrymen originated, and the many secrets and wonders hidden away in the dark jungle depths.

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