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Full Name

Simon Blue-Eye


|| Defenses (-2AC/CMD/R if surprised): AC:22|17|/, HP:57/57, CMD: 23, Saves (F|R|W): 10|13(+1vs traps)|6


|| Other: Ini+5, Perception: +14 (Traps/Ambushes+2, 30ft Scent) || Ressources: AF:8/8, Spells: 1st:5/6 | 2nd:5/5 | 3rd:2/2 || Effects: -


Male Catfolk Hunter 8 UC Rogue 4










Common, Catfolk, Sylvan, Goblin

Strength 11
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Simon Blue-Eye

Char Sheet:

---- STATS ----
Str: 11 -> 0
Dex: 20 -> 5
Con: 14 -> 2
Int: 14 -> 2
Wis: 15 -> 2
Cha: 10 -> 0
---- DEFENSE ----
HP: 59 (HD: 8+5+5+5+5+5+5+5=43 Con:8*2=16)
AC: 20 Touch: 15, Flat-Fooded: 15
.. +2 if using a shield
.. +2 if Animal Focus: Tiger is active
.. +2 if taking -2 on attack rolls (Combat Expertise)
.. +2 if taking -4 on attack rolls (Fighting Defensively)
CMD: 21
.. +2 if Animal Focus: Tiger is active
Fort-Save: 8+2 (Cloak)
Refl-Save: 11+2 (Cloak)
.. +2 if Animal Focus: Tiger is active
Will-Save: 4+2 (Cloak)
---- OFFENSE ----
BAB: 6/1
CMB: 6
Initiative: 7
Speed: 40ft, with Armor: 40ft
Melee: (w/o AF)
.. +1 keen Kukri +12 (d4+5, 16-20, x2) or
.. +1 keen Kukri +12 (d4+5, 16-20, x2), +1 keen Kukri +7 (d4+5, 16-20, x2)
.. +1 keen Dagger +12 (1d4, 17-20, x2) or
.. +1 keen Kukri +10 (d4+5, 16-20, x2), +1 keen Kukri +5 (d4+5, 16-20, x2), +1 keen dagger +10 (d4, 17-20, x2)
.. Cold-Iron Kukri +10 (1d4+2, 18-20)
.. Composite Longbow +11 (d8, 20x3), 110ft, P, 60 Arrows, +1 Arrows (18)
Combat Modifiers:
.. +2 Atk with AF: Tiger
.. +2 Kukri-Dmg with AF: Tiger
.. +1 Trait damage if flanking!
.. +4 Atk if flanking with Emily (always if adjacent)
.. +4 Atk for making AoOs together with Emily
.. +4 Crit Confirm (FCB, 8/10, 1/2 per lvl, max +5)
Special Attack:
.. Sneak Attack +2d6
.. 1 Dex/St damage per Sneak Attack (pressure points)
.. Precise Strike +1d6 (if flanking)
.. Debilitating Injuries (after Sneak Attack, 1 round, Do not stack but duration is prolonged, only one penalty at a time)
.... Bewildered: Target AC -2, additional -2 AC against attacks from me
.... Disoriented: Target -2 Atk, additional -2 Atk against me
.... Hampered: Speed reduced by half (min 5ft), cannot take 5ft steps
---- FEATS ----
Combat Expertise (lvl 1 Talent)
Outflank (Precise Companion, Hunter)
Pack Flanking (Teamwork Extra Feat 1)
Two-Weapon Fighting (lvl 3 talent)
Finesse-Training (Unchained Rogue, Dex-to-Dmg@Kukris)
Slow Reactions (Unchained Rogue Talent 1)
Paired Opportunists (Unchained Rogue Talent 1)
Combat Reflexes (lvl 5 Talent)
Precise Strike (lvl6 hunter teamwork feat)
Improved Spell Sharing (lvl 7 Talent)
Spirit's Gift (Cheesy gain via Rogue Talent -> Ninja Trick -> Combat Trick)
.. Is fueled by spending an Animal Focus point to give the morning-selected buff to Emily for 1 minute
.. Options:
.... Battle -> +2 natural AC
.... Bones -> Blur (20% miss)
.... Fire -> Fire Immunity, gives off light, Vulnerable [Cold]
.... Frost -> Cold&Electricity Resistance 5
.... Life -> Fast Healing 1
.... Stone -> DR 5 / Adamantine
.... Waves -> Mobility Feat, breath underwater
.... Wind -> crackling light, Electricity Resistance 10
---- TRAITS ----
Scent (30ft, 15ft against wind direction, 60ft with wind)
Cat's Luck: (re-roll reflex safe 1/day take better)
Sprinter (+10ft base speed on charge, run, withdraw)
Natural Hunter (already included, +2 Per, Stealth, Survival)
Reactionary (+2 Initiative)
Dirty Fighter (+1 Trait DMG when flanking) UC52
Unlearned (Nature) (No Knowledge Checks for unlearned Knowledge other than the choosen)
Sneak Attack: 2d6
Animal Companion
Animal Focus: 1min/lvl
... Bat: Darkvision 90ft
... Bear: +4 CO
... Bull: +4 ST
... Falcon: +6 Per
... Frog: +4 Swim & Acrobatics to jump
... Monkey: +6 Climb
... Mouse: Evasion
... Owl: +6 Stealth
... Snake: +4 Atk on AoO, +4 AC Vs AoOs
... Tiger: +4 DEX
... Wolf: Scent 20ft
Natural Training (Count as Druid/Ranger to qualify for animal companion talents)
Wild Empathy (Increase Animal Attitude, 30ft, ~1min, d20+lvl+CH+4 on animal companion)
Pressure Points (Rogue Trick->Ninja Trick, 1 St/Dex damage per sneak attack)
Danger Sense (+1 Reflex saves vs traps, +1 dodge bonus to AC vs traps. +1 on Perception checks to avoid being surprised by a foe)
Animal Focus (1 min/lvl self, 1 always-on for Emily, swift Change)
Wild Empathy ("Diplomacy for animals", d20+lvl+CH)
Track +1/2 lvl to survival check to follow tracks
Hunter Tactics (Share Teamwork feats with Emily)
Teamwork Feats (Extra TW-Feat every 3 level, change last gained WE-times per day)
Improved Empathic Link
Woodland Stride
Swift Tracker
Trapfinding (Perception vs Traps Disable Device: + 1/2 lvl -> +2)
Uncanny Dodge (Don't loose Dex-to-AC vs Invisible foes/flat-fooded)


---- SKILLS ----
6+INT (odd levels hunter) / 8+INT (per even level thanks to UC-Rogue), +2 Background
Acrobatics +16,
Climb +7,
Craft [Traps] +9,
Diplomacy +6
Disable Device +16(20) (+2 mwk tools, +2 Trapfinding),
Escape Artist +11,
Handle Animals +12 (+4 on Animal Companion, +2 for tricks),
Heal +12(14) (+2 healer's kit),
Knowledge [Dungeoneering] +6,
Knowledge [Geography] +6,
Knowledge [Nature] +10,
Perception +14(16) (+2 Trapfinding)
Perform [Pipes] +9,
Profession [Huntsman/Trapper] +7,
Ride +13 (+4 Belt, +2 with AF: Tiger),
Sense Motive +6,
Sleight of Hand +10,
Spellcraft +6,
Stealth +19 (+2 with AF: Tiger),
Survival +15 (+5 Tracking),
Use Magic Device +5


---- SPELLS ----
Spells known: 6/5/4/3
.. lvl 0:
.... Read Magic,
.... Know Direction,
.... Create Water,
.... Detect Magic,
.... Guidance,
.... Light
.. lvl 1:
.... Acid Maw,
.... Shield Companion,
.... Obscuring Mist,
.... Air Bubble,
.... Cure light Wounds,
.... (Extra) Summon Nature Ally I
.. lvl 2:
.... Barkskin,
.... Shared Training,
.... Protection from Energy,
.... Vine Strike
.... (Extra) Summon Nature's Ally II,
.. Lvl 3:
.... Daylight,
.... Burst of Speed
.... ??? Protection from Energy, Communal
.... (Extra) Summon Nature's Ally III,
Per day:
.. lvl 1: 5+1
.. lvl 2: 4+1
.. lvl 3: 2


---- SCROLLS ----
.. Resist Energy, Cnt: III
.. Stone Wall, Cnt: I
---- COMBAT GEAR ----
+1 mithral chainmail +1 (2100g)
Keen +1 Dagger
Keen +1 Kukri
2 mwk Kukri (308g each, 616g total)
1 cold iron Kukri (16g)
Longbow + 60 Arrows (78g)
.. Weapon Blanch (Silver, 5g) [Q: 1]
.. Weapon Blanch (Cold Iron, 50g) [Q: 1]
.. Holy Weapon Balm (2*30g) [Q: 1]
Wand of Cure light Wounds (d8+1 heal, charges: 30/50) (750g)
Aegis of Recovery (Amulet) (Crafted by Maglin, 750g)
Cloak of Resistance +2 (Enhanced to +2 by Nikki)
Heavy Wooden Shield
Potion of Blur
Equestrian Belt (automatically succeeds at any check to guide with the knees, stay in the saddle, fight with a combat-trained mount, control a mount in battle, or make a fast mount or dismount, as long as the belt's wearer is wearing medium, light, or no armor. Furthermore, the belt grants a +4 competence bonus on all other Ride checks)
---- GENERAL GEAR ----
Hunters Kit (backpack, Rope 50ft, Belt Pouch, Bedroll, Flint&Steel, 10 torches, waterskin, iron pot, mess kit) (15g)
Rations: 15 days, animal rations 15 days, (5,5g)
Spell Component Pouch,
Fishing Kit,
Silent Wistle (cat ears only),
Training Harness (+2 Handle Animals for training Tricks,
Healer's Kit (10) (+2 Heal Checks),
bone flute,
mwk thieves tools (+2 Disable Device, 100g),
2 wires (50ft), bell
Softpaw Boots (+1 stealth, -2 to follow my tracks, 25g),
Trailscent Kit (catfolk noticable only, 60ft range, holds 1y, danger, shelter, food, possession [unique], 10g per use),
.... Uses: 30
Iron Spikes: 10 (5s),
Foldable Boat (50g),
Earplugs (+2 saves vs hear-based magic! For 3cp!),
Filter Hood (+2 saves vs everything inhaled, 10g)
Peptus Salix (Vs Disease&Nauseated)
Large Mwk Chain Shirt (Have this reforged and fitted for Emily!)
Current Coins: 424,9g
Latest Purchases:
- 2x Cloaks of Resistance +2 (Crafted by Nikki)
- 2000g per-purchase of a +1 keen kukri (remaining 6000g were taken from Flaming Sword selling)
- Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 (Emily, 5000g)
- Enhancing my mithral shirt to +1 (Simon, 1000g)

Handy Notes:

Outflank, Paired-opportunists, Pack Flanking:
.. Always Flanking while adjacent to AC/Pack Flanking-Allies
.. Flanking Bonus +4 while adjacent to AC/Outflank-Allies
.. If confirming a crit:
.... AC/Allies with Outflank: Receive a AoO on the target
.. AC/Paired Opportunist-Ally receive an AoO (e.g. due to Outflank)
.... Receive an AoO as well!

Emily Black-Fur
Future Plans...:

- On weapon(s): Fortuitous Enchant
- Teamwork Feats:
.. Coordinated Charge (needs 10 BAB though)
.. Shake it off? (better saves)
.. Punch Through (Full Round Action, other ignore 5 points of DR)
.. Broken Wing Gambit (Dangerous +2Atk/Dmg for enemy's attack, but 'generates' AoOs, might kill them before they can complete the attack!)
.. Distracting Charge (charged creature is +2 easier to hit)
- Rogue Talent:
.. Ninja Trick -> Pressure Points (1pt ST/DEX damage per sneak attack)
- Skirmisher Tricks for Emily:
.. Surprise Shift: additional 5ft step (good for positioning)
.. Upending Strike: free trip attempt (once getting big, but still provokes, so ~~)


Full-Round Attack, with AF: Bull, Outflank
[dice=Bite, Pack-Flanking, Grab]d20+11+4[/dice]
[dice=Bite Damage]d8+7+d6[/dice]
[dice=Claw, Pack Flanking]d20+11+4[/dice]
[dice=Claw Damage]d6+7+d6[/dice]
[dice=Claw, Pack Flanking]d20+11+4[/dice]
[dice=Claw Damage]d6+7+d6[/dice]
[dice=Free-Grab-on-Bite-hit, No AoO]d20+17[/dice]
[dice=Rake-on-Success #1]d20+11+4[/dice]
[dice=Claw Damage]d6+7+d6[/dice]
[dice=Rake-on-Success #2]d20+11+4[/dice]
[dice=Claw Damage]d6+7+d6[/dice]


With AF: Tiger & Snake, Pack Flanking & Outflank. Every hit triggers sneak attack and debilitating injury. Hit inflict 1 STR or DEX DMG. Crits provoke AoO due to Outflank & Shared Opportunist.
[dice=TWF +1 Keen Kukri Main#1, Pack-Flanking]d20+12+4[/dice]
[dice=Damage+Sneak Attack]d4+9+3d6[/dice]
[dice=TWF +1 Keen Kukri Main#2, Pack-Flanking]d20+7+4[/dice]
[dice=Damage+Sneak Attack]d4+9+3d6[/dice]
[dice=TWF +1 Keen Dagger Offhand#1, Pack-Flanking]d20+12+4[/dice]
[dice=Damage+Sneak Attack]d4+2+3d6[/dice]



Simon has uncommonly long and grey-white hair with some darker streaks (one might describe it as 'fluffy'), incredibly blue eyes and a really long and fluffy tail - also pronounced whiskers.
He has a very unique marking of dark-grey over both his eyes, which does very suspiciously look like the mask of a bandit.
His body is very athletic, while not overly muscular but he moves with a grace unmatched by normal humans - even more than most other catfolk.
Into his perfectly fitting mithral chain shirt, short green-brown robust tissue is sewn, and you might guess that this is likely to make it very difficult to see him in a forest and prevents any noise caused by the individual chain rings.
He has a longbow and a quiver full of arrows on his pack and two short curved blades at his belt. His loaded backpack looks like it holds everything which would be necessary for staying a prolonged time in the wilderness.
My cat Simon, which I put for reference how I image him ^^


Simon is a very kindhearted fellow, who laughs much, is always ready to play games of hunt and seek, and is ready to help any creature in need. He accepts nearly any race as it is, and tries his best to adopt to their manners quickly. He is also a believer in common rules of society (e.g. no stealing, no murder) but does not like complex and seemingly senseless rules. In case of slavery he is a strict enemy - as he himself and also his animal companion were once slaves - and is ready to free slaves if there is a possibility to do so.
Also he is deeply connected to nature and will do his best to protect it from senseless destruction. He loves the wild, undomesticated nature of forests, waterfalls, lakes and hillsides for their beauty and simplicity of things.
Beside is kindheartedness he can also be very strong-minded and sometimes even appear cruel - while this is not cruelty but the efficiency of nature bred into him through living in the wild for a long time.
His life in the wilderness taught him the inevitability of fighting for ones live and that there are no rules whatsoever for these situations.
If he or his friends are attacked he will use any means necessary to end a fight as quickly as possible - as no side of a fight profits of a long fight.
This means that fighting 'dirty' is just natural for him, if it is the quickest way to end a fight. He does not relish killing, but he also does not back down of it if becomes necessary.
He will certainly not deliver a deathblow to some unconscious or sleeping enemy who cannot hurt anybody, but will also certainly stab or shoot an enemy in the back while he is fighting his friends.
If he kills some creature, either on a hunt or in a fight, he will do his best to honor the dead (e.g. burrowing a dead enemy, or using every bit of the hunted animal).


Simon was raised by various rich, noble human families across the country of Cheliax. He never stayed long though, and was sold to other families as soon as he has gotten 'too big', 'boring', 'difficult' or simply as a payoff for some long running bill of one family to another. His only information about his original family, is from his first family's grandfather.
The man told Simon once that he was bought from a wandering slaver who was about to drown the little catling. Simon never found out what has happened to the slaver or the rest of his family.
He was trained to speak, sing and play various flutes as an attraction to raise the social status of his owners and to be the playmate of little childrean and old women, just like any ordinary house cat.
But his true passion was the thing his owner simply dismissed as 'nature' and 'wilderness'. He learned reading all by himself, to be able to read all those fascinating books about those topics.
He tried to read as many books as he possibly could lay his pawns on (going to extremes, like 'borrowing' it, without his owners knowing).
One fateful day, when he was about 12 years old, Simon was sold again, this time to a noble family in the town of Kintargo.
But on the way, the family coach was ambushed by bandits and Simon just ran away from all that incredibly loud sound, the screaming and the stench of shed blood.
When he finally stopped he was deep inside a forest - alone.
Alone for the very first time in his (remembered) life. He struggled to stay alive for a few days, before all the knowledge of the books he read, and his instincts kicked in and he made himself quite comfortable.
He lived from anything nature was willing to give him, berries and eatable plants.
Later on his natural hunger for flesh drove him to hunting.
Mostly small animals like rabbits, usually with small traps, and caught fish from a little lake inside the forest.
One or two months later a stranger suddenly entered 'his' forest. He could smell him just moments before he addressed Simon. "I'm impressed that you stayed alive for so long and were able to live in peace with the nature." It was a very old elf, in green and brown, and on his shoulder sat an eagle.
Simon was sure he had seen that very bird quite often in the last months - always far above him in the sky.
"If you agree I will teach you the true way of nature, you have proven yourself worthy." Simon's innate curiosity overwhelmed his uneasiness in a matter of seconds and he agreed.
His new master showed him the secret ways of living in peace with nature, and the true fellowship of animals.
Among the things he taught Simon, the examples of the ruthless efficiency of nature is among the most impressing for the still very young Catling.
The hiding spider in her net, the lightning strike like attacks of a bird of prey and the the highly-efficient teamwork of a hunting wolf pack. They instill awe, fear and respect in Simon, as no book or human-made sight ever could.
After one year his master gave him a final exercise.
"Simon, my eagle discovered a group of people at the very edge of the forest. They set up camp there, to rest after a long travel.
They transport and guard a caged cat from far south.
It is a proud, pitch black jaguar, not even fully grown ... but already enslaved ... facing a lifetime so far from nature, from it's birthright, that words can't tell.
Go there and show me what you have learned.
Go there and free it, and maybe you will earn it's trust.
And maybe ... maybe one day, this poor, enslaved animal will save your life, just as you are about to save its soul."

Motivated and exited Simon went to the camp of the humans and watched them from a safe position until it got very late.
Then he took aim with his trusty, hand-made bow, and fired a perfect shot at the biggest guard.
The arrow bounced off, the heavy plate armor of the guard - harmlessly.
Just as planned!
Simon ran as loud as he could into the forest, and the guards, enraged by the unseen attacker, followed him. He let them hunt him a few hundred feet into the forest then he simply vanished and called forth a magical fog. The guards were unable to find their way back before Simon.
So he was able to steal the cage and escaped into the depths of the forest with it - unchallenged and unseen by the guards.
As Simon reached the clearing, where he had set up his camp, his master was gone. Only a hunted rabbit, lying dead on the ground, and some medical herbs were waiting for Simon.
Somehow he knew that he would not see the old Elf again, but also that he passed his master's test and was now on his own.
But ... not really alone. He looked for the first time into the cage and into the yellow eyes of the little black cat inside.
The cat stared back at him, like it wanted to say: "let me out of here, will you?"
And Simon let it out.
It's first reaction was to run away, but then it turned around, watching Simon still on the ground and the dead rabbit. Then the cat turned around and came slowly back to take its first meal as a free creature.
It had taken some time for Simon to forge a bond with the little cat, which he named Emily, after an old heroine of some history book he once read. But just a few years later the two of them were already an experienced team, hunting, eating and exploring the wilds together. Simon was developing the skills his master taught him, and found out more and more of the secret ways of nature, while Emily was slowly growing and coming of age. Not even fully grown, she was already as large as Simon, and he started to wonder how large she would eventually get.
From time and time Simon went to nearby small villages to buy and sell some goods, swapping hunted meat, herbs, furs, leather and one or two of his own bows for some more civilized goods like cooking equipment, cloths, tools and weaponry made from steel.
One day, they both had a very tough fight, that nearly got them both killed. They tracked a wolf pack, which black alpha wolf suffered from a deadly illness, driving him to senseless blood rage. Simon had no other choice but to give him a quick death rather than a long suffering, risking the spread of the illness.
But the rest of the pack attacked Simon and Emily in the process as well, and it was a close call in the end.
Afterwards, Simon decided to make a trip to the big town of Kintargo, to buy armor for himself and Emily.
The enormous town was a totally new experience for him, and he was relieved to get back out of it again. Twice he was nearly robbed, and he had to bribe one of the guards at the door with some silverlings to give Emily a "Permission" to enter. But it was worth it, as the armorers of the town did a fine job on their armor and he found a little whistle which only he and Emily could hear.
He returned to the big town from time to time, to buy special goods that are unavailable in the much smaller towns near 'his' forest.
But every time he was repelled by the cruelty of it's inhabitants and their affinity to all kinds of devils and demons, coupled with the religion the government enforced.
Much more interesting for Simon, were the boats that sailed to far-away countries - causing his race's curiosity to flame up like a bonfire. But at first he didn't wanted to leave his new-found home and returned to 'his' forest to continue his live in the relative peace of nature.
But in the end, he had no other choice but to leave.
'His' forest was threatened to be burned down by local farmers to get access to more farmland.
He tried to persuade.
He tried to bribe.
And finally fought them off - people he knew from his trips into the villages.
People he had helped on various occasions, with small problems (like an occasional bandit or goblin incursion).
People he thought as friends.
He wounded several in the first fight, and many more in the second and last one.
But then the farmers called for help from their rulers.
And they sent a group of Hellknights to bring that chaotic element to 'justice'.
Simon tried to fight them off as well, but all he managed was to get himself nearly killed.
As he finally passed out, his last glimpse showed him the first tree getting lit on fire by the farmers ... and Emily getting beaten by one of the knights before fleeing.
The Hellknights did not hunt her down, but Simon was taken as prisoner, fated to be brought back to Kintargo, before the court of the infernal mistress for her judgment.
As Simon awoke that night, he found himself bounded by thick leathery stripes, lying on a small cart. His head aching and the eyes full of tears, as he was able to see the bright-aflame forest some miles to the east.
He accomplished nothing.
For the first time in his lifetime (in freedom) he felt really miserable. His elected home was destroyed, his trusted friend forced to flee for her life, the last link binding him to this evil country - gone.
The Hellknights surrounding him, were looking down on him with a cold superiority - a feeling deeply alien for Simon, and hurting.
He was alone again ... and he was chained again.
But the Hellknights underestimated the powerful link between Emily and Simon.
The very next morning, just as Simon's captors were awaking and starting their preparations for the next day of travel, Emily came back.
Silent like the wind.
Low crouched, every muscle in her body prepared for the jump, awaiting her chance.
Things might have turned into a blood-bath that morning, but Simon felt her approach and used their unnatural connection to calm her anger and direct her towards him.
As the Knights performed their daily ritual, Emily finally reached Simon, and with one swipe of her claws, the leathery bonds were cut and Simon freed.
For a moment he was willing to surprise-attack the Hellknight, using the anger and sadness inside him to make them feel a quarter of his own pain. But then ... what would that change? Would it bring back the burned-down forest? Would it bring back his old life?
No. All he would achive, was further destruction. And most likely Emily's and his own death.
So he used the last bit of his magic power to conjure the confusing cloud and both cats lunged for their escape.
Even with their higher than human speed, the distraction of the magical mist and the surprise - the escape was not easy.
Bittered, battered and still hunted, the two left the country of evil with the first boat that left the harbor on the very next day, as blind passengers nevertheless.
The ship happened to set course towards some island or other inside the Shackles. Simon had known nothing about that region or the boats destiny - so he left the boat as it passes by a nice-looking island with lots of green forest - by simply jumping over board, swimming the last couple hundreds of meters.
It turned out to be a wonderful, wild island with only a few settlements near the coast. The nature of the island was greatly soothing for the saddened spirit of the still young Catling and it took no more than a few months, to (mostly) restore his former easy-nature.
That is, until he discovered, that this beautiful wilderness - untouched by men - is in the process of dying.
He discovers places inside the forest, that are black like a night without stars, the trees crumbling, the animals rotting and the air filled with illness and decay.
As he followed those sites deeper into the forest, he discovered long-forgotten ruins on top of the high mountain in the middle of the island.
The decay seemed to have its origin underneath those ruins, in the undiscovered pits of its dungeons.
Something terrible must be down there and it is destroying the nature of this island - sucking out its very life-force.
With a fury in his heart, he descents the mountain, making his way to the nearby town, for he needs gear and some capable adventurers to go with him.
Down into the ruins of 'Rappan Athuk'.
For this is the name of that cursed place, according to the villagers he asked about it.
A place of undead and evil.
A place of death, reaching out into the realms of the living.