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Great! But when downloadable Character sheets will be updated? You know you hinder sales by not letting people to see if there is an interesting character to play? It's almost 14 months after last update and the amount of decks almost doubled...

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66) Spare parts to your ship are hard to buy.Not really expensive, but really hard to buy. So hard, you must go through entire campaign to get them.

67) Your PCs share ownership with former group member who doesn't want to sell the ship just because of petty revenge on his former colleagues.

68) Every other owner of this ship died some horrible death, and people believe it is cursed.

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What happened with Seltyiel's thumb on Magic Arcana card?

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These are my tips and ideas, after finishing WotR:

1) Get as wide array of secondary skills as possible. The most crucial ( from the most important): Divine/Knowledge/Arcane/Survival/Diplomacy. If able, add Ranged, Acrobatics and Fortitude. Pick as many Divine characters as possible - at least half of your party should have it. Of of 6 players in my party, four had it and it so helpful.

2) This is combat-oriented adventure path. Pick capable fighters. Most barriers just do nothing, or are helpful, or just spam monsters at you.

3) Alain seems a bit useless to me. As Iceman noted, Adowyn is probably the best character in this set, but Kyra, Seelah, Shardra are also excellent choices and your party should consider these characters first. Balazar is also great , but has some unique and difficult mechanics, so don't give it to your 9-year-old son, if you have any ;-). But there are a lot of interesting boons for Alain - powerful mounts, polearm weapons, even armors. You might consider buying Paladin Class Deck and play Raz, who is kind of paladin/cavalier combo and is much better (and cuter ) character to play.