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Lets say one makes a Gnome Barbarian, Fighter, or Rogue and takes Animal Accomplice. What does the familiar use for it's Perception, Acrobatics, and Stealth? The familiar section only mentions spellcasting and the feat doesn't mention anything about substituting something for your spellcasting if you don't have it.

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So I'm planning out a character that uses Battle Poi as their primary weapon. Now before we get into a discussion about what would be better, they're being used for concept and because the idea amuses me.

There is a lot to be confused about in regards to these things. They deal fire damage, do I add normal melee bounses? Do the various things that increase fire damage function (such as racial things, traits, feats that don't specifically effect spells)? What ways can one improve the damage? Does the TWF feat that you get for wielding them count for taking other TWF feats?

Basicly I'd like some clarification on using these very fluffy weapons in PFS.

Many thanks, The Simian.

So we all understand that a Master of Many Styles can enter multiple styles. We're also aware that most of the style feats do not directly conflict with one another. What happens when they do?

This is brought on by a Suli MoMS wanting to take all of the genie styles. There's no problem if you cycle through them individually but what happens if you have Efreeti Style and Djinni Style active at the same time and use Elemental Fist? Is the damage split between the two types? What about when you have all 4 styles active at once and you are required to deal Fire, Electricity, Acid, and Cold damage with Elemental Fist?

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Someone please tell me that I am interpreting this archetype wrong in that it only replaces the abilities that one chooses. If this is not the case then it can be combined with every possible combination of monk archetype (save Zen Archer). Granted it's very awesome in and of itself but combining it's abilities with other archetypes (thus gaining abilities you already gave up for other things) seems a bit out of whack.

Alright, one of my players is attempting to say that one can use Major Creation to craft a poisoned trap or alchemical items. And frankly I am unsure as how I should rule on this. What is you guys opinions on this.

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Do dancing weapons get to make a single attack or multiple attacks? The text says full BaB but doesn't specify one or the other.

Half-Phoenix (Working title)
The concept behind this race is essentially a cross breed between a human and phoenix. I would rather not make it a template as I think that would make it far too powerful, as it is I am thinking that it probably needs a +1 (maybe +2) level modifier. I would like to know the opinion of my fellow gamers on this idea.

Monstrous Humanoid: A Half-Phoenix is a Monstrous Humanoid.
Medium Size: No bonuses or penalties based on size.
Normal Speed: Base speed of 30ft.
Fire Affinity: +2 caster level to spells with the [Fire] descriptor. -2 caster level to spells with the [Cold] descriptor, additionally a Half-Phoenix must make a caster level check to cast any spell with the [Cold] descriptor. (DC 20+Spell level)
Cold Weakness: A Half-Phoenix is exceptionally vulnerable to cold taking +50% damage from any Cold attack.
Self-Resurrection: While not as resilient as their progenitors a Half-Phoenix is exceptionally difficult to kill. A Half-Phoenix does not die until her negative hit points are twice her Con score, additionally whenever a Half-Phoenix has negative hit points she gains Fast Healing 1. This Fast Healing stacks with any other source.

The point behind this "ability" is to leave behind no corpse when a Half-Phoenix dies, and to possibly seriously harm that which killed it and probably destroy their equipment

Consumptive Immolation: When a Half-Phoenix does dies her body bursts into flames causing 1d6 damage per HD to everything in her space and everything adjacent (Reflex save for half damage, DC 15+Con for adjacent, DC 20+Con for everything within the Half-Phoenix's space)

The point of this effect is that fire does not hurt them and in fact actually restores them, there are two possibilities to cause this and I am unsure of which to use and which is better. The latter is based on a planetouched from the Fiend Folio that a friend pointed out to me when I showed him the rough draft.

Fire Resistance: A Half-Phoenix gains fire resistance equal 5. This resistance increases by +5 at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter.
Fiery Regeneration: Whenever a Half-Phoenix is the subject of any Fire effect she gains Fast Healing 1 for the duration of the effect (to a minimum of 1 round), this healing increases by 1 at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter. (Example, if subjected to a Fireball spell the Half-Phoenix gains Fast Healing until the end of her next turn, if the target of an effect with a duration she gains Fast Healing for the duration of the effect)


Fiery Regeneration: A Half-Phoenix is healed for 1 HP for every 3 points of fire damage she would take. A Half-Phoenix gets no saving throw against fire effects.