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Oracle: 1st 8/9 2nd 8/8 3rd 8/8 4th 6/6 | Sorcerer: 1st 8/8 2nd 7/7 3rd 7/7 4th 6/6 5th 4/4


Other resources:
Mythic Power 12/13 | Chakra 9/9 | Shapeshift 10/10 | Effort 2/2


Female Fox Oracle 5/Kyubi Paragon 5 Eldritch Godling 10 Archmage 5 | HP 123/123 | AC:32 T:23 Fl:23 | CMB: +7 CMD: 22 | F +16 R +15 W +19 | Init +8 | Perc: +24 Sense Motive +22







Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 13
Charisma 28

About Silvertail, Queen of Foxes

Tiny Chaotic Neutral Magical Beast (Augmented Animal, Kitsune) Oracle 5 / Kyubi Paragon 5 | Eldritch Godling 10 | Archmage 5

Reflex 15 = 3 base + 9 Cha + 3 Resistance
Fortitude 16 = 3 base + 9 Cha + 1 Mystic Protection + 3 Resistance
Will 19 = 6 base + 9 Cha + 1 Mystic Protection + 3 Resistance

Bite +10 | 1d3+4

Initiative +8
Speed 40'
CMB 7 = 6 BAB + 3 Str - 2 size

HP: 123/123
AC: 32 = 10 base + 9 Cha + 2 size + 9 armor + 2 Deflection
Touch: 23 Flat-footed: 23

CMD 22 = 10 + 3 Str + 3 Dex + 6 BAB - 2 size + 2 Deflection

(9 skill points/level)
Acrobatics 22 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class
Bluff 23 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class + 1 trait
Diplomacy 23 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class + 1 trait
Disguise 22 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class
Intimidate 22 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class
Perception 24 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class + 2 racial
Sense Motive 22 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class
Spellcraft 22 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class
Stealth 30 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha + 3 class + 8 size

Background skills
Perform (Sing) 19 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha
Handle Animal 19 = 10 ranks + 9 Cha

Favored Class: Eldritch Godling (+1 HP/level)

Feats and Traits
Magical Tail x7 (Oracle x2, Kyubi Paragon x2, levels 1-3)
Conceal Spell (Oracle)
Spell Penetration (4th) (Mythic)
Kyubi Awakening (5th) (Kyubi Trick, longer lifespan)
Fearsome Spell (6th)
Spell Focus (Enchantment) (7th) (Mythic)
Emergent Divinity (8th)
Persistent Spell (9th)
Quicken Spell (10th)

Mythic Feats:
Extra Path Ability
Mythic Spell Focus
Mythic Spell Penetration

Honeyed Tongue

Racial Traits
-2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Cha
Kitsune Magic
Change shape: Normal fox, many-tailed fox


0th: Bleed, Create Water, Detect Magic, Enhanced Diplomacy, Guidance, Light, Mending, Read Magic
1st (9/day): Ventriloquism, Endure Elements, Cure Light Wounds, Command, Cause Fear, Protection from Evil, Shadow Trap
2nd (8/day): Cure Moderate Wounds, Admonishing Ray, Lesser Restoration, Spiritual Weapon, Burst of Radiance, Minor Image
3rd (8/day): Cure Serious Wounds, Bestow Curse, Dispel Magic, Agonizing Rebuke
4th (6/day): Cure Critical Wounds, Restoration, Terrible Remorse

Eldritch Godling (Sorcerer)
0th: Daze, Flare, Ray of Frost, Spark, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Message, Ghost Sound
1st (8/day): Disguise Self, Shield, Ear-Piercing Scream, Magic Aura, Fabricate Disguise, Vocal Alteration
2nd (7/day): Invisibility, Create Pit, Detect Thoughts, Hideous Laughter, Mirror Image
3rd (7/day): Nondetection, Suggestion, Heroism, Fly, Manifest III
4th (6/day): Confusion, Phantasmal Killer, Stoneskin
5th (4/day): False Vision, Hold Monster

Magical Tails & Kyubi Tricks
Dancing Lights 3/3
Disguise Self 2/2
Charm Person 2/2
Misdirection 2/2
Invisibility 0/2
Suggestion 2/2
Displacement 2/2
Confusion 1/2
Dimension Door 7/7

Amulet of Mighty Fists +1
Anklets of Mighty Constitution +2 (rear legs)
Handy Haversack
Headband of Alluring Charisma +4
Scarlet and Blue Sphere Ioun Stone
Western Star Ioun Stone
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Anklet of Protection +2
Anklet of Resistance +3
Scroll of Neutralize Poison
Scroll of Remove Disease
Scroll of Greater Hypnotism

2 silver with ruby chip earrings (475 gp each)

Weight Carried: lbs
Light Load: 28.5 Medium: 57 Heavy: 85.5

Class Features
Eldritch Godling:
Spellcasting (Charisma)
* Defiant Magic
* Talent for Mysticism (Force of Personality: Acrobatics, Spellcraft, Stealth)
* Godling Spell (Manifest III)
* By Will Alone
Lineage Domains:
Copycat 9/9
Master's Illusion 10/10
Divine Traits:
*Divine Portfolio I (Lore, Mental Acuity Mystery)
*Divine Portfolio II (Sidestep Secret Mystery)
*Mystic Inheritance I (Impossible Bloodline)

Oracle Curse: Wrecking Mysticism
(A divine entity has blessed you with a source of eldritch power that erodes your fortitude, increasing by 50% the duration of any poison, sickened condition, or nauseated condition affecting you.
Whenever you would gain a mystery spell, you can gain Magical Tail as a bonus feat instead. Once this choice has been made, it cannot be changed. You cannot replace a bonus spell granted to you by an oracle archetype with Magical Tail, even if it replaces a mystery spell.)
At 5th level, add minor image and ventriloquism to your list of spells known.
Intrigue Mystery:
*Whispered Glimpses (Use Cha for Perception & Sense Motive)
*Hidden Magic (Conceal Spell for free)

Kyubi Paragon:
Aligned Class (Oracle) (Kyubi Paragon levels count as Oracle for per-level abilities, including caster level)
Chakra Reservoir (9/9) (Can be spent to cast Magical Tail or Kyubi Trick spells)
Kyubi Tricks:
*Enhanced Senses (Darkvision 30', scent, +2 Perception)
*Prehensile Tails (Tails can pick up objects, retrieve stowed items)
*Enhanced Shapeshift (Expanded shapeshift abilities)
*Dimensional Jaunt (Dimension Door 1/day per tail feat)
Magical Tail X 2
Embodiment of Magic (starting at 2nd level gain spells known/per day as Oracle)
Chakra Infusion (May spend Chakra to use Conceal Spell or below metamagic feats on Magical Tail spells)
*Extend Spell
Mystic Protection +1 (Bonus on Fort and Will saves)
Racial Paragon (Move action to gain benefit of a feat with a racial prerequisite for 1 minute) (8/8)
Shapeshift (gain the Shapeshift hex)

Hard to Kill
Mythic Power 13/13
Surge +1d8
Amazing Initiative +5
Mythic Saves
Path abilities:
Wild Arcana
Eldritch Breach
Shapeshifting Mastery
Component Freedom x2
Arcane Metamastery x2

Effort 2/2
Earth word: Strength set to 16
Earthwalker (Can take self and allies through earth and stone)
Obduracy of Stone (I interpret as +9 armor, equivalent to full plate)
Stonespeaker (Can speak to stone & earth)


Silvertail was a fairly ordinary fox until the day the gods warred near her burrow. As any sensible creature would do in such a case, she hid until it was over… and emerged to find her surroundings all but destroyed. While cautiously exploring the wreckage of the forest she had once called home, she stumbled across something odd. It seemed like a scrap of flesh, though it smelled odd and looked even stranger. But with the devastation around her and an empty belly from hours of picking her way through ruined trees and odd holes, she was hungry enough to try it.

It tasted terrible… but as soon as she swallowed a bite, the fox felt a rush of energy, of power flowing through her, expanding her mind and filling her with seething magic (Later she would theorize that it was a scrap of Mesos that she had found). Hungry for more she devoured the rest of the scrap she had found, feeling the power fill her. When she had eaten it all, she looked over herself and noted that the tip of her tail had turned from white to silver, and with a new self-awareness decided to call herself Silvertail.

Silvertail experimented with the power she had gained for a little while, but it did not take her long to grow hungry for more. And so she followed the trail of those who had destroyed her home, finding other battlegrounds and other scraps of power upon them. The more power she scavenged, the more her hunger grew, and the more magic she gained, the more her tail split into multiple tails.

At some point she drew the attention of Enkili, who perhaps saw in her a measure of their own hunger and mischief. Or perhaps the Trickster simply recognized that such a small and unassuming-seeming creature with such hidden power would be useful. And so he sent one of her emmissaries to offer Silvertail a deal--play a role in the divine armies, and she would have easier access to the power she craved.

And so it was that Silvertail joined the cause of the gods. Mostly she serves as scout, spy, and saboteur, but when needs must, she has proven that her bizarre array of powers stolen from the titans can turn the tide of a battle. Her alliance has proven very fruitful for her, as well--she has grown in power until she has eight tails, and magic both divine and arcane courses through her blood, held in only because that same power has strengthened and toughened her body.

Now that the war is winding down to a close, however, Silvertail's future is much less certain. After all, in her hunger she had eaten of titan flesh--might she become a liability now, a channel for the fallen titans' servants to resurrect their masters? Worse, to her, is the hunger. Already her hunger gnaws at her, unsatisfied by the scraps she has eaten recently, longing to feast on flesh that shall soon be out of reach. What shall she do when the war ends and she is left, still hungering?


Silvertail looks like a red fox with eight bushy tails, one of which is tipped with silver-colored fur rather than white fur.


Silvertail carries herself with an imperious dignity, as if the proper order of the world would be for everyone to tend to her slightest whims. She is canny and cunning, however, and can easily charm or plead instead of demanding if it suits her purposes. Behind all her smiles, however, burns a hunger for divine flesh that can never be filled.